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  1. Hotfix 28.9i issue

    That appears to have fixed it Stephen.
  2. Hotfix 28.9i issue

    I'm having an issue with the latest hotfix that the WX and Tracks are constantly updating. They're showing current/correct info, but there's a yellow triangle with a exclamation point, followed every few seconds by "updating"... This causes pauses in the program
  3. Ah, reading the release notes I think the inflight function was removed. eek.
  4. Thanks for your help Stephen- that button is now gone with the latest 1.28.9c hotfix (as soon as you posted the image- that's the button I'm talking about!)
  5. Ok I must be really dense.... I'm not finding any dropdowns off the "PLAN" button... I can see the redispatch (auto) option during initial planning, but not something we used to use "in the moment" to generate a redispatch message.
  6. I seem to remember a function whereby the dispatcher can create a fuel calculation in-flight for the redispatch message. There may have been a B044 fuel policy installed with PFPX- but with the latest hotfix maybe these functions were relocated. Any hints on how to do a redispatch in the latest version?
  7. Hi Mathjis,


    Wonderful meeting you today at FlightSimCon- thanks for coming such a long distance!



  8. Just wondering if it is just me, or the turn coordinator ball is locked in the center when doing a slip/skid turn. It might have already been addressed, user error, or logged for an upcoming patch. Thanks! EDIT: autorudder somehow had become activated.
  9. Night Lighting in VC

    i'm having the same issue- I guess as explained it's an FS bug... Although I wish we could add some sort of light to brighten things up. Has anyone tried any of the shockwave stuff?
  10. GPS (RXP)/CDI

    I'm in the same boat with the CDI... I can boot the GPS just fine, but it does not drive the CDI, on SIMPLE or REALISTIC radio settings. It appears in the VC that the GPS unit also pops up as a window embedded in the panel... Will do some more testing, I made sure in the realityxp configuration program that I had "link CDI/VOR" to have the GPS drive the gauge. -
  11. Der link funktioniert nicht mehr, aber danke. Gibt es eine bessere Link dafür?