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  1. Hotfix 28.9i issue

    That appears to have fixed it Stephen.
  2. Hotfix 28.9i issue

    I'm having an issue with the latest hotfix that the WX and Tracks are constantly updating. They're showing current/correct info, but there's a yellow triangle with a exclamation point, followed every few seconds by "updating"... This causes pauses in the program
  3. Ah, reading the release notes I think the inflight function was removed. eek.
  4. Thanks for your help Stephen- that button is now gone with the latest 1.28.9c hotfix (as soon as you posted the image- that's the button I'm talking about!)
  5. Ok I must be really dense.... I'm not finding any dropdowns off the "PLAN" button... I can see the redispatch (auto) option during initial planning, but not something we used to use "in the moment" to generate a redispatch message.
  6. I seem to remember a function whereby the dispatcher can create a fuel calculation in-flight for the redispatch message. There may have been a B044 fuel policy installed with PFPX- but with the latest hotfix maybe these functions were relocated. Any hints on how to do a redispatch in the latest version?
  7. Hi Mathjis,


    Wonderful meeting you today at FlightSimCon- thanks for coming such a long distance!



  8. Server down tonight?

    Hi Chris, I was able to get in touch with Judith. She said the same thing- intermittent problems for various users, but not an outage of the server. Somehow, the problem resolved itself for a day or two, and now it's back to being "offline" from where I'm sitting. She said they're working on an update to address the issue.
  9. Server down tonight?

    Thanks Stephen, ticket submitted.
  10. Server down tonight?

    When I exited again, there was a NOTAMs.tmp as well as a RouteCache.tmp, 12KB and 0KB respectively.
  11. Server down tonight?

    Thank you guys for your help thus far... I deleted the ~LastWeather.tmp and restarted. It regenerated the file, however upon plan calculation, I get the warning "upper wind forecast not available" This tmp file is also 0KB in size- containing no data. Just to be double sure- I added an exception in the windows firewall to specifically let pfpx through, in case this was causing some problems.
  12. Server down tonight?

    It's not the biggest deal I guess, but I figure after activating my subscription, "the clock is running" so... Would I not get notams/metars if my subscription was being denied- they are all current. It's just the winds that are not downloading it seems.
  13. Server down tonight?

    yeah- even when I switch to ASN weather, then back to "online" it still is stuck on updating, and July 2015 winds.
  14. Server down tonight?

    It might not be the server... I'm constantly stuck with this "updating" message. I just renewed the subscription last night... is there a grace period? Any troubleshooting ideas?
  15. Jan 8th 2016 - anybody able to connect to the server? Just wondering, could be a problem on my end. Only affects weather download.