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  1. Almost Aviation

    Great Capt you made so nice around world trip video. Many Thanks. Cheers!
  2. As at 15th Oct take off early Morning rwy 14R OIAA Flight long distance 1576 NM aircraft B738 Company logo Open Air Virtual, blue sky and good weather, over the Persian Gulf Sea. Over the Arabian Sea Thanks Peter C, for X-plane 11 paint art work. on final land rwy 09 exit taxi way ,see another aircraft takeoff on Vatsim network. Thanks capt. As at 15th Oct 2017 Flight plan for OIAA to VABB
  3. As at 13th Oct 2017 early Morning departure OERR to OIAA We have nice weather again today, over the airspace Iraq on final rwy 32L OIAA Flight plan for 13th OCT 2017 OERR to OIAA
  4. As at 11th Oct 2017 Thanks for the Company great support, and hard work, the aircraft now can be ready to flight. early Morning we going to our plan :HEPS to OERR, takeoff rwy 28. other nice day today. Over the Jordan air space FL230 flight plan for 11th Oct wed as : will be follow our plan for next great trip.
  5. As at 10th Oct early Morning prepared to dept rwy28 HEPS after takeoff 2 minute ,We find engine fail emergency back to rwy 28 success safe land rwy28 HEPS writer report than need urgent change new engine.
  6. As at 9th Oct zulu0610 early Morning departure rwy 29 LCPH see the land mark Rwy 28 on final flight plan for 9th Oct 2017 LCPH to HEPS
  7. On 8th Oct I am flight from LBWN to HEPS Depart early morning LBWN rwy 27 over Antalya heading 233, very heavy head wind 55knots Check fuel on board, We have decide to change plan pass waypoint Maros, flight to LCPH airfield for refuel. on final land rwy 29 LCPH refuel and then will going to final port HEPS
  8. second leg from LOAN to LBWN Depart early morning zulu 0624 2nd OCT Enter Hungary Board FL230 on final base legs rwy 27 LBWN will be land rwy27 wind 255@11knots. flight plan : Here,Thanks aerosort program for the event and Open air virtual member give me great teacher support.
  9. https://skyvector.com/?ll=49.52378204939682,8.035400383944793&chart=302&zoom=8&fpl=N0220A270 EGKK DVR2P DVR UL9 KONAN UL607 AMASI UM149 BOMBI UL984 OSBIT UZ205 LULAR T703 DEXIT LIVDU LOAN
  10. zulu 0630 on the ground at EGKK departing for first leg to LOAN Everything checked ready to fly over the Munich Germany FL24600 head 128 time z0907 On final base legs manage to safe landing Rwy 28. Here is flight plan
  11. hi peter i will correct it, just trying to make my diary for the around the world event
  12. Almost Aviation

    Hi Mark: Thanks for your You tube video.
  13. Aircraft B58 using this route with a few of my fellow OAV pilots. EGKK Gatwick -> LOAN Wiener Neustadt LOAN Wiener Neustadt/Ost -> LBWN Varna LBWN Varna -> HEPS Port Said HEPS Port Said -> OIAA Abadan OIAA Abadan -> OPPI Pasni OPPI Pasni -> VABB Chhatrapati Shivaji Intl VABB Chhatrapati Shivaji Intl -> VECC Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Intl VECC Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose In -> VTCT Chiang Rai Intl VTCT Chiang Rai Intl -> VHHX Hong Kong Intl (old) VHHX Hong Kong Intl (old) -> RKPC Jeju Intl RKPC Jeju Intl -> RJTF Chofu RJTF Chofu -> RJCM Memanbetsu RJCM Memanbetsu -> UHPP Yelizovo UHPP Yelizovo -> PASY Eareckson AS PASY Eareckson AS -> PACD Cold Bay PACD Cold Bay -> CYXY Whitehorse Intl CYXY Whitehorse Intl -> CYQQ Comox CYQQ Comox -> KSFO San Francisco Intl KSFO San Francisco Intl -> KSEZ Sedona KSEZ Sedona -> KOKM Okmulgee Regl KOKM Okmulgee Regl -> KBWG Bowling Green-Warren Co Regl KBWG Bowling Green-Warren Co Regl -> KJFK Kennedy Intl KJFK Kennedy Intl -> CYGR Iles-De-La-Madeleine CYGR Iles-De-La-Madeleine -> CYYR Goose Bay CYYR Goose Bay -> BGSF Kangerlussuaq BGSF Kangerlussuaq -> BIRK Reykjavik BIRK Reykjavik -> EGPO Stornoway EGPO Stornoway -> EGKK Gatwick I am looking forward to joying the flight: with OAV member pilot: flight plan: