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  1. A last set of preview shots before release:
  2. Helgoland AFS2

    Right, you refer to the file description chapter that was written before I was asked by IPACS to remove the start locations as long as helictoper flying is not supported (they will be inserted in an update as soon as helicopter flying in Aerofly FS2 becomes available). I have those files with the start locations here; anyone interested in them can drop me a mail through (point out to this post here and ask the email to be forwarded to the Helgoland developer). Bests, Sascha
  3. Helgoland AFS2

    I'm relaying what has been communicated to my my IPACS. In fact I had this underlined comment approved by IPACS before posting. They may have recommended editing config files manually to change paths to very experienced users like you in their forum. But this is nothing that is supported by the simulator by default - nothing we can expect the end user to do. Again and also as requested by IPACS: It's not a Helgoland issue. If you want to have the folder selection be supported by the simulator itself, please refer to the Aerofly FS2 forums. The installer guys are working on ways to bypass this limitation as folder/drive will certainly be a desirable feature for sceneries with a much larger disk requirement than Helgoland. Bests, Sascha
  4. Helgoland AFS2

    Of course not since there are no helicopters in Aerofly FS2 yet (see manual's chapter about this). But the offshore platforms and wind turbines are all visible since the update. Did you check?
  5. Helgoland AFS2

    Again to clarify: We had extensive talks about this with IPACS before release. Aerofly FS2 does not support picking a random folder for your sceneries. Editing the main.mcf file as mentioned above may be a way to get around this but is neither officially supported by us nor IPACS. If you do those changes (as suggested by Flyboy1 above), you do them at your own risk. As of now the only possibility to change the installation path for the scenery is if you change the physical location of your whole user documents folder as described here. The new version of the installer can detect that and will copy the files accordingly. This is a limitation set by the simulator itself. IPACS aertainly has a good reason for doing this to ensure a stable flying environment as no other simulator offers. But for simulator related discussions >The Aerofly Support Forum< would be the right place. There's simply no point bringing this up again and again for every single addon as long as it's a limitation set by the simulator itself. Bests, Sascha
  6. Modelling of the new Wings Hotel with rooftop helipad next to the main apron:
  7. Ok, I have been pointed to the following post about compatibility: But I can say already that none of these suggestions will change if the city buildings get displayed or not. Can you provide a screenshot of the buildings now showing please? And: Which scenery is having the higher priority in your scenery library? US Cities X Boston or FlyTampa's KBOS? Bests, Sascha
  8. Let me drop a mail to FlyTrampa to see what could be the issue here. Are you talking about the recently released new airport scenery for KBOS by FlyTampa? Bests, Sascha
  9. Helgoland AFS2

    Cool! I was having quite some fun myself doing exactly that while working on the Aerofly FS2 version of Helgoland. Other ideas: Try to land a fixed wind within the fenced boundary of the SAR helipad on Helgoland or the "Oberland" that is scattered with old bomb craters. I haven't managed yet to land on the helipad of the moving frigate but I'm also not sure of Aerofly FS2 supports that for moving objects. Pretty sure it will be released there through IPACS if you can wait a little (don't ask me how long, please). The initial releases will always be through the Aerosoft shop first though. Bests, Sascha
  10. Helgoland AFS2

    A very good find, thank you! It remains I mystery to me why no one has seen this on the final checks, but attached is a quick fix. Unpack those into your install folder and delete the two existing files. That will make them visible again. I will also ask Aerosoft to update the installer accordingly. My apologies again: This should have never happened. Bests, Sascha
  11. Helgoland AFS2

    I wish it would be that simple. Licensed aerial/satellite imagery doesn't simply fall from the sky (at least not for most German states), it is something that large sums need to be paid for as we did for the small part around EDXB and Helgoland itself of course. The lowres imagery used here is imagery used from Sentinel satellites (see manual's credits) with water masks added and color corrected. Its resolution is a lot higher than default Aerofly FS2 but still not overwhelming. We are certainly considering a range of VFR products for Germany with highres imagery covering the whole country. But for that to happen we need to see the sales potential of Aerofly FS2 first. Bests, Sascha
  12. Helgoland AFS2

    As of now this is a requirement of Aerofly FS2. Sceneries cannot be placed in random folders and called from there. There is no such thing like a scenery library for Aerofly FS2. If that is something you really would like to see in the future I recommend you raise this issue directly in the Aerofly FS2 forums here. Keep in mind that this is a simulator under constant development and its developers are always happy about constructive feedback. Bests, Sascha
  13. Helgoland AFS2

    Did you move it there just by drag and drop or did you "officially" change the location for your documents folder like here? (which would be the correct procedure if you run out of disk space for Aerofly FS2 sceneries and want to have them on another disk, since Aerofly FS2 can only read sceneries from fixed locations like the documents folder). If the later one was the case, the installer guys may need to investigate why the installer doesn't find the correct location in the registry.