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  1. This model and others are prepared to be animated in the FSX and P3D version. Aerofly doesn't support skin animations at the moment.
  2. It will come with its own hand edited mesh.
  3. Not decided yet but most likely Aerofly FS2, then FSX and P3D and X-Plane after that.
  4. The scenery will not only cover the airport of Lukla but also some other airports in the area. Presenting: The first work in progress screenshots of Syangboche airstrip near Namche Bazar. This airport is located even higher and closer to Mount Everest than Lukla but mostly used by helicopters these days (people further down the valley protested against the full opening of this airport because they would loose their income from the tourists walking up here from Lukla on the way to Mount Everest). Screenshots taken in Aerofly FS2.
  5. Bezugnehmend hierauf auf Anfrage noch einmal die Datei, da obenstehender Link nach knapp 9 Jahren ins Leere führt... Grüße Sascha
  6. Freight Center next to the rescue helipad.
  7. It's a combination of various mesh sources that have been merged together. In addition to that all larger rivers have been baked into the mesh to ensure they are not flowing up and downhill. We did purchase stereo imagery but only used it to combine the stereo sets to cover all slopes of a mountain with more details. We did some tests with photogrammetry for mesh terrain but the results weren't any better than the combination of other mesh sources.
  8. Tedious manual work taking hundreds of approach and ground photos as a reference. My initial plans were to do this semi automatically through UAV photogrammetry but obtaining a respective permit for a place like Lukla is simply impossible.
  9. First shots of Lukla's complex 3D terrain currently being worked at:
  10. Sasa

    Helgoland für X-Plane 11 (Released)

    Als nächstes folgt erst einmal eine komplett neue Entwicklung von Lukla. In der neuen Version wohl auch für X-Plane. Grüße Sascha
  11. Hi! Can you find four files named Buffalo_3D_Collected_Normal.bgl, Buffalo_3D_Collected_VeryDense.bgl, Niagara_3D_Collected_Normal.bgl and Niagara_3D_Collected_VeryDense.bgl in the following folder?: [YourFlightSimulatorDirectory]\Aerosoft\USCitiesX-NiagaraFallsBuffalo\scenery\ Note that their extension needs to be BGL. If any of them are called BLOB, the activation didn't go trough. If they are there, ensure that in the simulator display settings the scenery density slider is set for "Very Dense" or higher. Bests, Sascha
  12. One more feature I can reveal for now: There will be a second airport with a hard topped sloped runway. One that has a wall close to the runway so you need to watch your wingtips when taxiing. Bests, Sascha
  13. I'll do something there but they will definitely be more basic than Lukla itself. I particularly like Rumjatar situated on a plateau. Problem is that most other airports in the area are in decline recently. All scheduled services to Rumjatar have been ceased beginning of this year and I believe Jiri hasn't seen any noticeable traffic in decades. As long as the infrastructure is still there I'll see how this can be made landeable in a simulator. Bests, Sascha
  14. Not set in stone yet but I will let you know. Bests, Sascha
  15. Sorry for not posting anything for such a long time. We spend some major time and efforts on making the mountainous terrain around Lukla and Mount Everest as realistic as possible. With the next version we will go way beyond what has been available before. Just a few details as a start: We purchased stereo satellite imagery that was manually placed to get as much detail as possible from all perspectives of each mountain. In addition to that we're in the process of placing roughly 150 million (!) trees. Screenshots show "work in progress" in Aerofly FS2. There will also be aversion for FSX and Prepar3D. The X-Plane version will come a little later but is planned as well.