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  1. AIXtreme2K

    Frust / Bewegung der F-14 auf dem Flugzeugträger usw.

    Gab es nicht eine Tastenkombi, die dem Nose Wheel Steering einen Boost gab? Ain't there a keystroke to give a boost to NWS in order to make the F-14 on deck more maneuverable?
  2. AIXtreme2K

    Checklist problem

    No, I only can activate DLC via the white button on the sticks left side. Pushing or draging the lever above doesn't work. at least I cannot hear flaps moving.
  3. AIXtreme2K

    Checklist problem

    This time it's me having some serious checklist problems. I switched back to P3D V3 to fly my F-14 again. It's been a while since my last time in its cockpit. Making my way throught the checklist I found myself unable to get the "Maneuver Flaps" checkmark. I know that the maneuver flaps are assigned to "Floats" and manual even tells that it's "Floats (extends)". i assigned "shift + ä" to floats extends but when I hit this key I do not get the checkmark. I know I managed to make it some time ago but I cannot remember how I did it exactly. Perhaps you can take your seat in cockpit, run through the checklist and tell me how you get the "X". Thank you very much!
  4. AIXtreme2K

    FMS Display not readable

    That should be the problem. My fonts folder only contains "ECAMa Standard. All other 3 Fonts are missing. Is there a way I can install those fonts manually?
  5. AIXtreme2K

    FMS Display not readable

    Thank you for the answer. Indeed I did not restart my pc after installing but now I did and the displays still show the "squashed" menu. Is there I way I manually could check if the needed fonts were properly installed?
  6. Hi, I just took a quick look into the CRJ-700 and noticed, that the FMS displays are somehow broken. I cannot read it. Is there a way to fix it? Screenshot attached. Thank you.
  7. AIXtreme2K

    F-14 trouble

    Did you try to manually reinstall simconnect? Here's a link I found in the Steam discussions:
  8. AIXtreme2K

    F-14 trouble

    I guess you have to reinstall simconnect in order to make checklist work. It is a software you can manually install via hitting the simconnect.ini file. It can find it at my p3d installation folder -> Utilities -> SimConnectSDK -> config I am not sure if you need to install a certain p3d SDK file before you can use it. Probably someone else can give you more detailed information about the simconnect file. But I am quite sure, that it will solve your problem.
  9. AIXtreme2K

    F=14 Extended in Prepar3D v4

    I just can't wait to get P3D V4. Awaiting compatibility notifications...
  10. AIXtreme2K

    CV63 FLOLS visibility in P3D

    I can sign that. P3D no FLOLS Visibility.
  11. AIXtreme2K

    F-14 trouble

    Strange... I can find the missions in this folder: C:\user\documents\Prepar3D V3 Files Prolly FSX Steam Version saves the files to a different folder. Probably someone at the steam forums can help you with that. When flying with afterburner or full throttle you need to set trimming way down in order to make the Tomcat fly at level. Try to take away some thrust to level you plane. At my side trimming works but it's "pasty".
  12. AIXtreme2K

    F-14 trouble

    1. It happened to me one time that I installed F-14X and the setup routine did not propperly install the loadable missions. Deinstallation followed by a new installation helped at my side. 2. This gave me a hard time too, but I can tell you, that all the needed keybindings are mentioned in the manuals. The problem is, there is no chart of some kind where all neccessary keys are listed.I can give you some keys I remember right now before coffee Shift+I (arm carrier launchbar) Shift+Space (launch from carrier) Floats (You need to look it up in the key controls. the command "Floats" controls the Spoilers afaik) There is a command for the tail hook which I do not remember right now. You already found out about Shift-G (NWS) There is another important keystruck for the NWS Shift+G. Via this keystruck you engage the ACLS when set up right. 4. You can set the trimming to a keystruck too. In the control settings it is: Elevator trim up/ Elevator trim down. You can set a joystick button the each of the actions. Hope this helps.
  13. AIXtreme2K

    Checklist problem

    Hey Blade, I will try to help you as the ride through the checklist gave me a hard time too. First, Flaps and Slats need to be down. Be sure to get the checked box before turning to Spoiler Check. To get the checkmark at this point I do the following in this order: Cylce Flight controls Then push the DLC button (that's the white button on the virtual Flightstick) Set Antiskid lever to Spoilers BK Turn the Master Test switch to Stick SW and wait for the "OK" light. Set Antiskid switch "OFF" Flaps & Slats "UP" This should mark the Spoilers as "Checked"
  14. AIXtreme2K

    Catapult launch very slow

    OK. I'll give it a try. Thanks!
  15. AIXtreme2K

    Catapult launch very slow

    Lately I had the problem, that the catapult launches do not work well. I kneel the cat, activate via Shift-I the catapult, set full Flaps & Slats and fire up the throttles to its max. thust. I wait a few seconds until the afterburner is heated up and activate the catapult launch Shift+I. When I pass the edge of the carrier I pull the stick, but the F-14 nearly drops right from the edge into the water. I have the feeling, that the cat does not gain enough speed to climb or to maintain it's level not speaking about climbing. I am aware of the fact, that, the more the payload the more the bird descends a bit when launching but my Tomcat simply seems to be to slow even without rockets or extra tanks and 1/4 filled fuel tanks. I watched the promo video here: At. 0:52 you can watch a catapult launch. The F-14 is accelerating a lot more faster than my Tomcat does. Anyone got an idea what I can do to accelerate the catapult launch or what I probably have to do before launching in order to make the straying cat run?