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  1. FF A320

    Yes, this function is very important for us because I have used this method for all my aircrafts for years. Please make this work PFPX, and "Thank you so much!"
  2. Checklist camera not proper

    You are right. This function is not a "must-have" one as long as we have some camera addon. It's just more convenient for us when we are still not quite familiar with where all the buttons and knobs are. There is no illustrator of the cockpit in the manual.. so... Thank you anyway......
  3. Checklist camera not proper

    OK.. I have figured it out. It's indeed the Chaseplane for me.... @Borgillios You can try this: Deleate camera.cfg in C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 (after back it up) And then open P3D again. I think everything will be fine then. At least it works for me. But, in this way, I cannot use Chaseplane at all! Once I activate Chaseplane, everything will go back to the beginning..... Does that mean I have to choose between Chaseplane and the Checklist camera? Can't they work together?? @mopperle Thanks for your suggestion! So you don't use any camera addon?
  4. Checklist camera not proper

    Hi! Thanks! I tried and it's the same....... As @Borgillios said, he doesn't use any camera addon but it's still the same.
  5. Checklist camera not proper

    I have not used any tweaks. However, I do have Chaseplane installed. But as I said, this happened even if I have closed or disabled Chaseplane. So I am not sure if it's related.
  6. Checklist camera not proper

    I also find my panel view selector is a mess... I mean it's not the camera view as it indicated. I know you are unable to recreate this issue because it might be something conflicting or else. However, we would be appreciated if you could please help us clarify and solve this. I just bought this plane for 2 days.... Thanks!!
  7. Hi! Aerosoft team I have a similar issue as another user (but not quite the same) and I have done a reinstall following your suggestion. My issue is: when I click on the text of a specific checklist item, the camera won't shift to a proper view. For example: if I click "Control locks" or "Parking Brake", it goes to the overhead panel (refer to my first pic). If I click "Fuel Selector", it goes to other improper view(my 2nd pic). It never goes to the proper view. What can I do to fix it? BTW, I am using Chasplane too, but it's the same even if I close Chaseplane. Thanks. ps. I am using P3D v4.1, Windows 10 pro. version.
  8. Lukla runway

    Thank you so much for your instruction! I will try it later...
  9. Lukla runway

    Yes!! I am a user of P3D v4.1. Still have this annoying issue and have nothing to do with it. I tried to disable my FreeMesh, and no luck. I cannot reload my flight when approaching Lukla, because I don't know how to in P3D.( and I believe there is no such function in P3D?) I bought this scenery mainly to land there. Now, I have to put is aside...... I heard they are working on a new update or release of Lukla??
  10. Lukla runway

    Thanks! I will take a look!!
  11. Lukla runway

    No, I don't think so.. I have never installed any other Lukla addon before. Only ORBX Global and FreeMesh X.
  12. Lukla runway

    Thanks! How to reload? You mean to save the flight shortly before landing and then load the saved flight again?? Thanks!!
  13. Lukla runway

    Hi! I know what you mean. So I deactivated my Mesh and tried again as I mentioned. However, the issue was still there.. Any other possible reason except the Mesh?
  14. Lukla runway

    Thanks, sure I agree with you. I set the Mesh of the Sim to 1m. I also installed FreeMesh X, but I cannot adjust the setting of FreeMesh X. With the FreeMesh deactivated, the elevation was still there. With FreeMesh activated, the runway was OK, too, if I load the scenery again( I mean not flying from other airport and land here) So I don't know the key point of the anomaly. Could you please help me? Thanks a lot!!!
  15. Lukla runway

    OK! I have deactivated FreeMeshX Asia. Took off from VNKT, and successfully landed at VNL2(Lukla), with the same mess on the runway... Fortunately I didn't crash because I have slowed down before the "elevated ground". So it's not related to Mesh. I then activated FreeMesh X Asia right at VNL2. After it reloaded, everything came to normal. There is really some issue of the scenery...