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  1. Lukla runway

    Thank you so much for your instruction! I will try it later...
  2. Lukla runway

    Yes!! I am a user of P3D v4.1. Still have this annoying issue and have nothing to do with it. I tried to disable my FreeMesh, and no luck. I cannot reload my flight when approaching Lukla, because I don't know how to in P3D.( and I believe there is no such function in P3D?) I bought this scenery mainly to land there. Now, I have to put is aside...... I heard they are working on a new update or release of Lukla??
  3. Lukla runway

    Thanks! I will take a look!!
  4. Lukla runway

    No, I don't think so.. I have never installed any other Lukla addon before. Only ORBX Global and FreeMesh X.
  5. Lukla runway

    Thanks! How to reload? You mean to save the flight shortly before landing and then load the saved flight again?? Thanks!!
  6. Lukla runway

    Hi! I know what you mean. So I deactivated my Mesh and tried again as I mentioned. However, the issue was still there.. Any other possible reason except the Mesh?
  7. Lukla runway

    Thanks, sure I agree with you. I set the Mesh of the Sim to 1m. I also installed FreeMesh X, but I cannot adjust the setting of FreeMesh X. With the FreeMesh deactivated, the elevation was still there. With FreeMesh activated, the runway was OK, too, if I load the scenery again( I mean not flying from other airport and land here) So I don't know the key point of the anomaly. Could you please help me? Thanks a lot!!!
  8. Lukla runway

    OK! I have deactivated FreeMeshX Asia. Took off from VNKT, and successfully landed at VNL2(Lukla), with the same mess on the runway... Fortunately I didn't crash because I have slowed down before the "elevated ground". So it's not related to Mesh. I then activated FreeMesh X Asia right at VNL2. After it reloaded, everything came to normal. There is really some issue of the scenery...
  9. Lukla runway

    Thank you for your reply. I have set my Mesh in the settings of P3D to 1m, but this still exists. I will tr to deactivate the FreeMesh.
  10. Lukla runway

    I have the same problem!! And yes, I use FreeMesh X. Is there a fix to this? Thanks!
  11. Srcooke: Thank you so much! I didn't know I could do that! Problem solved!
  12. Hi! I have a problem. After making and setting a flight plan in PFPX, I cannot export it to my PMDG B747 because in the Export page, I cannot see PMDG 747 in the addons list. What can I do? Thanks! ps. I can see my PMDG 777 for P3D and FSX, but no 747.
  13. Route invalid, what's next?

    Thanks so much for your reply. I was just afraid that the ATC online will check it and refuse the flight plan if they find it not validated.
  14. Send your Templates & Aircraft profiles

    Hi! Anyone knows if there is a template for SSG B748i? Thanks a lot!!!
  15. Hi! I have a question. I have used PFPX for months. Sometimes when I validate the route it created, there would be some errors (eg. IFPS issues, or others) I just wonder since it's created by PFPX, why is it invalid? What can I do next if it's not validated? If I use he invalid route to fly online, will there be any problems? Thanks!!