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  1. bonesvf103

    HUD Fades in Heavy Clouds

    So if it a known issue, did anyone remedy it? It's really hard to land on the deck in foggy or low cloud conditions when yo have no HUD symbology. v6, boNes
  2. bonesvf103

    HUD Fades in Heavy Clouds

    So, what to do about it...? v6, boNes
  3. bonesvf103

    HUD Fades in Heavy Clouds

    I've been noticing that when I fly into heavy clouds, the HUD fades away and just becomes a blank HUD glass and then I have to look at my cockpit gauges and instruments to get speed/altitude, etc. Does anyone else have this happen? v6, boNes
  4. bonesvf103

    LSO grade rating

    Looks like someone was at the USS Yorktown in Charleston, SC! v6, boNes
  5. bonesvf103

    F-14 trouble

    I just installed FSX Steam replacing my legacy FSX. Afterwards I found there were no missions either. I found them--they are in your Documents folder in the Aerosoft folder. Cut and paste them in the Documents>Flight Simulator X Files and it will work. I read somewhere on the web it was an installer bug and that what you really should do is reinstall F-14X but choose the version for Acceleration/Gold. It will recognize it to be Steam and put the files in the right place. But personally, I just cut and paste the files in and everything seems to be OK. As for trim, etc, what stick are you using? Does it have a programming software with it? If so and you are not going to use FSUIPC, then you should first go into the Settings>Controls>Buttons/keys. Select your joystick in the controller type dropdown then go through the event assignment list and delete any of the joystick buttons assigned to events. Do the same for your throttle. Afterwards, use your joystick/throttle programming software to program events to your stick/throttle. You can program things like trim to your joystick button. Hope that helps. v6, boNes
  6. bonesvf103

    Keystrokes for Weapons

    I have a HOTAS from Saitek, the X-55 Rhino. But there has to be an actual keystroke already in place if I'm to map it to the HOTAS. So, is there already a keystoke? For instance, shift-q toggles the tailhook, so I can map that to a button. IS there a keystroke for selecting missiles, guns, etc like there is for the tailhook? v6, boNes
  7. bonesvf103

    Keystrokes for Weapons

    Are there any keystrokes to select AIM-9, AIM-7, AIM-54, and gun? I'd like to program that into my HOTAS but I didn't see anything in the manual saying there were keystrokes for it. I don't like having to shift-3 to select or using the virtual joystick. v6, boNes
  8. bonesvf103

    Procedure for Scenarios

    Well what I was doing was just picking free flight, then spawning a carrier. Then I land on it, go to the cat and sit there and do the above. IT didn't work. Today I tried loading a flight instead. I chose the Aerosoft USS Kitty Hawk Brisbane Australia one, not cold and dark. I hooked up to the cat, did the same procedure and it worked! Tried it by choosing the Bear, it worked. Tried choosing CAP, it worked. Tired choosing Escort, it worked. Ended the flight, went to free flight and started a flight, spawned a carrier, trapped, set up on the didn't work. So, does it only work when you use an Aerosoft mission/flight? Also does it only work when you have the F-14? I tried using the VRS Super Bug and when I went to start a scenario it didn't even have an Aerosoft F-14 menu to start any scenarios. Also, when you are intercepting an enemy aircraft, and you fly with it back to land, I notice you stop receiving vectors. Does that mean you successfully warded the bogey away and you can return home? How about when you are escorting a friendly through the carrier airspace? IN short how do you know when your mission is completed satisfactorily? I've escorted a plane way out of the carrier airspace to land and stopped receiving vectors, but went to return to the carrier, I started receiving vectors back to the escorted plane all over again. v6, boNes
  9. bonesvf103

    Procedure for Scenarios

    sO I saw a guy on YouTube do it and he simply got hooked up to the cat, selected ADd=ons>Aerosoft F-14>Su-27 Single and within 35 seconds he got a vector to intercept: I did the exact smae thing and nothing happened. I have TACAN tuned in too. What am I doing wrong? v6, boNes
  10. bonesvf103

    Procedure for Scenarios

    OK, so let's say I want to do Alert 5. I start on the carrier, I select Aerosoft F-14X>Scenario>CAP or Escort or Intercept and then do I wait? The manual say they should spawn within 60 seconds. What happens then. Will I receive a message saying there's a bogey and where it is then fly to check it out? What are the aircraft selections for? ie, when I choose a scenario there are also choices for Su-27 and Tu-95. Is that so that I can choose what kind of aircraft needs to be intercepted/escorted? my manual does not explain these choices, plus I thought the aircraft was random when you choose a scenario. v6, boNes
  11. bonesvf103

    Procedure for Scenarios

    They don't detail in the manual the sequence of menu choices to make. I purposely sat on the carrier and selected escort since the manual says they will show up within 50 miles in 10 minutes or less but it never seems to happen. I didn't know if I had to select Tu-95s or Su-27s after or what. v6, boNes
  12. bonesvf103

    No Space to Taxi and Weak Hook

    OK, I'll try that. Thanks. v6, boNes
  13. bonesvf103

    Procedure for Scenarios

    What is the correct sequence for doing a scenario? Do I choose a scenario and just go from there, or do I have to hit Su-27 or Tu-95 and then choose a scenario? Neither seems to have spawned anything. Thanks. v6, boNes
  14. bonesvf103

    TACAN wrong? No DME range on NAV Frequency?

    Glad you're set. It took me a while to wrap my head around the faux TACAN via dual VOR frequency concept too. v6, boNes
  15. bonesvf103

    Checklist problems F-14 P3D

    You're welcome! I hope you are enjoying the sim! v6, boNes