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  1. Michael2

    DC-8 clock

    Sounds good; I'll change the clock to GMT and it will be included in the cargo version update.
  2. Michael2

    DC-8 clock

    Not difficult to change. Does anyone know what the standard was/is with airliner clocks in terms of local or GMT?
  3. Michael2

    DC-8 clock

    Ideally you would be able to set the clock yourself. I ran into a mouse rectangle limit for 32 bit during development and the clock was not high on the list of things to be user operable. Whether standard practice is to keep it on GMT or local time I don't know. We have some current and former airline pilots here who maybe could answer that. I do know it's supposed to have a six day mechanical movement and I did change the default animation of the second hand to make it sweep smoothly like a mechanical movement does, rather than quartz crystal one, which only moves once a second.
  4. Michael2

    Next update?

    These functions were not enabled on the DC-8 as explained in the manual. Pilots would typically keep a finger on the V/S wheel throughout the climb. There is already a fix for this in the version you have and I'm not sure I can make it any better without abandoning the default autopilot and writing a custom one. If it's a problem you can dial down the turbulence in whatever weather program you use, or use the pitch damping mode of the autopilot which was intended for precisely that purpose. This is already done and will be included in the update. You will bring up the popup with either a key command or by clicking on the mech button on the overhead.
  5. Michael2

    Cargo Version Work in Progress

    It's GSX. I'll provide a new GSX profile for the cargo version when it's released.
  6. Michael2

    Cargo Version Work in Progress

    Two liveries are close to done. I need to do two more and then texture the mechanism that opens the cargo door (not exported for this screenshot).
  7. Michael2

    Additional pop-ups

    It's a possibility for the auto-pilot, but not the INS. First I need to finish up the cargo version.
  8. Michael2

    Problem with spoilers

    AAC47 is correct. By, design they won't work in the air to slow you down. They only work on touch down as spoilers. They will function as spoilerons in the air, but only with the landing gear down.
  9. Michael2

    Problem with the INS position update

    It does work -- you must be skipping some step. Are you switching to mode 4 before attempting the update? From page 25 of the INS manual: 2. Set data selector to DSRTK/STS. (If 1 ---X4 is displayed in right-hand data display, proceed directly to step 5.) 3. Press keyboard key 4. Ensure that 000004 appears in right-hand data display and that INSERT key is lit before proceeding to next step. 4. Press INSERT key. (INSERT key goes out. Data displays return to normal with 4 appearing in last digit of right-hand display.) The index will then read 9/4 and after the rest of the procedure is followed the 9 will begin to decrease. Because you state the display stays at 9/5 I think that you are missing the set to 4 step.
  10. Michael2

    Does this aircraft have a 2D panel

    Sorry, there are no 2d panels. I use use 1.0 zoom and track IR in the VC.
  11. Michael2

    Cargo Version Work in Progress

    Here's a screenshot of the new freighter version and updated loader pop-up. The main cargo door has been cut and animated, but I need to do some texturing before I can show it open. There is also a new ground services pop up to connect external air, external electrical power and to open the cargo door.
  12. Michael2

    FUEL TANKS problem

    Each engine should draw fuel from its main tank. It looks as if the aircraft did not initiate properly. It's necessary to delay the tank selection a little on start up and there is a line of code to do this, but in your case it may not be enough delay. Here is a replacement file that doubles the delay. (Back up the old one just in case.) It goes into the Panel/DC8_Fuel folder. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ugpVUZkDg1FRINhYlFaDcVu8y4AHbj9i If this is a saved flight you could fix it by loading more fuel until there is some fuel in the numbers 2&3 alt tanks. Then set the tank selector levers for engines 2&3 to alt and then back to main. Finally reduce the total fuel back to what it started at.
  13. Michael2


    Glad you got it working!
  14. Michael2


    Is it possible you manually installed the wrong dll -- maybe one for P3D? Why not delete the file and run the XMLTools FSX installer to make sure you have the right file installed. I still don't understand your setup. Did you have it working with Windows 7 before upgrading your OS to Windows 10 on the same PC? Or do you have two different computers, one with Windows 7 and the other with Windows 10?
  15. Michael2


    Is XML Tools correctly installed? Your dll.xml file should have a entry like the one in the screenshot below: You should also have the XMLTools.dll file in your main FSX directory. If it isn't installed correctly you can get the installer from here: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/resources/xmltools-2-0-installer.150/ Windows 10 shouldn't be a problem -- I would think that's what most people are running today.