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  1. Michael2

    Doppler navigation

    There are no plans to implement that.
  2. Michael2

    Paint Kit

    They will work for both versions. The only difference is that there the texture.cfg files inside each livery folder are different between P3D v.4 and FSX.
  3. Michael2

    Paint Kit

    My apologies. Its seems I forgot to include it with the FSX files. You can download it here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GYfgfVTvaVHa6Fbi5ppNIRWVNhkcmCi4
  4. Michael2

    Hydraulic System

    This is not what I have experienced. I have loaded saved flights probably more than 100 times without any problem with the hydraulic system. I can only reproduce the problem if I save a flight after turning off the engines. Although I cannot see any reason why anyone needs to do that (save a flight with the engines off) I will look for a solution. Furthermore, saving a flight with engines off is pointless now to begin with, because the sim does not seem to save the engine off state in the first place.
  5. Michael2

    News about cargo version

    I've done most of the modelling. I'm working now on the mechanism that opens the cargo door. Then I need to texture all the new parts. It will be released in an update when it's ready.
  6. Michael2

    Hydraulic System

    No, all versions included with one purchase. My recommendation is not to save a flight with the engines off. I understand wanting to shut everything down after you get to the gate, but I'm not sure why you need to save the flight that way. Just start a new one and then use the cold and dark button if you want to begin the flight in that state.
  7. Michael2

    Load Manager : using KG

    It isn't coded to show kg. All of the manuals I have use pounds as do the gauges in the aircraft, so I am not sure what utility such an option would have.
  8. Michael2

    Two questions

    Can you clarify what you mean? Are you saying that you occasionally lose your airspeed indication with pitot heat turned on? If, so, I have never seen this, although someone did report that happening in an email to me. Do you have a key press or button set for pitot heat? Maybe you are inadvertently turning it on and off? I don't have data for time to climb to altitudes below 20,000 feet except for one set that has very different numbers (for higher altitudes) than my other sets and also doesn't use the correct speeds. None of the tables in fact are very consistent for time to climb. So it's hard to know for sure. But certainly the time to climb to cruise altitudes are within the range of times given in my real world tables. Make sure you don't let your speed exceed 250 knots under 10,000 feet and the rate of climb should not get too high.
  9. Michael2

    32bit - No ground air

    Here is a link to a new file that may fix the problem: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dMgDbh456LSbe4jANqKu9l71Sla4G4v_ If I linked it correctly, you will get a file called Logic2. The file goes in DC-8_50/Panel/DC81 . Back up the original. You will still use the tail hook command. The code now references the tail hook position instead of the tail hook handle. Let me know if it works as I can't test it since I have the Acceleration version. For all non-Acceleration users there will be another issue. Acceleration uses a much better system for drag rise due to Mach in the air file. I'm not sure how the cruise table power settings will perform without Acceleration -- you may find the cruise power settings don't give you a very accurate cruise speed.
  10. Michael2

    The FSX exterior model has no reflections

    The FSX model uses one of the chrome environment maps which was how I originally made the model. I judged it to look better than the global environment map with the reflected mountains and trees. At one point during development I found the chrome map wouldn't work with dynamic reflections in P3D, so I changed the P3D model to the regular global environment map. The chrome map also caused shading issues in P3D. So the two sims use different environment maps and 64 bit has a new rendering engine as well and uses DX11 and I imagine most users have dynamic reflection turned on in P3D. So I don't think I could make the two models look exactly the same. If you want stronger reflections in FSX, you can always adjust the textures on your repaints.
  11. Michael2

    32bit - Rain removal Click Spots

    The window rain effects only work in 64 bit, so the rain removal is not simulated in FSX (there's nothing to remove). Also, development in P3D v4 took the VC model to a greater complexity than FSX can handle, so any non-essential click spots had to go to prevent graphics corruption.
  12. Michael2


    There will be further improvements. Xfeed is a popular request so it may happen. Any improvements involving new click spots will probably be 64 bit only.
  13. Michael2

    32bit - No ground air

    Maybe it's something to do with Acceleration which is the version I have. I'll make a model with another command and post a link on the forum today.
  14. Michael2

    FSX (32bit) - INS Quick Alignment?

    It works in FSX as well. The code is the same and I know it works in FSX because I used it when testing the FSX version right before the release. Five minutes sounds like a fast align. A realistic align will take longer, although how much longer depends on how low a PI number you go to before switching to NAV. Time to align is described beginning on page 4 of the INS manual.
  15. Michael2

    The FSX exterior model has no reflections

    The FSX version has a different texture.cfg file than the P3D version in each of the livery texture folders. You will need to use the new texture.cfg for your addon liveries in FSX. This is necessary because the FSX version uses a different environment map.