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  1. Douglas DC-8 preview

    I won't start the cargo version until this passenger version is ready to release. But as I detailed in a post above, there's not too much work to produce the cargo one.
  2. Douglas DC-8 preview

    The beta is going well; there are many fixes and enhancements going to the testers in the next build. In the meantime, here is a close up of part of the engineer's panel:
  3. Douglas DC-8 preview

    This site has old schedules that will give you routes: http://www.departedflights.com/ Some of them indicate the specific aircraft used. For the others, you can usually make a good guess if you know what airlines were operating the DC-8 during what time periods.
  4. Douglas DC-8 preview

    I hope you'll like it. They beta testers are doing a good job the process will definitely bring improvements.
  5. Douglas DC-8 preview

    That's correct. It was a typo in the feature list I gave to Mathijs. I also forgot to list TrueGlass, but everyone knows that in any event.
  6. Douglas DC-8 preview

    When the cabin compressors were turned on seems to have varied by airline or maybe over time. I have several manuals and the one from United has two cabin compressors on before takeoff and the other two afterwards. This is the procedure I have put in the checklists as it would be too difficult to turn them on immediately after takeoff. The second pair can be turned on during climb when convenient.
  7. Douglas DC-8 preview

    Beta testing has begun. By T/O do you mean takeoff?
  8. Douglas DC-8 preview

    View from underneath the glareshield: You can be assured the VC is accurately modelled in terms of its dimensions and the placement of objects. I wouldn't say it can't be done without access to a real flight deck, but it makes it a lot easier to get into one with a tape measure and camera.
  9. Douglas DC-8 preview

    Sorry, the feature list is pretty much closed now, or the aircraft will never be done. I'm not saying I will never add any features, but not before release.
  10. Douglas DC-8 preview

    TSS has delivered some of the sound files; most of what you hear in this video is the final sound (I think the ambient cockpit avionics sound is the only placeholder sound here.)
  11. Douglas DC-8 preview

    Not yet. I could make a prediction, but probably best not to.
  12. Douglas DC-8 preview

    Oh, you're too modest Paul. But it's true that I felt there should be more and better steam gauge airliners when I started the project.
  13. Douglas DC-8 preview

    There's a picture of the smoke higher up in the thread. And after looking at some youtube videos of DC-8s landing, I also added barely visible smoke at low speeds when using less power.
  14. Douglas DC-8 preview

    That does sound funny, but I like your enthusiasm!