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  1. Fragged^2

    Unable to get 'WINDS' in the FMS

    Did you make the PMDG and WX folders under your sim install folder? Active Sky will output the .wx file there if the folder exists. The file is created when you load a flight plan into Active Sky and updated when weather is updated. There's no need to change any settings in Active Sky.
  2. And your weight and calculated VAPP was?
  3. Fragged^2

    Unable to get 'WINDS' in the FMS

    You also need the flight plan to be loaded into ActiveSky. Not just from / to, but the whole route.
  4. Fragged^2

    Windows update, Airbus deleted

    Running Insider builds on your sim PC is just asking for trouble. Build updates do odd things, test releases do even odder things. I've had apps deleted by Windows 10 builds. Did the Add/Remove (Apps in Windows 10 new UI) list the Aerosoft after the update anymore? Was it actually uninstalled or just the files removed?
  5. The product page clearly states that it has RAAS integration, but there's nothing about FS2Crew Voice Control or other features being included.
  6. Fragged^2

    Terrain on ND problem / differences on aircraft state

    Any change you forgot to increase the brightness for the radar overlay? It's the outer knob on the nav display brightness knob. I just loaded the A320 IAE and the radar works as intended.
  7. Fragged^2

    Unable to get 'WINDS' in the FMS

    Active Sky makes a .wx file into the folder: ?:\..\Prepar3D v4\PMDG\WX\ named with the from and to airports you loaded into Active Sky. Aerosoft simply reads this file that was created by Active Sky. This way there's no need to make modifications to Active Sky or other software to get support for the weather data. The only gotcha is that you need to load the same waypoints into Active Sky as you have on your flight plan to get the data to load. My process is to export the company route from Simbrief for both Aerosoft and 'p3d' so I can load the p3d file into Active Sky. I'm sure pfpx can also do this.
  8. Fragged^2

    Radio Control Panel

    I reported this after the initial release of the A319. Was told it's going to be fixed when connected flight deck arrives.
  9. Fragged^2

    Parking brake not set in cold&dark state

    In most airliners the parking brake works with hydraulic pressure from an accumulator. This accumulator will run out of pressure over time when the plane is shut down. Thus the brakes will fade and release after some time. Chocks don't run out of hydraulic pressure
  10. Fragged^2 reset all repaints

    The repaints will reset whenever there's a change to the aircraft.cfg file. They seem to just replace the file with a new default instead editing the existing one. It would be nice if the updater made a backup of the file so it would be easy to copy custom liveries over. For now, keep a copy of the file that you can just copy paste the liveries over whenever AS makes an update.
  11. Fragged^2

    Sudden short banking on final ILS approach

    The problem is the high fluctuation in frame times with the sim. On approach the framerate might dip close to 0 for a fraction of a second. The new bus apparently does FBW/AP calculations per frame. This causes the plane to jump around like crazy at times when the sim stutters on approach. London is really bad for example with EGKK, EGLL and EGLC payware airports and all the autogen buildings. I'm sure AS could do something about how touchy the FBW/AP is with stutters, but the biggest issue is the sim itself. Be it absolute performance limits due to poor hardware utilization or the myriad of poorly documented / explained settings. The sim gives no idea for users on which sliders affect CPU / GPU / VRAM / RAM usage, not to count all the possible .cfg tweaks. Sorry for the rant..
  12. Fragged^2

    Sudden short banking on final ILS approach

    Memory speed has almost no impact on game performance, usually. I also see it on a i7 8700k + DDR4. The sim is still far from optimized for modern hardware.
  13. The weather setting in the MCDU is for the weather downlink. It does not affect how the plane flies at all, it's just for getting metar info. Was this with default AS settings or the more reasonable values recommended above? Oh and you really shouldn't fly into a thunderstorm.
  14. Fragged^2

    A 320/321 Professional - Problems MCDU,...

    It should be installed outside the p3d main folder. It seems to cause problems if you do install it inside the p3d folder.
  15. Fragged^2

    A 320/321 Professional - Problems MCDU,...

    Did you install the Aerosoft A320/321 inside the P3D install folder?