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  1. that's the best thing you've ever done! thank you!
  2. I really hope that he doesn't brake it!
  3. it's mentioned in the third line in the first post. "• Includes the older Schönefeld (SXF) airport (north of BER) with the same level of detail"
  4. frank you made my day, i can't stop laughing!
  5. hhh i know that i'm just hoping for January, but this is development anything could happen.
  6. Mathijs can you please define the sentence "very early 2018"?
  7. lol, the first thing i won in my life is the aerosoft A330 can't wait until it's out! Congratulation to you!
  8. sk5645

    Brussels International preview

    Again! wow, this is a real project from hell! god be with you Mathijs
  9. thank you so much Oliver, i wish you a pleasant weekend
  10. Hi! I just want to know what AI traffic program you are using in the preview pictures in the product page. Best Regards
  11. sk5645

    Genoa LIMJ at night

    Hi! did LM fix the bug in p3d v4.1? can't see that they fixed the bug when i read the changelog.