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  1. Heathrow ETA?

    take a look in this thread
  2. What does 'tba' means?

    lol what happend to dates! i see that eddf v2 is moved to mid august
  3. No, the answer is mentioned several times in this topic.
  4. PMDG updates

    hhh and i just downloaded mine yesterday!
  5. it's still showing the installer with the old date in my order section.
  6. here is a statement from pmdg: AEROSOFT-CD/DVD & DOWNLOAD CUSTOMERS We completed this update on Saturday morning, 10JUN17. It will take a few days for us to get all of the necessary pieces to Aerosfot so that they may update their own DVD and Download customers. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this update is simply too comprehensive to be bundled into a micro-update for instant installation. We anticipate having all of the pieces to Aerosoft for their distribution on 15JUN17. quoted from here
  7. Thank you for the update Master Stefan
  8. Today is friday guys! i hope the master have something to show us friday is the best day in the week especially when Master Stefan shows us the beauty he is creating!
  9. Mega Airport Singapore X preview

    now i think we really need a A380!
  10. Mega Airport Singapore X preview

    yeeeeeeeeeeeees so nice!
  11. Guys please read this! i feel that aerosoft is involved in this!
  12. i was waiting for Stefan's update the hole day, then i realized that today is Thursday but it could be so that Stefan is on vacation this weekend! he does surely deserve a nice vacation
  13. the cockpit looks amazing! <3
  14. yes i know there is one in the a340 and the a380