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  1. Thank you. Very much apprecciated;)
  2. I mailed Mathijs but forgot my age. I sent it now with the same subject as before. Is that ok? Or do I have to write a complete new mail? Thanks
  3. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    So nice pictures. Looks ready to me (Kidding)
  4. Yeah and now you've even pinned it as important post at the top of every page.
  5. Please use search function in the top right corner
  6. Mallorca X Evolution "airberlin-jetways"

    Hi Aerosoft, I´m an owner of your Mallorca X Evolution and would like to ask, if you still have the datas of the airberlin-jetways. And especially if you can give them to me. When I bought the product, it still had airberlin-jetways included,,but now they´re all white. Unfortunately I don´t have the old installer saved on my PC. So that would be nice if you can give them to me. I can also give you my datas via PN. Thank you:) (If this section is not ment for that, please put it in the correct one)
  7. Such an overview is already given. Please use the search function in the upper right corner.
  8. Wow. In my opinion, the planes with then antenna look much better that the ones without. But back2topic now;)
  9. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    So true. Who can beat this scenery? Even if I´ve never been to Cologne before I know this scenery will be the best on the market for quite a while. Hopefully @Jo Erlend will continue with the German airports.
  10. All the features included in the older Airbusses, Will be part of the new Airbusses. So if there is steep approach in the current A318, the Pro Version Will have it as well.
  11. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    The more "Munichs" the better. My home airport
  12. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    That´s just phenomenal.
  13. Thanks for the great news. And thanks for sharing:)
  14. Yeahhhhh. A330 early next year. I´m so much looking forward to this beauty.
  15. Servus, ich habe mich immer gewundert, warum andere im P3D V4 einen massiven FPS drop bekommen, wenn dynamisches Licht im Spiel ist. Naja. Jetzt weiss ich, Warum das bei mir nicht der Fall ist. Es sind be mir gar nicht alle dynamischen Lichter da! Obwohl ich Dynamic Lights in den Einstellungen aktiviert habe. Also die GSX Fahrzeuge beleuchten andere Flugzeuge, mein Flugzeug, sowie alle anderen Gegenstände. Genauso verhalten sich die Lichter meines Flugzeuges. Nur der Airport, der selbst zeigt nix von seinen Dynamischen Lichtern. Sei es ein AS professional, ein T2G MUC P3D V4 oder eine V4 szenerie von Justsim. Das Vorfeld ist einfach nur stockdunkel. Hat Wer ne Ahnung, was das sein könnte? Muss ich da vielleicht noch was einschalten? danke im Vorraus, Dani