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  1. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Why X Plane too(!)?
  2. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Fully agree with you, Mathijs.
  3. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Jo, you know you are mad, do you? Those pictures are just as awesome as it gets;) This is gonna be the best airport ever. I hope, you´ll do more German airports in the future as I cannot do without this quality. That is just mind blowing. I do not even know how to express that correctly anymore!!!
  4. Yellow Welcome next to 1L
  5. Please read the first post of every page and your question will be answered.
  6. Quite simple. This is the Airbus A318-A330 PREVIEW (!) topic, and not a "request liveries for the Airbusses" topic There is another topic just for repaint requests, And as there is such a topic, users are wanted to use this topic and not the preview topic.
  7. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Wow. I just can´t wait until this scenery is out. Finally flights to Köln/Bonn. I´ve waited for that for such a long time. An airport which will heavily expand my network.
  8. I do not know that much about software developing, but I know that there is more to do than modeling and texturing.
  9. Komischer Rumpf nach einfügen einer eigenen Livery

    Danke für deine Antwort. Mittlerweile nutze ich die AS Jets nicht mehr. Das Problem habe ich aber schon vor der Finalen Deinstallation der AS Busse gelöst, nur leider, auch wenn es sich komisch anhört, das Topic nicht mehr gefunden, denn ich wollte eigentlich berichten, dass das Problem gelöst ist und das Topic geschlossen werden kann. Insofern auch danke, dass du jetzt noch geantwortet hast, weil jetzt kann ich auch schreiben, dass es geschlossen werden kann Mods: Ihr wisst, was zu tun ist;)
  10. That´s not been announced yet. (At least not officially)
  11. Topicality of NDP charts

    Ok thank you, Emanuel:) You can close the topic now;)
  12. Topicality of NDP charts

    Hello, yesterday night I purchased a NDP Charts Cycle (One Year Access). When I looked through the charts today, to learn a bit and to get used to them, I noticed, that some of the charts are from June 2017. But I thought, the charts would be updated every month. Did I read something wrong, or have there just not been made any changes to the real life charts? I don´t know. But that´s my first NDP purchase so please don´t downvote me just because I don´t know the charts that goot yet. Regards
  13. Thank you. Very much apprecciated;)
  14. I mailed Mathijs but forgot my age. I sent it now with the same subject as before. Is that ok? Or do I have to write a complete new mail? Thanks