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  1. StarGames

    'External' shops

    Perfect Thx Tom
  2. StarGames

    'External' shops

    If I bought the bundle in an external shop, can I then just enter the serial code in the voucher box at the checkout and get the discount in the Aerosoft shop?
  3. The first release on the 12th of July will only be for P3Dv4. A 32-bit Version could be released later.
  4. That's my birthday It would be awesome if it's ready for release until the 12th, so i can buy it as my birthday present
  5. I‘ve got a short question. I‘m still new in this Forum and I don‘t know if this topic is the right one for this. I purchased the old Buses (A318-321) not from the Aerosoft Store but from an other reseller ( Now my question is if it is possible to get the discount on the new ones although I don‘t purchased them from the Aerosoft Store.