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    High climb rate and stall

    In my case I did a fully new Installation of P3Dv4.3 several times. I've uninstalled it like Lockheed discripted the procerdure on their website (deleting all P3D folders). For me the issue was not solved by a clean Installation.
  2. Aldarean

    High climb rate and stall

    That is exactly what I do since I have this Problem. My Observation is not to activate the ap before reaching the ACC ALT and setting climb thrust. It helpes against the high climb rate but it's not explaining the hard descent angle after initiating descent.
  3. Aldarean

    High climb rate and stall

    Aerosoft Needs more screenshots and videos, I think. I had a good video but the nVidia overlay droped the solution. I will try to get recorded flights. @all affected users: Please post everything you can get from probemtaic flights.
  4. Aldarean

    Niedrige FPS

    Das Thema FPS ist für mich auch unergründlich. Mit meinen Specs (siehe Signatur) habe ich auf Aerosoft Szenerie Airports (EDDT, EDDF) aber auch ohne auf mittleren Grafikeinstellungen auch maximal 30 FPS, während OrbX Flughäfen wiederum geschmiert mit bis zu 50 FPS im Cockpit laufen. In deinem Fall würde ich sagen, dass dein i3 die geforderte Simulation des Bus (Systeme) nicht leisten kann, denn die CPU hat lediglich zwei Kerne. Deine Grafikkarte ist auch eher mittelprächtig bis mau, 4GB VRAM sind da schon notwendig. Dass andere Flugzeuge besser laufen, kann ich mir aber nur damit erklären, dass der Simulationsaufwand da einfach geringer ist.
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    Jetzt frage ich mal blöd: Was für Außengeräusche sollte ein Flugzeug denn außer der APU und den Triebwerken noch großartig machen? Bei mir ist der Sound der Selbe wie schon beim 32-bit Bus.
  6. Das habe ich bisher auch nicht gewusst. Bisher habe ich auch während des Fluges oder am Terminal an meinen Einstellungen gedreht. Wie soll man denn sonst auch seine FPS optimieren!? Trotzdem gibt es sicher leichter verdauliche Ausdrucksweisen, schließlich ist von uns nicht jeder Programmierer oder Sim-Experte.
  7. Hi everyone, I have some questions about the ILS approach and the behavior of the FMS: I usually turn off the AP from the IAF to land manually. Normally, the master caution alarm (red alarm) should sound only three times when disabling AP and then be silenced. With me he sticks hard, even if I issue the AP even when I disabling it on the DA. Furthermore, the checklist stuck on my approach to Madrid (LEMD) before the FINAL. But I assume that this was because the RAAS has recognized the Runway 18-R as a taxiway (despite going through the MakeRwys.exe). I switched off the AP at the IAF, then the pilot had a few key commands (flaps 1 and gear down I had to set manually) and thenno more checklist commands appeared. Can someone help me with the two questions?
  8. Okay, thank you. Good to know
  9. This worked, thank you. But why I can not disable AP with the AP button?
  10. Aldarean

    High climb rate and stall

    I had planned to document everything petty on my flight today (a screenshot for each MCDU page, video evidence, etc.) and of course, then, everything goes according to plan . I keep trying. Thanks for your patience.
  11. Aldarean

    High climb rate and stall

    Another info: If the described problem occurs with the descent, the checklist will not continue. The callout "initiating descent" just does not come then. Only when I pressed the V / S knob to stabilize the bus and then press the ALT knob and the bus goes back to a normal descent, the callout comes.
  12. Aldarean

    Your best Screenshot

    So here are mine from the scape of Innsbruck and côte d'azur
  13. Aldarean

    High climb rate and stall

    That was exactly what I did. And after this the bus wanted to sink with such a high descent rate. Normally the plane will descent with 1000ft/min when you push the knob until the normal profile gets closer from the top or you stop it manually. But in my case I had to stop the descent with a push on the V/S knob. After this you can switch to managed mode again (pushing the ALT knob again) and the bus is descending with his 1000ft/min. I have this problem nearly every flight. Last time yesterday when atc told me to descent from FL350 to FL280 (EDDB to LFMN).
  14. Aldarean

    Offset of planed route

    Hallo Lothar, ich verlinke hier mal deinen englischen Post. Scheint sich ja wohl um einen Bug zu handeln.
  15. Aldarean

    High climb rate and stall

    No. I had between 90 and 120 Pax, and about 3000 kg cargo. Yes and yes. Always calculated with fuelcalc. and takeoff calc. It's a was long time now, that I don't had any problems. Yesterday I was flying from LFMN to LOWI. Shortly after I reached cruise lvl on FL350 ATC instructed me to initiate the descent. I typed ind FL280 and pushing the knob. The airplane was immidietly descending with more than 4000ft/min without any understandable reason (no red ball on the right side of the PFD or anything). After using selected mode and switching back to managed mode, the aircraft was normally descending with 1000ft/min.
  16. Aldarean

    Aircraft will not follow route.

    Some screenshots would be helpfull
  17. Hi, I've noticed that the parking positions of the new A319 Professional are wrong at many airports. Often the aircraft is too far away from its nominal position. Apparently something is wrong here with the AFCAD data. In the German-speaking forum I have already created a topic by the wrong parking positions in a response by Hoffie3000 are also seen in the editor. Link below. Here some pictures from Berlin-Tegel and Frankfurt 2.0
  18. Okay, thanks. But Gate A18 is a "small" Gate.
  19. Aldarean

    Own FS 2 crew

    Okay, here are my reasons: - You can interact with the co-pilot over Buttons and/or voice, there is no AI doing everything for you - You have to handle your pilots checklist on your own, so you are learning something about flying the Airbus - I can load a game and I am not dependend on loading an aircraft state. - No losses if you do unexpected things for the AI, just turn back the checklist to a state you want. I like the co-pilot function from the Airbus but I want to do some things more than just siting and waiting for the end of the checklist. The other big thing for me is the dependence for loading an aircraft active state to get the checklist working.
  20. So the A320 will be placed correctly because it's a longer plaine? In my memories the parking positions worked correctly in P3d v3 for the A319. Didn't P3DV3 using the center of the model?
  21. Aldarean

    Falsche Parkpositionen

    Alles klar, mache ich, danke. Edit: Der englische Eintrag ist hier zu finden:
  22. Aldarean

    Falsche Parkpositionen

    Hallo, Ich habe das Problem, dass der neue Bus nie an der richtigen Parkposition steht. Ich habe aktuell kein Traffic-Addon drauf aber auch unter UT-Live besteht das Problem. Die KI parkt dort immer sehr genau. Kann ich den Spawn Punkt korrigieren? Hier mal ein paar Screenshots aus Frankfurt und Berlin-Tegel
  23. Aldarean

    Falsche Parkpositionen

    Also ist es eher ein Problem für die Airport Entwickler, die Gates anzupassen?
  24. Aldarean

    Falsche Parkpositionen

    Hallo Wolfgang, danke für deinen Tipp. Ich war tatsächlich auf einem Heavy Gate aber auch auf einem "Small" Gate ist es leider nicht besser. Hier das Resultat an Gate A18 in Frankfurt. Immer noch Elf Meter daneben.
  25. Aldarean

    High climb rate and stall

    I was climbing manual to 800 ft with a climb rate of anything between 1500 to 2000 ft/min, than I've activated the AP and the climb rate jumped up to the high rate you can see in Picture 1 and 2. I had to cancel the managed climb to get no stall warning You're right, I forgott to set climb thrust, so the bus maybe wants to correct the speed with a higher rate of climb. It's rather Pictures 1 and 2 that worry me. I give it a new try at the weekend with a beeter focus on the speed and let you know