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  1. Do you think I'll be able to re-use my GSX .cfg's from my FSX Airbus on the professional version? Or is that more of a question for the GSX people?
  2. skitchie98


    But can I ACARS free text to get the latest scores in the World Cup? All joking aside, I've been simming for about 10 years and I don't even have a clue on what half of this means, which means this is a good sign! Love these updates
  3. Thank goodness, I was about to lose sleep over this EDIT: An o
  4. Ooof, didn't see those requirements coming. Hopefully it's like the other A320 where it's more of a *soft* 16 GB RAM this is a grim reminder that I need to ditch my laptop and get myself a decent system.
  5. [RESOLVED] Didn't realize the difference between fixes and airways at the time of this being posted! Silly me.
  6. Ah that makes sense, it never even occurred to me how many factors come into play with even something as 'simple' as an installer.
  7. If you don't mind explaining to a layman, what is it about installers that gives them such a large work frame time-wise?
  8. These screenshots are teasing me harder than my girlfriend. I need this bus. Seriously though, this looks better and better every day, so pumped guys! Go at your own pace, don't feel pressured into releasing something that you feel is unfinished. You got this!
  9. Is that LiveATC on the smartphone in that screenshot? Immersion +100!
  10. skitchie98

    Updating from the FSX:SE version to the P3D edition.

    man, that's a shame. Thanks for helping clear things up!
  11. Hello, First off, I just want to say kudos to you guys for developing such a great Airbus, I love it so much. I bought it many moons ago for my copy of FSX:SE and recently migrated to P3D. I remember reading that if I previously owned the FSX:SE edition I was eligible for a discount on the professional version. Does that offer still stand? If so, is it still valid even if I bought it as a DLC directly through Steam? Thanks!
  12. Insert other media Hello, First off, I want to say that the plane itself flies gorgeously! I love zipping around on short little regional flights that are great for someone with a busy schedule like me. However, the lights on the plane seem to be hit or miss. I'd say 75% of the time, when the plane loads in the beacon light is bugged and stays permanently on, even when its set to off (including when the batteries are off). The only lights that work properly for me are the strobe lights. All the other lights do not turn on (the switches will move between auto/off/on but the lights themselves do nothing). It's also interesting to note that internal lights work just fine, it's only with external lights that I have this issue.
  13. When plugging in waypoints into the legs page on the FMC, any waypoints that have numbers in them give a 'wpt not recognized' error. Any help?