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  1. solved !! Awesome support, thanks a lot ! best regards
  2. Jo, the new textures look way better... however there must have happened something with the looks like this for me now
  3. Hi Jo, thanks for your immediate reply !! Would just be great if it could be improved.....but as I said, its just my opinion best regards
  4. Hi Jo, I just wanted to let you know that this scenery is incredible (=amazing ) in many aspects. So thanks a lot for your efforts here !! But just for this reason I just could not resist in also pointing out one thing which for me personally is a real downer, because in my opinion it is far below the overall quality of this scenery. And this is the runway textures and especially the tire markings of the touchdown zones. I find the tire markings way to uniform and therefore unrealistic and "unorganic" (if this word can be used here) looking....I think we saw that way better in many other sceneries.... So its just my personal opinion and maybe others agree or dont... But I just wanted to comment it just in case other do agree.. best regards
  5. suniram

    AS A320 Key Mapping with FSUIPC

    there is a doubled "AB_OVH_Ext_RUNWAY_off ()" in that code, thats just a typo right? Removing that I got it working now. THANKS A LOT !!
  6. suniram

    AS A320 Key Mapping with FSUIPC

    Apologize if I also ask you for help with this, maybe you can point me in the right direction, too I already managed to put a switch (Runway Turnoff Lights) to "on" with one key, and to "off" with another , but I dont get it to toggle with one key only I made the following LUA taken form "actions.Lua" and asigned a key to it with Parameter 1 in FSUIPC. What am I doing wrong ? Thanks a lot function AB_OVH_Ext_RUNWAY_on () LVarSet = "AB_VC_OVH_ExtLight_RwyTO_Sw" ipc.writeLvar(LVarSet, 1) AB_MPL_LightSwitch () DspShow ("RwyL", "on") end function AB_OVH_Ext_RUNWAY_off () LVarSet = "AB_VC_OVH_ExtLight_RwyTO_Sw" ipc.writeLvar(LVarSet, 0) AB_MPL_LightSwitch () DspShow ("RwyL", "off") end function AB_OVH_Ext_RUNWAY_toggle () if _tl("AB_VC_OVH_ExtLight_RwyTO_Sw", 0) then AB_OVH_Ext_RUNWAY_on () else AB_OVH_Ext_RUNWAY_off () end end event.flag(1, "AB_OVH_Ext_RUNWAY_toggle")
  7. suniram

    KG - LBS on MCDU

    Ok, thanks best regards
  8. suniram

    KG - LBS on MCDU

    Yes, that´s what I mean. I selected LBS and it is correctly shown on the ECAM, but on the MCDU fuel is still shown as kg if I am not wrong..
  9. suniram

    KG - LBS on MCDU

    Since the last update LBS can be choosen. That´s great. The MCDU however still seems to use KG. Is that how it should be? best regards
  10. suniram

    Strange graphic issue during engine start

    Sorry to get back to that one here. But recently I also get that somtimes on nosewheel touchdown after landing now...didnt happen before, I dont know what could have changed....its extremly annoying.. I dont have dynamic lighting enabled during daylight..... Did LM comment on that maybe ?
  11. I thought the update was only for IAE... but it changed CFM also, which now needs a fix , too
  12. Noticed that yesterday evening , and I was just about to have a look what was causing that...when I found your post..great , thanks
  13. suniram

    Take-Off Speed Call-outs

    it will :))
  14. suniram

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Emi, I haven´t been requesting this feature.. I actually don´t like and don´t need camera addons for other reasons... And yes, I love this feature in the PMDG 744 and of course it would be great to have it in the airbus as well (or much better , as you said , if the sim itself would provide that) , but I fully accept and would never complain that Aerosoft doesn´t consider to include it. No need to justify that at all, I can live with it perfectly and still like your Bus ! I just disagree with your argument, that you wouldn´t notice any shaking in a car or in a cockpit.