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  1. F-14 Extended V3 (released)

    Roger that Mathijs, thanks.
  2. F-14 Extended V3 (released)

    Very good news.will owners of the previous version be capable to a free update? Thanks, David
  3. No steering on ground

    Hi Guys Same problem with my plane, the pedal brake moves the red lever near the steering wheel, but can't get the plane to turn left or right.
  4. FSX-SE will not load

    Solved Thanks
  5. FSX-SE will not load

    Hi Guys After installing some software(a scenery and 2 aircraft),the FSX-SE will not load. I used old dll.xml and exe.xml (very basic) that I had and now the sim will load OK. But what can I do with all the lost lines in those files? Thanks, David
  6. Xplane 11 low frame rates

    Hi If you have the Asus machine there is a tool to make the processor run faster. It is called Power Manager and you can change to normal or faster CPU speed. Bye, David
  7. Another issue with the Bronco in P3dv4: Sounds

    Correction to above Installation in to FSX Steam was fine, but installing to P3D V4 made the files in the Steam FSX folder to disapper.
  8. Another issue with the Bronco in P3dv4: Sounds

    Hi Guys After installing to FSX Steam all the files in the FSX folder disappeared. After starting Stem it was corrected and now all is safe again. I removed the Bronco first and used the new installed after. Bye, David
  9. Another issue with the Bronco in P3dv4: Sounds

    Hi I will not post on Aerosoft anymore, as they downgraded me for nothing. It become too personal for me to stay here.(been here since 2005). Bye, David
  10. Aspen elevation issue

    I'm a customer since 2005 and you are answering me as if I was working for you. I just mentioned Aspen as it was still not fixed.If the ENVA airport is loaded first then Aspen will look fine. And BTW,read what Mathijs replied on these issues. Regards, David
  11. Another issue with the Bronco in P3dv4: Sounds

    Same here too and Aspen is wrong elevation,but no solution yet.
  12. Hi Mat3120 I know you maybe filling bad with this purchase, but can you call the computer seller and let him check your computer,OS and such? All indications point to a bad OS installation or a virus attack.Do you have any registry edit software? Feel free to hit me with your problems Bye, David
  13. Xplane 11 nose wheel problem

    Hi Pesti I use xp11 but increased my CPU speed via an ASUS software on my computer(the computer is an ASUS G20AJ) You may have another software that comes with your computer. Bye, David
  14. Xplane 11 low frame rates

    Hi Petsi_PT I used ASUS Software and increased processor speed. all is fine now.(FPS 25-35 with slides well to the right) Thanks, David
  15. Aspen wrong elevation

    Hi Guys After ORBX updated there files yesterday, Aspen is fine with its elevation. Bye, David