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  1. Hello I got a mission named large skip fire at railroad, but when firefighters are there as in the picture, nothing happens anymore. Do i need to do something or what? Please explain or fix bug The firefighter is is in the cabin but doesnt do firefighting thnx notruf112 2017-03-20 20-17-56-63.bmp
  2. Hello Folks at Aerosoft, Found a new bug in the game...I had a mission Car Accident III were a person is trapped in a car. When arriving and stepping out of the vehicle nothing happens further, i keep waiting and waiting... No new instructions were given Please fix this
  3. hello will this soon be fixed? as cars still crash into firetrucks which are returning to the firehouse!
  4. hello folks, The fire truck is still crashing into cars on the road. Please fix this!!!
  5. Hello since latest update i found another bug...a firefighter is stuck at a door when a mission with a car fire Please fix! notruf112 2017-01-31 18-12-06-32.bmp
  6. Hello since latest updates which is good, thnx!! i found still a bug... Had a mission with a truck fire, and the police secured the scene, but when arriving the policecar is driving through a small wall See screenshot Thnx for fixing this notruf112 2017-01-27 19-06-28-45.bmp
  7. Hello just bought the ios version and i have issues,...please make the roadmap more accurate...its hard the find the right way to get to a incident please!! Please make also the controls more reactive...when i choose the buttons mostly it doesnt respond....making a crash with car
  8. hello Found new bug, in a mission where's a truck fire, other firefighters are preparing firefighting but one firefighter is stuck behind the command vehicle and does'nt pass it.. Please fix this! notruf112 2016-12-19 20-13-22-71.bmp
  9. still waiting for a response as this still happens after latest update
  10. Hello i got a mission with a truck on fire on a highway, but when i got out, i got a strange screen with a German text. Schlauch-B Gewickelt??? Don't know what to do here. Translation error or bug?? thnx notruf112 2016-12-11 19-40-03-23.bmp
  11. Hello i found a new bug in the game, I returned with the firetruck from a mission and while the firetruck is turning to the firebrigade, passing cars where crashing into the firetruck and disappear Can you please fix?? thnx
  12. Hello for the creators of Notruf 112! Why is the town a ghosttown?? i don't see any pedestrians in the game. I only see cars driving. thnx for adding pedestrians
  13. Hello since latest patch i encountered a bug in the game while returning to the firebrigade house. I had a mission for a smoke alarm triggered and when returning the vehicle keeps turning and crashing against the wall of the firebrigade. Please fix!! notruf112 2016-11-27 17-47-01-27.bmp
  14. Please fix this ASAP, this is a frequently thing that happens to me..Playing the game is not fun with this bug!!!