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  1. Today the last part of the 3rd leg. We're flying to Calcutta! Departing from Lukla early in the morning. It's such a beutiful day! Cruise FL, all that little tress looks awesome. Initial descend. Approaching just over Calcutta. We gonna land on 19L. It became misty near the ground. 3rd leg succesfully completed! VNLK - VECC.kmz
  2. We have decided to change the route a bit. We have to make about 300 nm more, but then we will visit Lukla Airport. VNLK is the most dangerous airport in the World placed just underneath Mount Everest, the highest peak in the World. We couldn't miss it! Oh, we are sooo excited! Again foggy weather at the departure. Cruising over India. Ganges River and Allahabd city. The Himmalayas in the background! Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. We are performing a final approach following that chart: Mount Everest! And the weather couldn't be better for such an approach. We're closer and closer... Runway in sight! There's no place for a mistake. And we have safely landed. Wow, that was exciting! VANP - VNLK.kmz
  3. Thank You very much! Duke is such an awesome plane, unfortunately we won't see any further airplane from RealAir. :/
  4. First of all, I have to excuse myself. I'm going for a holiday next week, so I would miss Mumbai - Colcatta leg. I've decided to complete it before my trip. Today one of the shortests legs: VABB, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, India to VANP, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, India. Route is as follows: Ready for the flight, we will have some departing traffic in front of us. 2x A320 IndiGo Airlines. Weather again not nice. And already a few moments later ground dissapeard in fog. And saying goodbye to Mumbai! I'm loving this aircraft sooo much, it's preety awesome! Again low visibilty ILS approach after wonderful(was really well done in my oopinion) ARC DME procedure. On the ground, we're going tomorrow to Lukla Airport to see Mount Everest! VABB - VANP.kmz
  5. Last leg of the second part of our tour: Jinnah International Airport, OPKC, Pakistan to Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, VABB, India. Departure from Jinnah International Airport. Climbing for a cruise flight level. We're already crusing with a nice tailwind, and already over India!!! Some fields and small towns in India. We have spotted A380 Emirates Airlines! Wow, the first we have ever seen. Golf of Khombat, we're not long way from Mumbai..! Weather got worse as we are approaching Mumbai. The weather at Mumbai doesn't seem well... About 1000ft above ground level. VABB 182030Z 00000KT 1500 BR SCT020 SCT100 28/26 Q1006 Continue... Safely on the ground! And already in Mumbai, 2nd leg finished! OPKC - VABB.kmz
  6. Today's leg is from Iranshahr Airport, OIZI, Iran to Jinnah International Airport, OPKC, Pakistan. That's a large international airport just in the heart of Pakistan. Shortly after departure from OIZI. Wether again wonderful! Cruising at FL290. Pakistan. Looks just the same like Iran. Approaching Jinnah International Airport. 4000m visibility at OPKC. Safely on the ground! Last leg left! OIZI - OPKC.kmz
  7. OISY, Yasuj Airport, Iran - OIZI, Iranshahr Airport, Iran. With new power and energy we're taking off already 7th time in this challenge! Weather is beautiful as usual in the area. Shiraz City, Shiraz Interantional Airport adn Maharlu Lake. Dusty areas again. Iranshahr in front of us, airport in sight! Approaching Iranshar Airport. Oh!, They'we forgotten to build the apron...! OISY - OIZI.kmz
  8. Today's leg is from OESK, Al-Jawf Domestic Airport, Saudi Arabia to OISY, Yasuj Airport, Iran. Quite long way today! Departure from OESK, as I said the runway and the desert everywhere around it. Oh, some traffic and sunrise! Abadan City and Abadan International Airport. It's already Iran. Some fantastic water bodies near Abadan (couldn't find out what's their name). Iran isn't only wide deserts. That's also monumental mountains! And the scenery is preatty beautiful! Already there, we're impressed with beauty of the sourrounding area! Iran is a cool place! KMZ files: OESK - OISY.kmz
  9. Yeah, it looks preety cool!
  10. Today's route Port Said, HEPS, Egypt - OESK, Al-Jawf Domestic Airport, Saudi Arabia. Planned route is as follows: Ready for takeoff! Just loaded some fuel. We have some nice VOR's on our route. Unfortunately the incoming legs are mostly only over seas and deserts. Arish city with El Arish International Airport. Dead See in the background. Just desert everywhere, Low visibility over OESK. I wouldn't say it's an "International Airport". Just some runways between the desert. I only hope we get some fuel and a place to sleep here.. KMZ file: HEPS - OESK.kmz
  11. Today last leg: Samos LGSM, Greece - Port Said HEPS, Egypt. Route: Departing from Samos. That was one of the prettiest places I've visited! As Turbine Duke is very powerful we are getting to our cruise FL very fast. It's nice, october night with huge moon in the sky. We are flying over water right now. Some photos from cruising over Greece. Descending to Part Said and VOR approach. And already at Port Said. First leg of World Tour completed! LGSM - HEPS.kmz
  12. We have managed to repair the engine and hope it will work properly during the whole 3rd leg. Today we are flying via VFR rules from LDDU Dubrovnik, Croatia to LGSM Samos in Greece. Our todays route: Last fresh air breath and we are getting started! We're arriving the Serbian border really soon. Over there, in those valleys is located very nice airport, Tivat. Challenging approach and beautiful scenery around it. We noticed some clouds ahead so had to avoid them. Even though Nikisic is well visible. We have some really high mountains on our route. That peak is the MT Korab, it lays already in Macedonia. What I very like about OpenLC Europe is that every country looks a bit different like. You can't mistake Greece with Macedonia. Again interesing thing. The left side of the mountain is Macedonia, right side is already Greece. We have just passed the time zone, so it's UTC+3 right now. We are going to fly over the Aegan Sea till Samos. Arthos peak! Small Island Piperi is our next VFR point. Loosing both enignes cruising above big water on 3000ft would be catastrophic.. Water, water everywhere! It's getting late, we hope we land before the dusk. Last leg and we are approaching Samos! That will be a beautiful dusk approach! And approach itself. Already safely on the ground. That was an amzaing and totally beautiful trip! Route .kmz file: LDDU - LGSM.kmz
  13. Catalina and Alps, great choice! <3
  14. We have slept a bit and we are ready for our second leg: Münich EDDM to Dubrovnik LDDU. Unfortunately the weather in central Europe isn't nice, so we can't fly using only VFR rules. When we're already so near to the Alps we couldn't miss the occasion to see them. We hope the clouds tops won't be so high, that we would see nothing. We've tried to mix some IFR and VFR flying in that leg and that's what we are going to fly today: It's a rainy day today. We have to wait for our turn, Münich is on of the bussiest airports in Germany. So towards Austria! Oh, we seen the terrain, the last time today before Alps.. The weather in mountais isn't the best, but we're happy, we have decided to fly like this. Somewhere over LOWI. Mountain flying is so beutiful! So, we've flown over Alps already! They were so pretty! We've crossed over Austria, now we're flying Slovenia. We should be flying VFR right now, but the conditions don't seem nice for that rules of flying. Even though the Vaganski Vrh is visible. Our next point is Vesecko Jezoro, also not well visible. And fianlly crusing as VFR over beutiful Croatia. Approaching Makarska city. And we've had a fatal engine failure right now. Right engine has just went dead! Oil pressure and temperature were in their safety limits. Don't know the reason. Fortunately it is only about 50 nm to Dubrovnik and Duke is an aircraft, which can cruise or even climb very well with only one engine. We just hope the second one will be working till Dubrovnik. A2, that's that small island. Dubrovnik is on the left side. Approaching LDDU and trying to get that bird on the ground. It wasn't easy, but we've managed to land at Dubrovnik and have parked there safely. Now, we have to take a brake for some time and repair that engine. Stay tuned! Kmz file from that flight: EDDM - LDDU.kmz
  15. Initial descend. Approaching EDDM Münich. Already on the ground. The marshaller liked our parking very much Leg finished in about 2,5 hours. Here's the route file, unfortunately the tracking tool crashed and it's not complete. First segment from England to Belgium is missing. EGKK - EDDM.kmz