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  1. AAC47

    Problem with the INS position update

    I found a note in DC-8 manual regarding Position check/position update: NOTE: before and during ocean crossing, INS updating should be made only when a position error exceeding 5NM has been determined by accurate fix, preferably using VOR/DME This is just an info that position error limit should init INS Update not PI according the manual .......
  2. AAC47

    Descent Path and Speed Calculation

    I made the same Approach and the speed remained at 280 kts.. T/O 10L to PRB FL250 and then SERF3 Arrival....Alt select to approach altitude...... Can't explain why Yo have this Speed setting
  3. AAC47

    Problem with spoilers

    The spoilers on DC-8 are only working in flight with GEAR-DOWN to assist in roll-mode and then deploy in landing...... If You will reduce speed air You are supposed to use ENG 2+3 reversers and they make a lot of noise and upset pax but tht's the way to do it......
  4. AAC47

    Custom waypoints

    You must model the approach to fit in with your type and weight of your Aircraft ... When you look at MCDU the turn from KRA DME 10 is made with speed 250 and the plane can not make that turn to intercept LLZ NQ with that speed. I put in a speed 200 kts and you can see at Bild 1 that this speed makes the turn circle correct, perhaps is a little low so speed 210 would be better. Bild 2 shows the restricted speed input. ESNQ IAL chart has as you can see no speed limit in their profile so you have to create it Yourself......When you Fly an Airbus you cant rely on the data fully...You must change parameters to fit to the way you fly...... Hope this explains a bit........:)) PS: I am not so good to insert pictures as Yoo can see but hope its OK
  5. AAC47

    Custom waypoints

    Strange ...i flew ESUP-ESNQ with VAGA3F arrival and KRA was loaded in MCDU as pos in the arrival route.. I also had KRA VOR auto-selected with tuning OK As my route is short why not make a test-run ESUP-ESNQ and see what happens......
  6. AAC47


    IRL When you make a normal landing no autoland you must retard throttles when "RETARD" comes on otherwise the throttles are still in CLIMB and the engines will spin up IRL When you make autoland and "RETARD" comes on you shall retard throttles but the engines are automaticly spinned down irrevelant if the throttles are in CLIMB mode You must retard throttles in both cases for spoilers and autobrake butthats another story In the TAM accident one throttle was not retarded and the engine went to CLIMB When I make a CAT III approach with Your 64 bit Airbus the automatic function with spin down and remained spin down doesnt work properly.... I have written previous topics about this in Your 32 bit Airbus but no response.... I submit a bad quality video from my shaky Smartphone 90 deg offset when I make a CAT III aproach with NO RADIO HIGHT where you can see the spool-down and after some seconds the in my mind faulty spool-up Its a minor thing but I just want to point it out....... autoland.mp4
  7. AAC47

    T/O Position Indications

    My Fault..... Indication is correct disregard my post....
  8. AAC47

    T/O Position Indications

    This Plane is great........I just have one question: When lined up in T/O position I a have opinion that ManToga/SRS/Runway shall be visible on PFD before applying T/O thrust.......... Here it comes on when applying thrust and I think it is a little too late to check if system is correct set....... Its a minor problem but I just want to have it cleared out.......
  9. AAC47

    Cargo Version Work in Progress

    Really Nice.......Hope next project will be DC-9-40 Series.............:))
  10. AAC47

    comments on DC-8 Transpacific flight

    Really nice story........ When you are approaching waypoint 9 if not made already just put in next waypoint as No1 and so on The INS will when change legs to 91 in auto mode so You can have the INS engaged without problem
  11. AAC47

    Hydraulic System

    I only have Manual for Series -62 but there the INS is cooled by RADIO RACK BLOWER so You dont need to use Cabin Compressors. Can You help me to locate the instruction to use Cabin Compressors in DC-8-50 for INS cooling...? I made a test without External Power and no problem to load INS Regading Loading of saved game I get the same result as You so You have a point there Regarding Checklist I couldn't follow Your action until I found out that You made a Battery start and that is not so common... Some places have External air from Pressure Tank but it is not normal not to have External Power. Regarding RADIO RACK BLOWER in Series -50 I am only 75% sure that it is running on Battery Power so I might be wrong The test of RADIO RACK O'HEAT light doesn't work without External Power in this plane...in -62 it is powered by DC BUS -1 I think the best is at every time use NORMAL OPERATION with External Power and External Air for start-up and avoid Battery-Start as The Checklist for engine-start without External power involves operation of CROSSFEED-VALVE not operational in this plane.....
  12. AAC47

    Hydraulic System

    I made High pressure start-External AC power not connected and it worked I would like to set Crossfeed selectors......................CROSSFEED .....according to procedure in order to obtain fuel gravity to engine No. 3 but no fuel problem
  13. AAC47

    Hydraulic System

    Load the Scenario All 4 fuel levers ON but only Engine 3 running All 4 fuel levers ON and All Engines running Left Hyd Pump running 3000 psi Left Hyd Pump running 3000 ps PWR on Batt; EXT AIR ON pressure reaching the top 50 psi PWR on Batt no ext air ON as engines running Check Failures Panel. Clean Check Failures Panel Clean (There is no failures panel) INS On. INS ON Set Cold & Dark condition Shift+3 All 4 Engines fuel levers OFF All 4 Engines fuel levers OFF EXT AIR ON (?), PWR Off EXT Power ON Hyd Pumps OFF Hyd Pumps OFF INS Off INS OFF Set PWR to Batt 3. Select EXT PWR Check Failures Panel. Hyd Pumps 1, 2, Elect marked as FAILED ??????????????? RESET All ???????????????? Set ALL Cabin Compressors ON. Check All Cabin Compressors to be OFF INS to Stby, Enter POS, ALIGN, enter all 9 WP Manually. At this time I cannot make the INS Planner to work. And yes, I read the Manual twice. INS to SBY Enter POS via Shift-Z Enter all waypoints Start Engine 3 Dont start engines until INS IS ALIGNED No Hyd on Right Pump. ????????????????????? Check Failures Panel. Same as 3.1 RESET All with the Engine 3 running. Right Pump ok. 3000 psi. Start Engines 4, 2, 1. Set Generators, PWR to Batt, Set ALL Pneu System switches to High. Apply to Checklist EXT AIR Off After 45 minutes the INS right screen remains in 0 65 After 10 minutes align is 55 Decided to go and fly as in the 1930's I tried to reproduce your flight and all marked RED are something strange GREEN OK I cant understand why You don't use EXT PWR and EXT AIR in proper way When I loaded the scenario all engines acted normal I suggest You to follow valid check-list
  14. AAC47

    Hydralic pressure loss

    Confirm Auxiliary Pump Light ON ... Pls Study this File carefully IMG_20180528_0001.pdf The lower red line is pressure from AUX Pump
  15. AAC47

    1.03 released

    Thanks for the Scanair DC-8......works perfect.....:))