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  1. ahhhhh.. a light shows up in my mind..
  2. just simple once try to delete the .cfg file and let fsx rebuild a new and see what happens
  3. otto, why did you close the other HTKJ thread ? i still see HTKJ dark at night..no runway lights, no center lights...URB off.. all the background area rather dark i dont remember how it was in P3DV3 but for example OMDB has all lights shown up (2nd picture)
  4. hey dino ? i am also using URP but i dont have this issue instead at night i have it rather dark arround, how looks HTKJ at night in your sim ? dear aerosoft, is HTKJ a dark airport at night ?
  5. you can uncheck dynamic lightning...it was requiered. i dont know if it is fixed with the 777 hotfix
  6. i just noticed that ground lights of the 777 (just tried that model) in oslo (pmgd v4) does not illuminate ground when dynamic lighning unchecked, is that a bug or normal ?
  7. ..Ho Chi Minh City, Catiglan Boracay, Pnom Penh, Fukuoka....to stay in aisa.... and please animate the ships laying in the sea, seen on final approach..that view is soo stunning
  8. ok...i returned it to the shop...no sense for me...also saw a horrible video in youtube about the silly cheap inner life (plastics)...no way for such money. and the sticking thing... people, dont buy it, except you fly the A 10 also, thrustmaster did not reply at all to my mails yet.
  9. hi which joystick and 2 independent throttel levers can you recommand me for the aerosoft airbus ? it should work out properly ofcourse. i want to simulate 2nd engine start on taxiway. right now have the hotas warthog and struggle a lot with it, guess is is not 100 compatible with the airbus ? thanks
  10. ok, i removed all standart P3D controls now, the left throttel (throttel 1) has still a rest dead zone in full trust position, it counts in the celebration to 16.350...but i can still move it further. the right throttel ok so far. anyhow not syncron PMDG 737 i am talking about now.. still dont know how to aktivate reverse thrust
  11. poco, no mucho..
  12. maybe someone out there, who could help me to config, via skype..phone..i am too stupid
  13. hi i had problems with my 8 year old joystick...had up to 5 sec. time delay on the aerosoft airbus throttle reaction after joystick input.. anyhow..thought its time to invest in a new joystick. so i bought the thrustmaster hotas warthog tried to set it up, struggled hours already. but even through fsuipc unlocked version and youtube videos and some forum research, i dont get it to work properly. i would like to control 2 independent throttle axis with reverse, using the trim switch hat for nose up and nose down trim and the slider axis for pedals. set so, the throttel does not work and the slider axis also change the trim wheel in the airbus at the same time.. i set in the airbus configurator to 2 axis and made all fsuipc setting as in youtube (frooglesim´s fsuipc setup video) is there any specific tip or explain out there to help me in that, before marking the hotas as unuseable for me ? any tip, any recommands ? thank you. using win 10 64 bit P3Dv3.4 USB 3
  14. the External Power and the APU are running, put the power light of the apu is off and the apu status is blue and provide power to the system.
  15. bei mir stehen in EDDF auch cargo maschinen am gate obwohl es doch in FRA cargo plätze gibt