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  1. bei mir stehen in EDDF auch cargo maschinen am gate obwohl es doch in FRA cargo pl├Ątze gibt
  2. i noticed the same last times. no registered fsuipc and the time between controler input and the reaction in the sim is about 5 sec. fps is good over 23. last download version from the aerosoft download file. any ideas ?
  3. yes, tom, i saw the notice in the system requirements before. i used it in FSX.. but some other airports work so i gave it a try in P3D. so people..may you watch your choices
  4. hallo there is a scandinavian airport sale @ aerosoft this week have to report that trondheim in P3Dv3.4 does not work for me, i have that overcovering FTX mesh thing, also the suggestions in the ORBX forum did not fix it for me. schade.
  5. not only with steam, P3D also, i prefer AES
  6. my question here by the way: what is the nearest and best origin airport (payware or freeware) to fly into kilimanjaro ? i mean closer as seychelles or saudi or egypt ? i am looking for a short trip with the dash. any advice ?
  7. please try this: in the airbus config manager, uncheck the webserver, try if you get better fps then
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