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  1. Show your desk!

    Hi, What is the pannel with the blue screens in the middle? Is it a VRinsight thing? What about the white machine on the right?
  2. SUGGESTIONS (could be pinned)

    Hope the Navigraph users noticed a very nice tool called Simlink implemented recently for tracing your flight in real time on remote device. It might be a good idea for adding similar in NavDataPro also
  3. Hi, I would like to ask something similar here because it is time to make my mind if I change from Navigraph. I noticed that NavDataPro for FS2004 is offered in 3 separate subscriptions. Is it the same software applicable to the other platforms (FSX, FSX:SE and X-plane)?
  4. Commercial query

    Hello Tom, Thank you for the explanation. The subjects are clear now. You can close the topic with following small remarks: - I am unable to see any option for choosing 4 cycles subscription. There is actually no sense of such when the price is fixed and AIRAC are 13; - It might be a good option if AS is offering various subscription options for NavDataPro in the same way as it was done with the charts; - Hope AS is not planning to change using LIDO charts at least for the next year as what Navigraph did; Thank you!
  5. Commercial query

    Hi, Here below I would like to ask some questions about purchasing NavDataPro. Please moderators move the topic in other place, if it is not for here. 1. Which AIRCs I will get if I purchase one year subscription now in December? Hope not the ones valid for 2017 as stated on the website. 2. What is the meaning of four times updates mentioned on purchase website? As far as I know Lufthansa publishes 13 cycles per year and 4 updates only sounds a bit strange. 3. Is there any option to link present Nav charts to old package of NavDataPro? I am asking all this because it seems that Lido system provided by AS works in different way compared to Navigraph. Some of the colleagues may know what I mean and how the cycle updates work there. Thank you!
  6. Hi Guys, I would like to thank you for the suggestions first. My intentions for writing all the above were not much to discuss the particular route from Kabul To Dubai, but to make the conversation more general using the .csv files obtained from FR24 in particular. It seems that many people are trying to follow exactly the company routes in their SIM and FR is a good source for such. I forgot to mention before that .csv is kind of an excel table in general, which hopefully is not so complicated to be handled by PFPX. At the same time, as David mentioned above, the .csv contains data for the vertical profile and some other details also, which might need to be taken into consideration for the planning. Another important question is how to bind the actual GPS coordinates with the existing WP. All these are very perfunctory assumptions, of course, because I am not a software professional and might be wrong. Coming back to the particular route, I have to admit that the idea for entering FL280 in both fields (min and max) of the advanced route finder did not come to my mind. That was maybe the reason why PFPX came back to me saying that this route cannot be planned. I had noticed that the en route charts are with minimum altitude of FL160 obviously due to the terrain restrictions, but unfortunately this did not ring me the bell that min altitude should be limited...
  7. Hi, Let me interfere a bit and try to express my visions to the subject also. The PFPX is a software sold out and it should fit most of the Customers' needs. There are many people in the SIM society who wish to fly as close as possible to the real flights. This is especially valid to the VA members where the conditions should be as close to the reality as possible, which should be the aim of a reputed VA. In respect to the above it is a common sense that reasonable source of information can be FR24. I can agree with Tom that the actual route depends on many factors like ATC, AIRC, etc., but all these things can be adjusted if someone knows what he is looking for and how to operate with the tools. The main question here is how to adapt the .csv files provided by FR24 to the format used by PFPX? Our colleague BW901 had stated something in his older posts, but it seems to be in starting phase only. Whoever has experience with GPS devices may know that .csv is one of the major sources for coordinates on the map using a specialized format, which the device reads. Is it so difficult similar principal of reading to be used in PFPX? Another thing, which I would like to mention is that the way how PFPX calculates the routes seems a bit strange for me. Someone who is more in the programming may wish to explain it, but we should admit that there are routes flown in real life, which cannot be planned by PFPX. Take for example flight EK641 flown every working day from OAKB to OMDB and try to plan it. The result unfortunately is negative. Even the advance planning gives no results. What is the solution in such case? Is it not very confusing that simBrief, for example, gives a route in almost no time and this route is very close to the real one, which can be seen on FR24? I am far from the intention to be a lawyer on the online free websites, but once we pay for something it should cover the basic requirements for the purpose at least. It has to be in every point better than the free source. Hope this is enough for now and will be curious to know what others think.
  8. Hi Stephen, Thank you for the clarification! I was definitely lost in translation, which resulted in confusion. The applicable SIDs and STARs were actually restricted for usage, which the planner actually followed. I am still trying to find from where these restrictions came, but with no success till moment. Strange things happen, which rings me the bell that it will be a good idea to check the airport constrains, if something looks abnormal in the plan. Thank you!
  9. Hi Stephen, I can fully agree with your statements, except one - the restrictions to OMDB airport were not added by me!. No one else is using the SIM software on my computer, especially my wife, who hates SIMing, is the last person who can touch something :). I am using FlyTampa scenery for Dubai for months already and had no issues at all. The only thing recently added were some AI traffic, which I don't believe can make such changes, but who knows? This what you stated above unfortunately adds another pile of questions without answer. Why all this happened almost at the time when the new AIRAC was released? Why the restrictions were not followed? Why a particular WP, ABTOR was used for starting and ending the flight plan? There are several more whys, but let me stop here. Thank you once again!
  10. Hi Stephen, Thank you very much for the support and advises last night! Removing the restrictions actually worked, but it was too late for replying. Now the planner works as it should be. In regards to the above and before Tom closes the post, I would like to say that one of the reasons to hate online updated software is exactly what happened to me last days and wasted me almost a week. Someone, sometimes makes changes in the code, they are applied and this "someone" forgets to announce them. Believe me or not, but I had never applied any restrictions to the airports, which PFPX uses. The airport data menu I hardly know and never used it since now. Even the golden rule RTFM does not work in the particular case simply because the restrictions concerning SIDs and STARs for OMDB look quite logical. There are simply following the applicable transitions for the AP, which makes the issue even more complicated. Analyzing all this I may even wish to say that there is a bug in the planner. It finishes or starts the route from a strange WP instead of following the restrictions for the AP. However, I am not a software developer and will leave the subject to the specialists... Anyhow, I hope this saga may help someone else who breaks his head with such "strange" issues. Thank you once again!
  11. Hi, Hope this is what you need:
  12. Hi Stephen, All this what you are mentioning above was done already. Every time after the AIRAC is updated, I clean and update my routs as per the new requirements. The rout, which you mention in your post I made also for my flight after manual editing. This was mentioned in my previous post also. Here is another sample plan, which I just made. This time coming from the west: You can see that the famous ABTOR is again there, no matter that no STAR is related to it. I am using OMDB in the above examples simply because I know Dubai airport very well not as a simmer, but in real life also and got very confused when the PFPX started playing such nasty games.
  13. Hi, This is the reason for my post. There is no SID to ABTOR, I know it very well. The road comes with the usage of Find function of PFPX. I also am unable to understand why suddenly all this started. The route can be changed, of course, but what is the use, if has to be made for every plan manually? Please also note that the SIM and all related software like PFPX are updated to current AIRAC using the Data Manager provided by Navigraph.
  14. Hi, Here is the reply to both questions: You can see how the plan looks like. It starts with a WP, which has nothing to do with the SIDs applicable for OMDB. Same happens with any other AP. There is no STAR, because there is no such in OAKB. I am using Navigraph Tom with yearly subscription. They published the new air cycle several days ago. I am using Active sky. Please let me know, if something else is needed.
  15. Hi, I started facing some "strange" behavior with PFPX couple of days ago. It stopped showing SID and STAR suggestions in the flight plans. I am using a VA trips from / to a particular airport for my flights where I know the applicable transitions. I thought this had something to do with the air cycle, but same is the situation when 1712 was released and installed. NOTE: The above is a general situation and does not apply to my home airport only! PFPX: Hotfix 1.28.9i FSX:SE Windows 10. Any comments would be appreciated.