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  1. The best we have managed so far
  2. What sim version are you using there Dave? Does anyone know if there is a Victor working in P3Dv4? If so can you advise where i can acquire it?
  3. LOL! Lets have a go at that in the Sim - Sorry Dave I meant that a pure layman as a sim pilot in P3D the Fright is a tricky beastie to fly formation.
  4. She is tricky to fly formations with thats for sure
  5. Interesting tale XS894

    I believe there are live voice recordings of this incident (between ATC, Shackleton and Lightning) some where. Was reading on a Lightning Facebook page, the son of the Pilot concerned commented. Very interesting, personally I reckon it was an accidental ditching but hey...
  6. P3dv4 fuel transfer gauge

    Many thanks Dave!
  7. More Frightning!

    Excellent shots Peter. I havent tried your scenery yet. Alas work and family get in the way of play time Will report back when I have
  8. More Frightning!

    Superb shot Peter, this aircraft is so photogenic
  9. Aerosoft Lightning & Team SDB Binbrook vs Orbx.

    PM'd you Peter
  10. Aerosoft Lightning & Team SDB Binbrook vs Orbx.

    Paul, trust in the force, help you it will Hopefully speak to you over the next couple days, let's see if we can get a fix for you.
  11. Installing to P3D V4

    Cheers Dave
  12. Aerosoft Lightning & Team SDB Binbrook vs Orbx.

    Is that v3 though Paul? May work differently for v3, certainly works for 3 of us in v4.
  13. Installing to P3D V4

    Hi Peter, Let us know what you find and how you get on.
  14. More Frightning!

    Just thought I would show off some more phots of recent Frightning flight activity.