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    Absolutely love it!
  2. Yes, exactly as your quote stated.
  3. Congratulations with 27777 reputation, 300.000 profile views and having the most liked content of the day all at the same time, impressive lol

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    So how good a pilot are you?

    We are unable we might end up in the hudson
  5. That 4 week vacation ended today right?
  6. You can watch the OVPA stream about the A330 here, shows a bit more previews https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5By6s-Jdug
  7. (This is my first post ever yaay) Hello all, Somewhere in this forum it is mentioned that the printer will print the "print of shame" if your landing is too hard. Would it be possible to have the option to print out the landing rate (Even if it isn't a hard landing)? It's a pretty small thing but it would mean that I can see the landing rate without using an extra addon for that, and I would be able to see it instantly which would be pretty cool. I love the new features the A320 will have and I am even more excited for the upcoming A330! Cheers, Daniel Dankers