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  1. Haleef I

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    My goodness, that is beautiful! Job well done to you for the exterior Would love to see this in a SriLankan livery.
  2. Haleef I

    Weather source resets to default

    Good to know! Even I've been struggling, since I don't use 3rd party weather addons. Only shows 00000kts or so on the small white paper..
  3. Haleef I

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Mr.Mathijs, please consider making the bus also available for P3DV4.3 as well if considering to make it compatible for 4.4. Just my opinion.
  4. Haleef I

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Absolutely amazing!
  5. Whenever I load the 320/321 bus, it starts with CP Main panel instead of Virtual Cockpit. How can I stop this happening and keep the default option to start with the VC? Doesn't happen with the 318/319.
  6. Haleef I

    Suggestion for Update process

    +1 to that. I had to re-type my liveries into the CFG again. As stated above, a backup would be appreciated if so.
  7. Sorry, but where can I find the PSD from? Edit: Found. Please disregard.
  8. Thanks a lot for the quick reply Stefan!
  9. Hi guys. Just got the Airbus, so I'm in process of adding my liveries, but I'm in need of the font used for the A/C registration on the cockpit panel. Can anyone let me know the correct font used in the new professional bus? The old font in the previous bus looks a bit different than this. Thanks in advance.
  10. Haleef I

    The Aerosoft A330X Paint Wishlist

    SriLankan A330-300 ?
  11. Haleef I

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Good to see the 330 coming up nicely! Was waiting for this thread to be opened.
  12. Haleef I

    Exterior Lights during TAXI

    Thank you. I will follow up with the procedure, but I'd like to see the problem fixed as it happens at night as well when I do the above. Thanks for your time sir!
  13. Haleef I

    Exterior Lights during TAXI

    Work around means? Should it mean that I switch it on once the checklist starts sir?