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  1. Changing the HGS clickspot

    I would love to see it changed also, gets really frustrating.
  2. Fuel calculation on CRJ Load manager

    So, any update on this issue?
  3. Fuel calculation on CRJ Load manager

    Having the same issue as Michael mentioned. any flights above approx 800 nm, giving the fuel error. Was not happening before.
  4. Ground Ops in 4.1

    Just an update. I'm not sure what the issue was, the problem is resolved. Steps to resolve: 1) Uninstall CRJ completely, including any folders that dont get automatically uninstalled. 2) restart pc and disable virus scanner 3) install with admin rights. 4) Restart pc 5) Defrag pc (optional based on hard drive) The reinstall has resolved other issues for me, such as: -lighting -FPS(surprisingly) -flight plan following correctly.
  5. Ground Ops in 4.1

    Yes i have updated it to the latest version. It only happens in p3d v4.x
  6. Ground Ops in 4.1

    I seem to be experiencing a similar issue. Once I turn on the ground power, whenever I go to remove along with the blocks. It won't let me. I am currently only using APU for this reason. If there is a solution please do tell.
  7. Interior Lights won't stay on

    So, I followed your advice and no changes. I also realized, based on some YouTube videos I saw, I don't have an option to scroll the map lights as others do. Really weird.
  8. Interior Lights won't stay on

    No it is on. What setting in PTA was affecting the lighting? Is this for P3D V3.4?
  9. Interior Lights won't stay on

    I seem to be having a similar issue. Can turn on the integral lights but nothing else. I am running on P3D V3.4. The floor, flood lights have no effect.