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  1. Northeastern USA Scenery install

    Please see my private message to this issue.
  2. Helgoland AFS2

    We are currently writing a new installer to mitigate those kinds of issues. Expect an update soon after our testing.
  3. Wie installiere ich das DLC Switzerland

    Hallo, entpacken Sie dazu alle Zip-Dateien, die Sie gedownloadet haben in einen gemeinsamen Pfad und führen Sie die Exe-Datei aus. Gruß Jan
  4. Released. https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/aerofly-fs-2/2343/helgoland
  5. Für unsere Version von Aerofly FS2 werden grundsätzlich alle Inhalte verfügbar sein, welche auch für die Steam-Version verfügbar sind + unsere eigenen Add-Ons, welche zunächst für unsere Version supportet werden können (aber auch hier ist natürlich eine Gleichberechtigung der Aerosoft- und Steamkunden angestrebt). Beide Versionen werden letztendlich exakt gleich unterstützt werden; da die Aerosoft-Version aber erst als fertiges Produkt zur Verfügung stand und nicht zuvor als Early-Access-Titel in Steam, brauchte es etwas Zeit, um bereits bestehende Inhalte für unsere Version umzuschreiben. Der Vorgang ist jetzt aber weitestgehend abgeschlossen. Gruß Jan
  6. IPACS Add-Ons for Aerofly FS2 now available

    The free Add-Ons Colorado and the High Resolution Texture Pack are now available at http://aerofly.aerosoft.com/ These versions are not compatible with the Steam version of Aerofly FS2.
  7. Hallo, sobald das Update für die Box fertiggestellt wurde, werden wir es über den Shop verfügbar machen. Die Updates der Box-Version und der Steam-Version sind nicht identisch. Gruß Jan
  8. AFS2 addons prices Aerosoft vs. Steam

    Hello, prices are dictated by the developer in this case since we are not the exclusive publisher of the download version. The Prices on steam will be adjusted shortly though so that they match. Regards Jan
  9. Colorado DLC for DVD owners

    There seems to be something wrong with the servers, we will fix this asap. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. The Aerosoft Aerofly FS2 Version (Box+Download) now supports all Add-Ons made by the Developer IPACS. Check out our Shop for Switzerland and New York for Aerofly FS2: https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/aerofly-fs-2/ The free Add-Ons Colorado and the High Resolution Texture Pack will be available next week. Note that these are explicitly made for the Aerosoft Version of Aerofly FS2 and not for the Steam Version. Regards Jan
  11. Latest version?

    Hello, the non-steam version of aerofly is up-to-date at all retailers. You cannot activate the Box version on steam. All updates will be made available through the shop where you bought it. All Add-Ons will be made available for the Aerosoft Aerofly FS2 version starting this week. Regards Jan
  12. Hello, we are planning to make our Add-Ons available for the Steam version as well, but this could take a little longer than for our DVD version. Regards Jan
  13. Mega Airport EDDF V1.0 Xplane 11

    Hello, thank you all for your feedback. We do know about most of these issues, for example the not perfectly matching XPlane streets. There are some limitations in placing the streets correctly, so we had to decide whether we accept these minor issue or remove the streets alltogether. Since we wanted to have the street traffic to make the scenery look more alive, we went with the first option. We also had to stick with the orthofotos that we have, which are quite recent (2014-2015), but of course not shot yesterday. We will look into the cargo apron and some misaligned orthofotos at the taxiway bridge, though. I cant reproduce the issue with the falsely placed static aircraft right now, but we will revise the static aircraft library too in the near future.
  14. Preview Vaeroy (X-Plane) - released!

    As always we cant give a definitve release date, but it is certainly aimed to be released this year.