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  1. Jan Depenbusch

    Köln/Bonn airport - released

    Released. https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/pre-order/2536/cologne/bonn-professional
  2. Some early development-screenshots of the upcoming Airport Genoa for XPlane 11. One special feature of the scenery will be the implementation of the new "Scenery Animation Manager" (SAM) made by Stairport Sceneries. This new Plugin allows for advanced animations and will be featured in most of Aerosoft sceneries in the future.
  3. Jan Depenbusch

    Köln/Bonn airport - released

    Dont you worry, Köln/Bonn will come to XPlane too
  4. Jan Depenbusch

    Airport Geneva XP

    Indeed. We put the WIP watermark on them for a reason.
  5. Jan Depenbusch

    Airport Geneva XP

    Some more preview Screenshots.
  6. Jan Depenbusch

    Airport Geneva XP

    We are currently working on Geneva Airport as an all new development for XPlane 11. Since the scenery is made from scratch, it will take advantage of advanced XPlane 11 features. The XPlane 11 Version is done by Omar Masroor; There will also be a version for P3Dv4. The XPlane 11 version of the scenery features a custom terrain mesh that has been developed from an actual digital elevation model. It has a planar resolution of 5 metres and an altimetric resolution of 5 centimetres. In comparison, X-Plane 11's default terrain mesh has a planar resolution of 90 metres and an altimetric resolution of 1 metre. The mesh has been developed using a custom solution—these results are not possible with tools such as MeshRemexe. In the attached video, notice how the shadow of the aircraft warps during approach as it passes over varying terrain height. You can also see the 'cut' between the custom and default meshes (which will be fixed in the release version, of course): The custom terrain mesh is most noticeable on short final to Runway 23. There is a large dip in the terrain just before the start of the runway. There is an array of radar reflectors along this dip that helps aircrafts' radar altimeters from getting confused. These reflectors are not yet modelled in this preview but will be present in the release version. The custom mesh will also receive finishing touches and be properly integrated with the surrounding default mesh. Also, unlike X-Plane 11's default mesh, the paved manoeuvering areas of the custom mesh are not mirror-smooth but have a subtle-yet-noticeable bumpiness to them. The video shows the effect of this once the aircraft is taxiing after exiting the runway. Notice how the wing is not perfectly still but slightly swaying up and down, just like when taxiing in the real world. Another special feature of the XPlane 11 version is custom AutoGate jetways. These are visually far superior to the stock jetways that come with the AutoGate Kit. Not just that, but the animation is also far superior. The custom animation is mathematically derived and physically accurate with 10 different moving parts. As an example, the wheels not only turn but the entire wheel axle also pivots along its joint to keep the wheels perfectly matched to the ground. Moreover, there is not just one or two different jetway models used for all the gates. Instead, each gate has its own specifically-animated and positioned jetway, resulting in 16 individually tailored jetway models that fit their gate perfectly. These are all expected features of the scenery: • 0.30 m resolution orthoimagery • Custom terrain mesh with 5.00 m planar & 0.05 m altimetric resolution • AutoGate passenger boarding bridges, Safedock A-VDGSs and marshallers • Complete taxiway route network for use by ATC and AI aircraft • Native X-Plane 11 ground service vehicles with ground route network • Static aircraft toggled on/off by the 'Draw Parked Aircraft' checkbox • Glass and pavement reflections • Volumetric grass • Road network with animated cars • World Traffic v3 and X-Life v4 compatibility The attached screenshots show a work-in-progress preview of the special features.
  7. Jan Depenbusch

    Tromsø Airport praise

    Thank you for the positive feedback. The Mesh is indeed custom built by stairport sceneries who also did ENBR for XPlane.
  8. Jan Depenbusch

    Embraer 110 - Bandeirantes für X-Plane 11

    Hallo, die Embraer 110 ist jetzt bei uns im Shop verfügbar: https://www.aerosoft.com/de/flugsimulation/xplane-11/flugzeuge/2481/embraer-110-brandeirante-xp11?c=866 Grüße Jan
  9. Aerofly FS2 wurde auf Version aktualisiert. Das Update kann über die Aerosoft Support Datenbank und über aerofly.aerosoft.com bezogen werden.
  10. Aerofly FS2 got Updated to Version The Update is available via the Aerosoft Support Database as well as on aerofly.aerosoft.com.
  11. Jan Depenbusch

    Dortmund for XPlane 11 (released)

    Released. https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/xplane-11/sceneries/2443/dortmund-xp
  12. Jan Depenbusch

    EDNY - LOD Runway

    Friedrichshafen wurde auf die Version 1.01 geupdatet, in der dieses Problem behoben wurde.
  13. Jan Depenbusch

    EDNY - LOD Runway

    Hi, we are looking into it and will eventually provide you with an update.
  14. Jan Depenbusch

    Airport Friedrichshafen for XPlane 11 - Released!

    Released. https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/xplane-11/sceneries/2444/airport-friedrichshafen-xp
  15. Jan Depenbusch

    Dortmund for XPlane 11 (released)

    We are in the final beta tests.