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  1. Jan Depenbusch

    EDNY - LOD Runway

    Hi, we are looking into it and will eventually provide you with an update.
  2. Jan Depenbusch

    Airport Friedrichshafen for XPlane 11 - Released!

    Released. https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/xplane-11/sceneries/2444/airport-friedrichshafen-xp
  3. Jan Depenbusch

    Dortmund for XPlane 11

    We are in the final beta tests.
  4. Alongside the recently announced Dortmund, we are simultaneously working on Friedrichshafen for XPlane 11. With this series of smaller Airports, we want to give our customers some more destinations for short-haul flights in germany before moving on to bigger international Airports later this year.
  5. One of our next sceneries for XPlane 11 will be Dortmund. Not only the Airport itself, but the whole city of Dortmund will feature detailed objects and sat images. We are already at an advanced stage in the development process.
  6. Jan Depenbusch

    Aerofly 2 download errors

    Hi, please try using a different Browser. Google Chrome should work.
  7. Jan Depenbusch

    Airport Rom FCO (XPlane 11) (released)

    Released. https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/xplane-11/sceneries/2378/airport-rome-xp?c=866
  8. Jan Depenbusch

    Airport Rom FCO (XPlane 11) (released)

    If everything goes well, release is expected this week.
  9. Aerofly FS2 wurde auf Version aktualisiert. Dieses Update fügt unter Anderem die Dash 8 Q400 standardmäßig zu Aerofly FS2 hinzu. Das Update kann über die Aerosoft Support Datenbank und über aerofly.aerosoft.com bezogen werden. Alle Änderungen: Wesentliches Feature veröffentlicht - VR Motion Control Wesentliche Ergänzung: Dash 8 Q400 Verbesserte Maussteuerungsfunktion und die Möglichkeit hinzugefügt, den Schieberegler mit der Maus zu bedienen Feature hinzugefügt: Suche nach Updates innerhalb des Menüs Hinzugefügt: Neues Flugzeug 'Buecker Jungmeister' Hinzugefügt:C172 Motorstart und -stop, erweiterte Motorsimulation Änderung der C90GTX Turboshaft Simulation, um ein ähnliches fortschrittliches thermodynamisches Modell wie in der Q400 (in Arbeit) zu verwenden Änderung: Weicheres Einblenden & Ausblenden der Bremsen bei Betätigung eines Knopfs oder einer Taste Änderung: Bis zu 30% Verbesserung/Steigerung der Performance in besiedelten Gebieten Fixed: Mausrad-Auflösung war manchmal zu niedrig Änderung: Bessere Präzision bei der Platzierung von 3D-Objekten in der Nähe des Flughafens Neu: Kleinschreibung von virtuellen Objekten Neu: Mehr Objekte in Xref
  10. Aerofly FS2 got Updated to Version This major Update contains the Dash 8 Q400 as well as the "VR-Hands" when using a compatible VR Headset. The Update is available via the Aerosoft Support Database as well as on aerofly.aerosoft.com. Full changelog: Major Feature Released - VR Motion Control Major Addition: Dash 8 Q400 Improved mouse control functions and added the ability to operate sliders with mouse Feature Added: Checking for updates within the menu Added: New airplane Buecker Jungmeister Added: C172 engine start / stop, extended engine simulation Changed C90GTX turboshaft simulation to use a similar advanced thermodynamic model as in the Q400 (work in progress) Changed: softer fade in / fade out for brakes when using a button or key Changed: Up to 30% rendering performance improvements in populated areas Fixed: Mouse wheel resolution was sometimes too low Changed: Better precision when placing 3D objects around airports Added: lower case matching of virtual objects Added: More objects in Xref
  11. Jan Depenbusch

    When will we see a update

    The Update is currently being tested in our office.
  12. Jan Depenbusch

    Madeira for XP11?

    We do have it in mind. We are working on making most of our scenerys available for XPlane 11, but we have to find a developer for each project which is not that easy. But yes, Madeira is of course on our list, but no definite plans yet.
  13. Jan Depenbusch

    Airport Rom FCO (XPlane 11) (released)

    Release will be quite shortly, we have some minor things left to tweak, such as traffic.
  14. Glad to announce that Airport Rome FCO is coming to XPlane 11. The Airport will have advanced XPlane 11 features such as ground vehicles, moving Jetways and working safedocks, thus it will be an XPlane 11 exclusive. See some in-dev screenshots below. Traffic hasnt been adjusted yet.
  15. Jan Depenbusch

    DVD DLCs?

    Hello Larry, almost all Add-Ons are available for the DVD-Version. You can find them in our shop and on www.aerofly.aerosoft.com. One exception is the Q400 which will be included in a free Update shortly.