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  1. Preview Vaeroy (X-Plane)

    As always we cant give a definitve release date, but it is certainly aimed to be released this year.
  2. Preview - EDDF Frankfurt Airport (XPlane)

    Taxiway bridges do fully work, Runways arent sloped. We also enhanced the scenery with autogate plugin features like moving Jetways, Marshallers and A-VDGS as well as XPlane 11 exclusive visual effects. Thats why it will only come for XPlane 11. Stay tuned for the product video for more features.
  3. Preview - EDDF Frankfurt Airport (XPlane)

    We are about to fix the last remaining bugs, you can expect a release before christmas. (Note that traffic is not yet accurate in these pictures.)
  4. Frankfurt EDDF for X-Plane 11

    We are fixing the last few bugs, Release should be manageable before christmas. But as always, no guarantee on that.
  5. Frankfurt EDDF for X-Plane 11

    We already work on that.
  6. Preview Bergamo LIME

    Some early Screenshots of the upcoming Bergamo Airport for FSX, P3D3 + P3D4. An XPlane version will maybe follow in the future.
  7. WADD Bali - problem

    There indeed seems to be something wrong. We are looking into it and will come up with a fix asap.
  8. Pleased to announce that EDDF Frankfurt Airport is coming to XPlane. Please note that we are still quite early in development.
  9. Malaga Installer don't ask for SODE

    Are you sure you renamed it correctly? I updated my post to be a bit clearer. the AFX file with the ending .off has to be renamed to .bgl and the file with the .bgl ending has to be renamed to .off. So the ending is what matters, .off disables the file. Works reproductively for me.
  10. Malaga Installer don't ask for SODE

    You will have to wait for the official fix unfortunately, but in the meantime this will be a workaround so that the jetways are displayed properly.
  11. Malaga Installer don't ask for SODE

    ------ Skip to answer #20 ------ Hey everyone, In P3D, there is an issue with the AFX files which are falsely assigned. The FSX Version is working properly. If you are using P3D with SODE and run into troubles with the jetways, you can try this HOTFIX on your own: Go to (your Drive):\Prepar3d\Aerosoft\MALAGA_AIRPORT\scenery and rename the file AFX_LEMG14.off to AFX_LEMG14.bgl and the file AFX_LEMG14_SODE.bgl to AFX_LEMG14.off So basically, you are renaming the two files, which will enable the CTRL-J Jetways. For the SODE-Jetways, you will unfortunately have to wait for the official fix. Best regards, Jan