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  1. Quick Q on the flightplans, I paste one in and attempt to load it from the FMS and it says load error - even did this with the default ones already included sorry if off topic.
  2. Download Hotfix 1.05?

    Full ? There's only a couple issues man
  3. issues not fixed

    The Yoke issue was not planned to be fixed in this hotfix.
  4. PC-6 B2-H4 'Turbo Porter' 4X Preview

    Doubt it will be something big like an Airliner but I predict more of an GA aircraft
  5. it is ok to upgrade airac with navigraph?

    Like I said after 1708 runs out then you can update it
  6. it is ok to upgrade airac with navigraph?

    Tbh you don't need to update it with Navigraph as the CRJ comes with NavDataPro which is Airac 1708. When 1708 runs out (16th August - don't quote me ) then you can update it but rn it's the same waypoints fixes and all the rest.
  7. Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    Turkey: LTBS - Dalaman Airport. Currently getting a new terminal built so would fit in nicely with your roadmap
  8. Aerosoft CRJ first impressions by a real pilot

    May you share these things you call "tweaks"
  9. PFPX hotfix 1.28.9c

    Or you could just set the Prepar3D directory to where P3D v4 files are
  10. LOL Still waiting to see a red block of text xD
  11. Nuuk X Airport

    Put it above any world textures like iceland and openLC - and your post with the scenery cfg please delete it before the moderators get at it as its too long and really unnecessary
  12. Same, also the lod radius. I know the dev version of P3D v4 got a update yesterday
  13. Do you know if the fps issue with dynamic lighting will be fixed?
  14. Airbus 330

    Please use the search function. It has been mentioned umpteen times that the A330 will be fully working in v4.
  15. Mega Airport Singapore X preview

    That says "HOLD LINE" not "HOLD SHORT"