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  1. P3dv4 fuel transfer gauge

    You actually allowed the pilots to walk away after doing that? Dave
  2. P3dv4 fuel transfer gauge

    Wasn't the restriction something like 1200lbs/side for green card aircrew, in case of a weather diversion (all too common)? Dave
  3. P3dv4 fuel transfer gauge

    More suction?
  4. I run FSXA and P3Dv3. For Victors I use John Young's FSX AI versions, which can be found at MAIW. They seem fine in P3Dv3, but I obviously can't speak for P3Dv4. Worth a try, I suppose. Dave
  5. Good effort - but you're too low. I prefer to use a Victor for tanking, because there are all those lovely markings on the undersides that help you align yourself properly. Try it in a Victor - and use the starboard hose. Dave
  6. Targets'R'us

    Thanks for that. I'll give it a go. Dave
  7. They flew 9-ship formations with the F1 and F1A. Dave
  8. Screens

  9. Screens

    Tempting..... Dave
  10. Screens

    Southern QRA. Dave
  11. Screens

    I'm saying nothing..... Dave
  12. Screens

    Hunting Bears. Dave
  13. T5 repaints.