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  1. Screens

    Southern QRA. Dave
  2. Screens

    I'm saying nothing..... Dave
  3. Screens

    Hunting Bears. Dave
  4. T5 repaints.

  5. Targets'R'us

    This is the effect in P3D3.4 - it lasts about ten seconds, currently. The effect is only present on the starboard target, which extends more than the port one, but I don't think I'm going to do anything about that. Adding the effects to the AI model is proving interesting. As you can see from the lights section I posted earlier, the effects are tied to light2, which is always on for AI aircraft. It's easy enough to use another light, but sorting out the triggering is proving a challenge. AI tends to ignore you, after all. I might just leave it and let those of a TacPack turn of mind simply shoot it down. Dave
  6. Targets'R'us

    Thanks for that. I'd like to set it for a figure as close to realistic as I can get. I do know that the pilots had to call into the range on entry, and that was when the flare was streamed and ignited - so they only had a short time to acquire the target and lock on. There's the tale of Bob Prest who fired a sidewinder from a Phantom at a flare. Apparently the angle he fired at was so fine that he got the flare - and the Jindivik as well!. His mess bill that night was stratospheric. Dave
  7. Targets'R'us

    In FSX, it's fx_flare and fx_flareEffect (for the smoke). There's a time limit on them, and you have to cycle the lights to go again. I have the lights section like this: [LIGHTS] //Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit light.0 = 4, -9.4, 0, 4.25, fx_vclightwhi, light.1 = 3, -11.2, 0, 4.25, fx_shockwave_navwhi, light.2 = 3, 3.2, -10.6, -0.22, fx_shockwave_navred, light.3 = 3, 3.2, 10.6, -0.22, fx_shockwave_navgre, light.4 = 5, 1.2, -8.6, -0.25, fx_landing, //acq light.5 = 5, 1.2, 8.6, -0.25, fx_landing, //acq light.6 = 5, -8.85, 0, 4.25, fx_landing, //fin acq light.7 = 1, 3.2, -9.5, -.22, fx_shockwave_navwhi, //inbd night acq light.8 = 1, 3.2, 9.5, -.22, fx_shockwave_navwhi, //inbd night acq light.9 = 2, -92.6, 1.8, -41.65, fx_flareEffect, //tow body flare smoke light.10 = 2, -92.6, 1.81, -41.65, fx_flare, //tow body flare light.11 = 9, 7.6, 0.1, -2.3, fx_shockwave_beacon, //trolley flashbulbs I'm still working on the acquisition lights. Dave
  8. Targets'R'us

    You have won today's star prize. Wrong photo. How's this? Dave
  9. Targets'R'us

    Better. Dave
  10. Screens

    At Coltishall - putting the 'SuperCats' in their place. Dave
  11. Targets'R'us

    Perhaps not the most effective flare effect we've ever seen. The two targets extend to differing lengths. This is the long one. Dave
  12. Screens

    Gutersloh. Dave
  13. Screens

    A blast from the past..... Nostalgia isn't what it used to be. Dave
  14. Targets'R'us

    The good news is that the AI Jindivik doesn't have the streaming flares - but the flyable Jindivik (original post in this thread) does have two that are individually streamable. All functions are available from the old 2D panel. A banner would be great. Wasn't it 100 Squadron that did the banner towing? Ian Black had a great deal to say about the Canberra pilots attitude to Lightning pilots who would let fly too early in the turn. Dave
  15. Targets'R'us

    You mean that you can't? Jindiviks were designed to tow two flares - targets for heat seekers. Guns were fired at the banner on APC at Akrotiri. A good point, though, as I can't think of anything AI that tows a banner. Dave