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  1. Dust off your TacPack.....

    <fx: crystal ball> I can't see any future in it..... </fx> Dave
  2. A couple of lightning related questions

    Me again. Start off by making sure that the Victor is in the aircraft folder. Then, run the FSX TacPack Manager. Now, select 'Tankers' from along the top. A drop-down list appears in the 'Available Aircraft' pane. Expand the menu and select "Handley Page AI" in the list. You will then see a list of all the possible aircraft titles. You'll have to be careful here, because the whole of the title line isn't visible and you need to select one of the aircraft on the list that uses the 'K2_hoses' model. For the sake of argument, select the first one in the list. At the bottom of the window, select "Copy to Tankers". The aircraft now appears in the 'Tanker Presets' section, and you can make changes here. When you're done, select "Save". The tanker will now appear in your usable tankers list. Dave
  3. A couple of lightning related questions

    This I can do. What you have to check is that each aircraft title line is reflected in the 'aircraft' list -- so: each [fltsim.x] entry has the line "title = ZZZ", such as: "title = JY Lightning LTF F6 XR726 AI" In the aircraft file, there should be: AC#7,506,"JY Lightning LTF F6 XR726 AI" See how they match? You've got to make sure that all yours do the same. Some won't match, and you'll either have to substitute one that isn't used elsewhere or delete that aircraft from the list. Dave
  4. A couple of lightning related questions

    It's a commercial product, so I can't share the mods. Sorry. Dave
  5. A couple of lightning related questions

    Absolutely - with their own Lightnings which are not a patch on John Young's offerings. If you try to use John's ones you'll find that the parking spots provided are not wide enough to display them - with one exception. You certainly won't get any other aircraft in there. You'll need to change every parking spot to be at least 7 metres in width, for a start. There are other issues, too. Dave
  6. A couple of lightning related questions

    The Leconfield from Team SDB does not have much in the way of AI traffic. Like their newer Coltishall, it has very many static aircraft and no usable parking spots. The above shot of Leconfield is shown after my own modifications to allow AI. I'm using Leconfield as a satellite of Binbrook. My Wattisham has F4s. Dave
  7. A couple of lightning related questions

    Binbrook Leconfield Dave
  8. A couple of lightning related questions

    If you do convert the flightplans to FSX, please take a moment to decompile them and save the plans. You'll probably have to check the aircraft titles against those in the aircraft list. I seem to remember that there are differences between the FS9 and FSX aircraft lists as supplied. Dave
  9. A couple of lightning related questions

    Hi there, I can't quote on the ADF/VSI question, but for the scenery question it would be helpful to know which sim you're using. Assuming FSX, you'd need Team SDB's RAF Binbrook (payware). For AI, you'll need John Young's FSX AI Lightnings. Over at flightsim.com you can find this: fs2004raflightningai.zip which has flight plans you can convert to FSX/P3D using AIFP. Dave
  10. Dust off your TacPack.....

    Not paranoid at all, then. Dave
  11. Dust off your TacPack.....

    "Infamy, infamy....."? Dave
  12. Dust off your TacPack.....

    We could start with the 20mm rocket pack, of course. All those RBF tags and lack of pilot (down the pub) when they're displayed. There are many enhancements/changes to the VC, external pylons and weapons......... Quite a few changes, all-in-all. Dave
  13. Dust off your TacPack.....

  14. Dust off your TacPack.....

    The "Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch", perhaps? Dave
  15. Dust off your TacPack.....

    F2A/T4 cockpits, perhaps? Dave