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  1. dhazelgrove


    Judge for yourselves. Dave
  2. dhazelgrove

    Radar sweep in P4D

    That's the place. We were co-located with 1ACC until they moved down to Cornwall in 1979. We took over the whole site at that point. Dave
  3. dhazelgrove

    Radar sweep in P4D

    Wattisham? I was there 79-83 -- over at that little unit on the North of the airfield by Crash Gate 3. Dave
  4. dhazelgrove

    Radar sweep in P4D

    That did the trick, thanks. Here we are, getting out of Binbrook in a hurry and heading home. The scenery is the full ORBX experience (Global, Vector and FTX England). Dave
  5. dhazelgrove

    Radar sweep in P4D

    Same old problem has reappeared in P4D. Can you remind me which files are missing? Thanks, Dave
  6. dhazelgrove

    Aerosoft Lightning & Team SDB Binbrook vs Orbx.

    One more sniff on the Team SDB Binbrook. If you remove the static BGL from the scenery folder, there are plenty of AI parking spots available -- however, they're nearly all less than seven metres in width and John Young's AI Lightnings are all set to a width of seven metres. Deep joy. Dave
  7. dhazelgrove

    Aerosoft Lightning & Team SDB Binbrook vs Orbx.

    The first post here does the trick - with one extra point, as specified earlier in this thread. You have to lose the Team SDB altitude correction file from scenery\world\scenery. I've done this for both Binbrook and Coltishall, and it works perfectly for both. Dave
  8. dhazelgrove


    Anyone know how the Team SDB Binbrook works in P3Dv4? Dave
  9. dhazelgrove

    AAR in Lightning T5

    <fx: shock, horror> You...……… missed ??? </fx> Dave
  10. dhazelgrove

    AAR in Lightning T5

    "It came off in me hand, Chief. Honest !!"
  11. You can use the Virtavia ones, if you need them - the backgrounds, anyway. You'd have to update all the gauges yourself. Dave
  12. dhazelgrove

    Dust off your TacPack.....

    Targets 'R' us? Dave
  13. dhazelgrove

    Cameron's XS987 Repaint - Thank you

    Eeeeekkkkkkk !! Dave
  14. dhazelgrove

    Cannot find the MK. F53 download link

    If you bought the F6 here, then the download link for the F53 can be found below the download link for the F6. I can't speak about purchases via other sites. It might just be a matter of time..... Dave
  15. dhazelgrove

    So how good a pilot are you ?

    The tug pilots did tend to get a trifle upset if you were just a little bit fine on the angle-off. Can't think why..... Dave