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  1. I really hope so. If not, I fear that we'll need to tweak it again as we did three years ago with the previous series.
  2. Wow! I thought it wouldn’t. Great news!
  3. +1 I would love the PMDG way to select features on/off like new transponder, CPDLC, old/new LCDs...
  4. Thanks for the update. It's noticeable with standard procedures? I mean, doing a hold at 7000 ft after a bad planned descent at 260-280 kn? Or you have to be lot faster than that? Just curious. Thanks!
  5. The "AVAIL" message on the upper ECAM has always been there in AS Airbuses.
  6. Will the sounds be the same as the old ones? I mean, maybe there are some more additions for some new features, but will the old ones (CFM, IAE and ASC) keep the filename or have been rebuild as well? Thanks!
  7. I know that old liveries will work with the coming series, will the cockpit textures do it as well? I don’t think so as it has been reworked maybe from scratch, isn’t it? Thanks
  8. I own the AS Airbus for a long time (FSX), then I was delighted with the competitors Airbus, which I bought also for P3D V3. There has been a huge performance (at least for me) loss with the 64 version. I like (and I pay) for immersion (model, systems, sounds...) but maybe not that much if it's going to sacrifice performance that way. They are two completely different products, and I like both, each one with his own way of understanding flight simming. But wait, it seems to me that AS has done a huge effort to improve the last version with some "mandatory" features IMO, like dimmable lights, vc rework, displays popups, etc. The new Airbus 2018 looks really really good, and one of the things that I really appreciate are the devs showing the whole process and updating almost every day here. I'm really excited with this beauty. Yes. I have fallen in love with Aerosoft again. Thank you so much!
  9. Trueglass, Real Light... Bravo Aerosoft.
  10. Many thanks @Anders Bermann. Great great news. So is there a chance to see them with the first release? Or are we talking on a mid-term basis? Thanks
  11. Hi, Looking the screenshots I see that some of the light knobs (flood, overhead...) are partially to the right. Will the AS Airbus 2018 have gradual light knobs? I mean, not like old versions (On/Off). That's something I always missed on the AS bus. Don't know the reason why has never been implemented, but now that we have 64 and DL options... Thanks!
  12. Joan Alonso

    P3D V4 Windshield wipers & Engine shutdown

    Problems solved at least for me. No CTD after shutdown nor wipers stuttering with the latest update. Thank you so much!
  13. Joan Alonso

    P3D V4 Windshield wipers & Engine shutdown

    An update to the topic. Loading P3D v4 from a saved flight from stock airport, no add-ons, twin otter loaded with engines running: CTD (20-30 seconds after engines shutdown). Something like a click sound can be heard several times before CTD. But, loading Twin Otter from cold & dark seems to work. Then you can start/shutdown them many times without problem. Anyone experiencing stutters with wipers on? Thanks!
  14. Joan Alonso

    P3D V4 Windshield wipers & Engine shutdown

    Hehe, you are right about wipers, but if wipers have been simulated would be great to see them working properly. The engines problem is something worse. Thanks
  15. Hi, I always wanted to buy a turboprop aircraft for flight simming, so now that we are all waiting all the add-ons to be updated for v4 I recently bought Twin Otter, wich it's one of the very first add-ons updated. It was the best time to try a turboprop. The aircraft is really funny to fly. Similar to other Aerosoft products, high level of detail, great sounds, flight modelling, textures... But I came across two problems. 1. Windshield wipers induce very hard stutters. Even with high and smooth FPS (Thanks God v4) without them. I don't think is related to my PC. 2. Engine shutdown procedure makes P3D V4 CTD. I tried several times and I always get CTD when I try to shutdown the engines. Many thanks in advance.