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  1. Joan Alonso

    GSX Automatic Door Handling

    Hi, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share this here, @Mathijs Kok @DaveCT2003 I made an xml gauge to let GSX handle the doors and services automatically. I was bored of handling doors myself every time, in fact pilots have no role in it so I always found it an immersion breaker opening them via MCDU or even buttons or keys with every aircraft I had in FSX or P3D. I always wanted the ground crew to worry about ground handling since I own GSX. So I found an easy way to let GSX interact with the bus. Thanks to Lvars and a few lines of xml code. I might add that this could be implemented via Lua plugin as LINDA did with GSX Library for other aircraft. It would be the best option (cleaner) since it does not edit files within the ecosystem of the aircraft, but I prefer xml. So if you know what you’re doing and how to revert back to originals (in fact just panel.cfg is modified) try it and enjoy. GSX crew will handle every door opening when needed and will close them when you call for pushback/departure. Service doors will close automatically when Catering service (if called) is finished. - FWD and AFT Passenger doors (BOARDING & DEBOARDING) - FWD and AFT Cargo doors (BOARDING & DEBOARDING) - FWD and AFT Service doors (CATERING) - External Power (JETWAY AND RAMP) I also included an External Power trigger, wathever comes first or available of this two premises: 1. If a SODE jetway with Ground Power is available (you’ll need GSX2) Ext.Power will be connected when jetway connects to aircraft. or/and 2. If no jetway is available Ground Crew will connect Ext.Power few seconds after calling for boarding or deboarding (I programmed a delay trying to simulate the time it would take for the ground crew after you put beacon light off and call for the service. It’s actually programmed via FWD cargo door opened completely). Install: 1- Add this line to your panel.cfg at the bottom of [VCockpit02] section: gaugexx=../../Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Base/Panel_Fallback/AB_Systems!GSX_Doors,0,0,1,1 (Replace xx by the corresponding gauge number -69 by default-) 2- Download and copy GSX_Doors.xml to AB_Systems folder: Documents\Aerosoft\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Base\Panel_Fallback\AB_Systems Known limitations: - GSX will only open closed doors when the call is triggered. It will not reopen a door closed while in a service. - Time acceleration can mess up and overlap triggering, so do not use it when vehicles are about to start the service. The base code works well after testing, but there could be unknown bugs for me. I tested it on A320, can not say with the rest of the family, but it should work the same way. I believe it would be useful for many people. It does not need any special knowledge but you must be careful when editing original files. I'm not part of Aerosoft, I won't offer support to it, further than updating it if I see it necessary for my personal use. So make a back up of the originals and be careful when editing. I’m not an expert programmer, I’m sure the code can be polished and improved, so feel free to modify it and share it with Aerosoft community! Cheers!
  2. Joan Alonso

    Status update

    Thanks for the update. Well, since the vertical profile is being reworked I believe that it will be the icing o the cake, although essential. In my opinion there are some things that could be polished, like some sounds, 2D panels or a better fuel planner as other users pointed out. Nice improvements and additions that I'm sure will be considered. But overall, and given the ease to speak directly to AS team for improvements and the possibilities that the bus offers to customise it I must say it's a top level product right now for considerably less than other top level aircraft for P3D4.
  3. Let me say that this problem we have encountered in the latest updates is not a subtle feeling that the IAE is underpowered with some FLEX temp. It's clearly not an error of calculation within the calc tool we may use. It's a clear and noticeable lack of power whatever the FLEX temp you use. But it used to work until with the same tools.
  4. Joan Alonso

    Autobrake dissarm

    Ok. I waited several flights to be sure but seems that the problem is gone. I had to modify the ABRK.xml in order to force the ABRK system not to disengage before two premises: the aircraft must be on ground (seems that on some landings the system felt a non-existent bounce and disconnected itself) and half pressure of toe brakes is applied. The last one works only with LOW brake mode. With MED the system still applies the first premise, so I deduce that is the one that makes the system reliable now. Toe brakes pressure is just a reinforcement just in case you press the button/key unintentionally on rollout. Anyway, solved finally. Thanks.
  5. Yep. FLEX temp is not working anymore as it should on IAE. Applying FLEX thrust means taking off with the horsepower of my Seat Ibiza. The same FLEX temps (not the same but relative) works fine on CFM though. Using I had no problems until So now I'm using latest update with the exception of ECAM_D2D.dll, which is from Until this gets fixed.
  6. Joan Alonso

    Vertical profile problems A320 IAE

    Any news on this? It seems that the IAE does not apply FLEX thrust correctly at all.
  7. Joan Alonso

    AS A320 Key Mapping with FSUIPC

    Yep. Glad it worked.
  8. Joan Alonso

    AS A320 Key Mapping with FSUIPC

    Not tested, but this should work. Just replace the actions you want into flaggable functions ________________________________________________ function AB_OVH_Ext_RUNWAY_on () ipc.writeLvar("AB_VC_OVH_ExtLight_RwyTO_Sw", 1) end function AB_OVH_Ext_RUNWAY_off () AB_OVH_Ext_RUNWAY_off () ipc.writeLvar("AB_VC_OVH_ExtLight_RwyTO_Sw", 0) end function AB_OVH_Ext_RUNWAY_toggle () var = ipc.readLvar("AB_VC_OVH_ExtLight_RwyTO_Sw") if var == 1 then AB_OVH_Ext_RUNWAY_off() else AB_OVH_Ext_RUNWAY_on() end end event.flag(1, "AB_OVH_Ext_RUNWAY_toggle") ________________________________________________
  9. Joan Alonso

    PFD pitch

    The 2D PFD it shows ok at certain size/resolution until is resized down to some size where the pitch scale is missaligned. Can you reduce its size (let’s say a half) to see if it happens then? I could use it with default size, or where it stops to be missaligned. But that “minimum” size is just too big for my monitor.
  10. Joan Alonso

    AS A320 Key Mapping with FSUIPC

    Sorry, now I see that we are talking about FSX. I thought we were on P3D4. The same should apply, but maybe this variables are not present in the 32 bit Airbus. Try to download the LINDA profile for Aerosoft 32 bit (Extended or Airbus Series) in LINDA forum and pick some other function from the actions.lua. And keep the AUTO section. [AUTO] 1=Lua A320_functions As an example from the 32 bit Airbus: ________________________________________________ function ND_RANGE_inc () i = ipc.readLvar("L:AB_MPL_ND_Range") if i < 5 then ipc.writeLvar("L:AB_MPL_ND_Range", i+1) ipc.sleep(10) ASC_KnobRotate () ND_RANGE_show () end end function ND_RANGE_dec () i = ipc.readLvar("L:AB_MPL_ND_Range") if i > 0 then ipc.writeLvar("L:AB_MPL_ND_Range", i-1) ipc.sleep(10) ASC_KnobRotate () ND_RANGE_show () end end ________________________________________________ Hope this helps and works for you.
  11. Joan Alonso

    AS A320 Key Mapping with FSUIPC

    Everything seems fine. Are you sure you added your Lua to the [AUTO] section of FSUIPC.ini? [AUTO] 1=Lua A320_functions (or whatever the number it corresponds). Important tip, do not forget the "Lua" before the plugin name: Lua A320_functions
  12. Joan Alonso

    AS A320 Key Mapping with FSUIPC

    Ok. You do not need to install Linda. Just extract the actions.lua inside the zip of the Aerosoft profile to pick the Lvars from it. Make a new lua yourself with only the functions you need. Important, be sure to add your Lua to the [AUTO] section of FSUIPC.ini. Then, after adding flags for each one of the functions inside Lua (like example posted above) with different numbers: event.flag(1...) event.flag(2...) and so on... Finally assign a key via FSUIPC Lua Toogle "your lua file name". The parameter will be the number of every flag.
  13. Joan Alonso

    AS A320 Key Mapping with FSUIPC

    For sure. It's the easy way of doing it. You'll need some basic knowledge of how they work, but it's not difficult at all. Just look at it and understand what does each function and voila. Here is an example to switch the Ext.Power. with a key: ________________________________________________ function AB_EXT_ExtPwr_conn () ipc.writeLvar("MCDU_EXTPOWER", 1) end function AB_EXT_ExtPwr_disc () AB_OVH_EXT_PWR_off () ipc.writeLvar("MCDU_EXTPOWER", 0) end function AB_EXT_ExtPwr_toggle () var = ipc.readLvar("MCDU_EXTPOWER") if var == 1 then AB_EXT_ExtPwr_disc() else AB_EXT_ExtPwr_conn() end end event.flag(1, "AB_EXT_ExtPwr_toggle") ________________________________________________ Download Linda profile for Aerosoft A320 here: There's a lua called "actions.lua" where you'll find all the Lvars. Just copy the ones you are interested in and add a flag for each one at the bottom of your Lua file. Hope this helps.
  14. Joan Alonso

    PFD pitch

    With that picture I think he refers to the missaligned pitch scale. Also happens to me with the 2D PFD.
  15. Joan Alonso

    Sounds Cut/Loop

    I'm sure the devs are aware of this, and that these days they are really busy with other more important issues, just asking if it could be done in the future. With the current configuration of the ASC module the sounds can not be played independently on a single view. I mean, if the cfg specifies the Cabin Crew sounds to be played only outside you have only one chance to listen them, so if in the middle of an announcement you switch to VC and back to outside view that sound is gone and checked as played. So the sound if it is not programmed to loop will be cut if switching views. Instead, if a sound is programmed to loop like ATC (which could be specified the other way around, only played in VC via cfg) will start over and over if switching views again. As I see, the ASC module works more or less the same way as the "dsdsound" gauge by Doug Dawson, so maybe it could be implemented something similar to the xml "ViewSystemStatus" in combination with a Volume variable depending on that status, I think that would do the trick. Many thanks