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  1. I think it maybe an option on newer ones. I am sure I have seen it on one. But it wasn't working properly for passengers. I presume the pilots had the same views available. .
  2. That's amazingly sharp!
  3. I have to watch the excitement with my old ticker. And I think Aerosoft's Forum servers are about to burst into flames with the A330 topic.
  4. Poor old Frank seems to get the Show Stoppers and the criticals.
  5. I have sat in the front cabin on A330s, and the APU is almost inaudible. I imagine there isn't much to hear from the APU in the cockpit at all. Mathijs has said quite a way back, that AS sounds model what people expect to hear rather than what they would hear in real life. There is a lot of banging and rattling of things in the cockpit ( just look at some YouTube vids ).
  6. I think it can be regarded more as a 'Normal Operations sim' The doors are closed every flight hopefully ( we can see them closing in the current A320 series ) . I think the increased detail available on the A330, makes a more accurate simulation necessary. And I think Stefan is a bit of a perfectionist.
  7. It must be proceeding well, if you are going to beta now. Of course we are waiting for Stefan's Friday extravaganza.
  8. I envisaged using something like MakeRunways by Pete Dowson to read the scenery. Even if the scenery designers got everything spot on (unlikely), some sceneries might be 10 years old and based on previous taxiway alignments. I think it is a 'Don't go There!'.
  9. Memory usage wouldn't be too bad. The major problem is coordinating the map with FS. Ironically, it is much easier in the real world as there is only one Heathrow for instance. In FS I can think of at least 3 EGLL sceneries, on with others on different simulators. It gets very complex. Won't see this soon. It's not in FSLabs BTW.
  10. I think it is from the real thing. It is on Airbus's web site. It is really nice, but I think it is an optional extra so to speak. I have considered what would be neccessary to implement something like this, and it is a lot of work, maybe Aerosoft would consider it as an option in the future.
  11. As someone who has developed software, I think Aerosoft are proceeding at a cracking pace. I think many people imagine complex software can be written in hours. I blame films like Independence Day, where a virus to infect an alien computer takes a matter of hours (didn't fancy that job).
  12. I don't know, I think I am getting withdrawal symptoms. Quick get another shot of the Alpha cockpit up please!
  13. I have re-installed the Airbus and updated the runtimes, and I managed to pass PELUP with the same PFPX route. I have an AMD R9 290. Thanks for your help
  14. I like Captain Joe's videos as well. I have picked quite few A320 tips from him. The lights one was particularly good.
  15. OK, got em all. As they say. It's the sort of thing Windows Update should be doing.