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  1. He tends to say exactly what he means, I should keep watching for the probable word.
  2. We can't criticise your enthusiasm for A340s, I would hate to see you disappointed
  3. And when he says 'probable' I will think that an A340 is coming.
  4. And sometimes all the market research in the world won't help. Statistics lie. They are only a guide. for good management decisions, Aerosoft seem to get most of their's right, but I am sure they have their room 101.
  5. I think it is just easier to get info out of Boeing. It is one company, Airbus is a many headed hydra, and getting decisions out of them could be more difficult.
  6. Apologies, it was a conjecture on my part to clarify.
  7. Granted it's probably easiest develpment wise, but it's probably difficult to justify from a marketing point of view.
  8. That would be a liberty. But we always like a new livery. You could have changed the title to 'You talk about aircraft, and we'll sit back and watch what happens'. :-0
  9. I don't think an A340 is likely, Aerosoft will be releasing an excellent A330 and this will fill a particular space in simmer's hangers. I don't doubt that an A340 is a lot more feasible than an A350, With huge ETOPS ratings available for twinjets now, the day of the 4 engine jet is severely numbered. There is virtually nowhere on earth that can't be reached with a two engine configuration. To cut a long story short, an A340 is not a viable product in Aerosoft's eyes, I think it would take some time to recoup costs and make any profit. I am sure that Aerosoft would love to produce an A350 or A380, but it isn't practical with their current information to produce a quality simulation. If you have any clout at Airbus, get them to send some info to Mathijs. I think something entirely new, like the C919 is possible ( massive untapped market in China ) , But with more 64bit sims than you can shake a stick at appearing like a rash, I should think everybody's development plans are on the back-burner for now.
  10. If Aerosoft can't do a A350 or A380. A Boeing looks unlikely as that market is well covered. We will have to get imaginative. How about a C919?
  11. Have you sent them cake? Seriously, I expect you are needing performance figures. Can't you derive these from real world statistics.
  12. That's not entirely true, there are some A330s on the market, but you see the same "problem" with all of them: None is a 100% detailed systems simulation. In fact I believe none is even as detailed as our A320 series is. Reasons for this, among others, are that long haul aircraft generally do not sell as good as short haul aircraft. Many simmers do not have the time to fly long haul and thus prefer short haul aircraft. If you got the choice between an A320 and A330 as a developer you will likely pick the A320 since you get more sales for approx the same amount of work. Once you got the A320 you can then descide to build on it and go ahead with the A330. I'm not saying this is the only option to make a detailled long haul Airbus, but it surely is the most attractive. Large capacity planes are often used for short haul, high capacity routes, particularly in Asia. You will often get A330s flying to the Canaries from the UK simply for the seats. Sent from my SM-J500FN using Tapatalk
  13. You make it, I'll buy it. I don't care what anyone else thinks.
  14. I have moved over to Mathijs' opinion. Take up of P3D V4 will be very fast, the level of compatibility, and the preparedness of 3rd party developers means that it can be usable from day 1. Many will recall how difficult FSX was at release. I even saw an A2A Connie in a V4 screenshot. And the FPS performance figures that Mathijs demonstrated in his screenshot are phenomenal. At release FSX was very slow, so I stayed with COF for a couple of years. Looking forward to this indeed.
  15. My error, there is the CRJ 200 for X-Plane of course.