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  1. 4 is the new 5!
  2. Any more aircraft in the works?
  3. If you have root around in Steam, Dovetail have sold over 800k copies of FSX-SE, and goodness knows how much DLC. There are frequently over 10k people using FSX at a time. I shouldn't think DTG are too upset with their investment so far. I have noted that AS are managing XP content on Steam now, does this mean we will be seeing more AS content for XP11?
  4. I think Microsoft are just cockahoop that they managed to sell the same license twice. ( or is there someone else we don't know about? )
  5. You will get a much better computer for the same money, if you buy a desktop. I would only consider a laptop if like Mathijs' case, mobility is essential. Sent from my SM-J500FN using Tapatalk
  6. Trondheim Norway.
  7. You are right, the i7 7700k isn't much of a step from the 4790k, you would also want a new motherboard and DDR4 memory, not cheap for perhaps 10% improvement! If your current motherboard supports SLI, you could add another GTX 970, P3D V4 does support it. Probably the cheapest way to go for a big performance upgrade.
  8. I think RW pilots have a more pressing need to get on the ground, while simmers have the luxury of a Pause key and the ability to send a note to the developers.
  9. Good to hear, The Airbus series were pretty efficient in 32 bits, can't wait to see some of your work next week.
  10. Sent from my SM-J500FN using Tapatalk
  11. Where are you being released from to buy the 330? I should just climb over the wall and go for it.
  12. I would have thought that was a diminishing market, my new PC doesn't even have a DVD drive in it. Maybe AS should think about memory sticks/cards for physical media. PS I do have USB 3.0 DVD drive for emergencies.
  13. I think I might question how limited PMDG's market is. Most of my friends in my VA fly PMDG Boeings, they outnumber us bus drivers. Whether they fully utilise all the facilities a study level aircraft provides is another question. I think PMDG's share is quite healthy.
  14. I do like the sound of this. It was good before.
  15. I think I said 'by all accounts' which would indicate that I am not in the 'know' and have obtained the information from the forum like everyone else. Perhaps 'pretty close' was tinged with optimism. People will accuse AS of being late whatever I say. Looking forward to some screenies and video of the bird, holding you to that, don't be late!