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  1. There is already such a thing, which has been around a good many years now, but it still works. http://www.avsimrus.com/f/for-pilots-19/popular-calculator-to-calculate-takeoff-parameters-in-from-airbus-type-36340.html Freeware.
  2. True, I have flown Manchester to Agadir on an A330, only 4hrs or so.
  3. I must say - I am lookng forward to the A320 family update more than the A330 now, it does look really exciting. I am preparing for a few down votes as a result ;-)
  4. This is on the A330 I take it?
  5. I insert my key and the program just locks up.
  6. Thanks Stephan, I love it when a plane comes together - Aerosoft are the A-Team.
  7. With P3D I would agree, X-Plane doesn't really show much improvement on an SSD in my experience. Can't work out why. Sent from my SM-J500FN using Tapatalk
  8. Aerosoft BETA Testing

    I'm just a grumpy old man IRL Sent from my SM-J500FN using Tapatalk
  9. I have to agree whole-heartedly. Tom and all the staff we encounter at AS are against the odds, always helpful and polite. God knows when Tom goes to bed, he's always here. They have gone the extra mile helping me with problems with products, they deserve some respect in return.
  10. OK, I actually have a query. My best efforts with the search function has yielded no answer(sorry Tom). I found the web server quite useful for displaying the MCDU on a second PC. Is this being continued on the A330, and updated/improved for the A3XX series?
  11. That's progress - I have been wondering what might be a less popular post than " How about a 2D cockpit and when will it be out? ", but you aced it. Well done!
  12. Don't worry, I have my computer in a pentangle, with garlic and religious paraphernalia installed. I believe FSX had such a facility, I'm not sure about P3D V4. I think I know what Mathijs might say 'It's not in a pilot's everyday tasks' and as Frank has said, it could be difficult to implement. For myself, I don't use it, I want all the hours I can get at my VA and with luck the computer will run overnight if needs be. There are probably facilities that have a higher priority too. Not one to hold your breath on I think.
  13. I would look at a socket compatible CPU on eBay, you should find a i5 or i7 pretty cheap, and an improved graphics card could be possible too. Bank manager might not be necessary. Then sell your old ones to help defray the cost, works for computers and houses etc, etc.
  14. I think so. But you might find improved figures with P3D V4 and the new ( more efficient ) codebase for the buses. So it will be a bit suck it and see. Of course an upgrade would help :-)
  15. You don't have to, there is always X-Plane 11, which has quite a lot of Airbuses. I have the FF A350 and the JAR A330. They both fly really nicely,. and the a350 is very interesting, neither are at a quality comparable to the Aerosoft buses even now. The A330 gets a bit confused flying STARS sometimes, and god knows how accurate the A350 is, but does fly nicely, the cockpit is a techno nightmare though. I will come back to the AS buses though, even though I'm preferring XP11 over P3D V4 now.