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  1. No, it will only be available for P3Dv4.3 or higher. No need for the bigger font.
  2. So in the screenshot you will see the CL green box at the top of the window. I have disabled the key input from MCDU3, yet it still looks like it could accept a key input. Yet when I press "1", nothing happens. This leads me to believe that this is only an image that has not been converted to the other option. It is a bit of hassle to recreate, as this is the Approach CL.
  3. maxro

    High EGT before engine start

    I think the EGT shouldn't be this high before the start.
  4. maxro

    High EGT before engine start

    Dear Forum, In the screenshot you will see a high EGT before engine start. After the start i have the standart 474 C. Max
  5. maxro

    Joining BAVirtual

    Dear Forum, Are there any members here that know when the "recruitment" tab will be open to new members? At this time of writing, it is greyed out. Best wishes, Max
  6. maxro

    Overflying 6000 after EGLL

    Ok thank you! I just thought the ALT constraints would be held by the plane.
  7. maxro

    Overflying 6000 after EGLL

    I am on Navigraph's 1810.
  8. Dear Forum, I was flying out of EGLL, when I noticed the A321 (G-EUXG) did not hold at 6000, how it should according to the SID. The cruise level was inputted as FL310. Flightplan: N0465F310 DET2G DET UL6 DVR UL9 KONAN UL607 SPI UT180 PESOV T180 UNOKO UNOK2R (EDDF) Metar: EGLL 171620Z AUTO 18013KT 140V240 9999 NCD 23/09 Q1011 NOSIG
  9. Ok, good to know that I'm not the only one who's having issues.
  10. Hi, Thanks for the answer. For the example, I looked for egcc (Username) and his gsx.cfg files for the pro buses. is the one I looked for. I simply type the searched term.
  11. Dear Forum, I've noticed I have difficulties with finding things on this forum using the search bar at the top right. Even tough I am certain that the file is somewhere, I just can't find it. I have to go the directories of this file. For example, a livery.
  12. Hi, The only thing keeping me from flying is currently GSX doesn't work with the new buses. Please see,18780.0.html . The team is waiting for the plane.
  13. maxro

    Our bus with OrbX and GSX2

    Whats the config for GSX? I can't get it to work...;
  14. GSX relies on a InteliScene.CFG file. I guess we have to wait until FSDT dispatches an updated CFG via the Live Updater.