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  1. @MikaV what do you think about Skyforce 3D?
  2. Hello, I'd like to buy Skyforce 3D, because I've heard it is good and would like to have better looking clouds than ASCA. I was wondering if it's ok to use ASP4 with REX Skyforce. Does the weather come from ASP4? In other words: does Skyforce work with Active Sky P3Dv4.3 version? Thanks, Max
  3. maxro

    Wind Request not working

    Which manual do you mean, @DaveCT2003?
  4. maxro

    Instant Replay problems

    I also get 1. in the same way you do, @GaryMcCl. But I think 2. is a P3D "bug" so I would look into replaying software.
  5. Hi, I ran the updater and it updated to, I noticed however that liveries I installed beforehand were removed. I didn't remove them...
  6. Very strange, seems to be a P3D bug. I noticed I pressed Q to mute the sound of the sim, but not completely...
  7. Hi, Whenever I change windows (making P3D inactive) the sounds of the plane keep playing. In the P3D v4.3 settings, "Mute on Lost Focus" is ticked.
  8. maxro

    Your best Screenshot

    I thought so too, but the baby bus threw me off! Thanks!
  9. maxro

    Your best Screenshot

    Wow! What scenery is that?
  10. maxro

    Inflight refuel

  11. maxro

    Inflight refuel

    It seems like the A318 is flying perfectly fine with 100 kg in the body tank. Can any developer look at this? Thanks
  12. maxro

    Inflight refuel

    Hi, I'm flying BAW1 from EINN to KBOS (I know it should be KJFK) and I don't have enough fuel to make to KBOS. Is there a way to refuel middair? I've tried going through the LOAD and FUEL tab on the 3rd MCDU, but it's not possible. Thanks, Max
  13. maxro

    Time acceleration

    To the first answer I quote the Step-By-Step guide: "Especially during longer flights many users increase the simulation rate to shorten the flight. Please do not do this, as it can cause problems. This is because the avionics of 318/319/320/321 are completely reprogrammed and do not use any P3D standard features. This means that the avionics are not compatible with the time compression features of P3D." (page 06-01-3) And @DaveCT2003 wrote: So forgive me if say so, but there seems to be a bit confusion... Thanks, Max
  14. maxro

    Time acceleration

    Hi all, I have two questions: Do the buses work well under time acceleration? I was wondering if AS is considering a feature (like the auto. CRZ feature on the PMDG 777) to accelerate time (like on the upcoming A330)? Thank you, Max