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  1. And, finally, today, Oct. 19th, was the last leg of this second part of the RTW trip : Muscat (OOMS) to Mumbai (VABB). Flight over the sea, with a very nice weather. Arrival at night at Mumbai where we will stay until next week and enjoy some tourism in West India !! This time, we had 241 passengers on board, the 99 extra were also bound to Mumbai but their plane had a technical problem and they were very happy to find us !! We too, so it covered a part of our expenses ;-) !! After take-off from Muscat And we climb to FL410, following our SID... This time, we will fly above the sea... at FL410. Sunset light in the cockpit... And arrival at night at Mumbai... Some difficulties before landing rwy 27... Wow, these buildings were very close !!! And, finally, taxiing to the gate.
  2. October 17th, another flight above arabic desert, from Salalah (OOSA) to Muscat (OOMS). About one hour and half to get there, with a mountainous approach. Departure from Salalah Flying over the desert again... As this is a rather short flight, we will climb at FL320 only. Beginning descent towards Muscat Approach over the mountains at FL120 And final on rwy08 at Muscat
  3. Today, Friday 13th, was a good day to leave Yemen in the early morning (0600Z). Fortunately, we were not the target of a SAM missile and landed safely in Salalah 1h40 later, where we will take a week-end rest. Departure from Aden And here we are, en route to Salalah (OOSA) at FL 320, nice weather all along the flight. Imagine what is below : desert !! And, apart desert : more desert !!! ;-)
  4. Burt D (SilverFox)

    Welcome back and glad you can go on with the trip !!
  5. New leg on this Thursday, October 12th : Jeddah (OEJN) to Aden (OYAA) A bit less than 2 hours flight, first over the Red Sea then over Yemen and its mountains. No METAR available in Aden, no ATC, but like Phileas Fogg, the Jean Passepartout Appreciation Society will not run away from difficulties !! So we decided to land and we did !! Anyway, il is still a war area here and I'm afraid we won't stay very long in this place... Some pictures, as usual now : Departure from Jeddah (OEJN) Then we will follow the coastline of Red Sea for a short time After flying in the middle of Red Sea for nearly 1 hour, we head to Yemen on a roughly SE course. Good bye to Saudi Arabia when passing over Jizan before crossing the border. Don't rush the descent, there are some rather high mountains before reaching Aden (minimum flight level is FL150 until 26 NM from the airport, and FL120 until 18 NM !!!)
  6. On Tuesday 10th, we continue our journey. Today will be Port-Said (HEPS) to Jeddah (OEJN) Departure on late afternoon with a night arrival in Jeddah. Hope we can visit Mecca !! Here are some pictures : Before departure from Port-Said, the plane is loaded : After take-off, we will follow Suez Canal... then fly over Cairo (Can anyone spot the Pyramids ?)... After that, we will fly over the middle part of Egypt, which is quite a desert when you go away from the Nile... and then cross the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, the sun is setting down with beautiful colors... Sorry for the chemtrails ;-) A night arrival in Jeddah... And it's time to intercept the ILS approach, with the city lights below... And, finally, the landing in Jeddah (OEJN) on runway 34C. (Sorry, no specific scenery this time !!!)
  7. 3rd part of the London - Suez trip : Athens (LGAV) -> Port Said (HEPS). Duration 1h35m from 1230Z to 1405Z. Weather rather nice and some beautiful spots for the passengers. Now, they are planning an extensive tour of Ancient Egypt marvels and we will resume our flight next week !! Here are some more pictures : Departure from Athens After take-off A nice view of Santorin Egypt, here we come !! Above Alexandria And the last turn before approach at Port Said
  8. And I forgot to join the pictures : Early morning in London Heathrow. Good bye, England, see you in 80 days !!!
  9. The passengers were unhappy with their stay in Venice, too much people, tourists clearly unwelcome, so we decided to continue our journey to Athens, cradle of democracy !! ;-) 2nd leg : Venezia Tessera (LIPZ) to Athens Eleftherios Venizelos (LGAV) Departure : 1240Z on Oct. 3rd ; Arrival : 1430Z on the same day Still cloudy but a clear view on Greeks mountains and arrival. Departure from Venice (it's the Air France A350 in the middle being pushed back). And here are the Greek mountains, seen from FL350, just before beginning descent to Athens.
  10. First leg of this RTW trip : London Heathrow (EGGL) to Venezia Tessera (LIPZ). Departure 0715Z on Oct. 3rd. Arrival 0845Z on the same day. Cloudy during the flight, with a very dense fog on arrival, but the weather will sure improve for the 142 passengers to visit Venice !!
  11. JoHubb

    Welcome to Limoges (LFBL), it's very close to my home !!! FYI, the French Jean Passepartout Appreciation Society will fly with Airbus, with first class culinary art AND suitable toilets... And, BTW, many thanks for keeping Detective Fix busy !!
  12. Mopperle

    PC12 is a great aircraft, nice choice of yours !! Crossing the Pacific via Midway and Hawaii is much longer than going north and what do you do in case of emergency above the sea... and the sharks ? Of course, you know what ETOPS means : Engine Turn Or Passengers Swim !!
  13. Fabian Hamans

    Woah ! Sure it's not the easy way with this kind of plane !!!
  14. Thanks so much, Mathijs, for your replies and your very kind offer. I'll contact you very soon !!
  15. This honourable french association has decided to rent an Airbus A350 (no less !!) for its 150 members, all eager to do the famous 80 days RTW but not to spend their time sitting in an airplane. They want to visit the places also !! Here are the projected routes : 1- London -> Suez : EGLL (London Heathrow) - LIPZ (Venezia) - LGAV (Athens) - HEPS (Port Said) ; Distance (NM) : 607 + 690 + 572 2 - Suez -> Mumbai : HEPS - OEJN (Jeddah) - OYAA (Aden) - OOSA (Salalah) - OOMS (Muscat) - VABB (Mumbai) ; Distance : 684 + 627 + 583 + 458 + 860 3 - Mumbai -> Calcutta : VABB - VECC (Calcutta) ; Distance : 900 4 - Calcutta -> Hong-Kong : VECC - VYYY (Yangon) - VTSP (Phuket) - WSSS (Singapore) - VVCR (Cam Ranh) - VHHH (Hong-Kong) ; Distance : 554 + 541 + 526 + 707 + 673 5 - Hong-Kong -> Yokohama : VHHH - ZSPD (Shanghai) - RJTT (Tokyo Haneda) ; Distance : 677 + 940 6 - Yokohama -> San Francisco : RJTT - UHSS (Sakhalin) - UHPP (Petropavlovsk) - PADK (Adak) - PADQ (Kodiak) - PAJN (Juneau) - CYVR (Vancouver) - KSFO (San Francisco) ; Distance : 693 + 714 + 911 + 903 + 571 + 682 + 695 7 - San Francisco -> New York : KSFO - KRKS (Rock Springs) - KOMA (Omaha) - KORD (Chicago) - KEWR (New-York Newark) 8 - New York -> London : KEWR - CYQX (Gander) - EINN (Shannon) - EGLL (London Heathrow) ; Distance : 968 + 1722 + 322 NOTA : for steps 6 and 8, of course, direct transoceanic routes are possible with this plane but quite tedious and uninteresting. Given that we have a lot of time, it will be more fun to add some exotic calls, even if it is not the route followed by Phileas Fogg's ship... For the rest, I tried to stay close to the original routes but I need at least 2300 m to land the plane safely and I prefer to avoid flights more than 3-4 hours long. Technical data : X-Plane 11 on MacOS 10.12 (iMac 27") ; A350 by Flight Factor (Class : Modern, of course !) ; VATSIM or off-line ; 1 pilot (me !)