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  1. No ETOPS Airport shown

    Well, thanks for pointing that out. Really overlooked them there multiple times. Would be nice, if they would be also on the Advanced page, so you have them right next to the ETOPS settings. And if they also were included in the dropdown for the ETOPS airports.
  2. I got a problem with PFPX that it does not recommend any airports for ETOPS requirements when planning a flight that requires ETOPS. For example I am trying to plan this simple flight from KORD to EHAM with the 777 as aircraft. The planning itself works fine and as expected. But when I got to the Advanced tab for ETOPS planing, in the area where the ETOPS guide in this forum says there should be a field "Adequate airports" there is just nothing for me. I can still enter ETOPS airport pairs manually and these airports are then considered correctly in the OFP in the end. It is just that the automatic recommendation for airports is not working anymore for me. I am using the most recent hotfix 1.28.8.