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  1. You can see the new features here
  2. Mathjis can you answer to my message to ?
  3. bartuparlakay

    Aes Auto Activation

    My question is can I deactived Istanbul Scenery or not ? You can see here,I need 2 Credits back.
  4. bartuparlakay

    Aes Auto Activation

    Hello everyone I purchased AES 2.44 for same new airports after installing AES and setting my Credits everything okey. But my problem is I have 18 Credits and i dont wanna use them for example Taxi2Gate Istanbul because I'm already using GSX for this airport but AES has activated and used my credit for it.How can I get it deactive and get my credit back ? Can somenone help me please ? Thanks,regards.
  5. Hello,I check everyday this topic for new news i'm very happy to see new photos from this Product i'cant wait to fly this beauty.I have two questions the first one is how is the Cockpit sounds ? I like the cockpit sound from Airbus on parking position,It was very realistic in Airsimmer A320. And the second question is can you create a rain drop effect on the cockpit windows ? Because it look's very realistic and nice like these are. Thanks.