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  1. Yes, a "direct to" work and the plane follows the route after that. All data and route are correct in the FMS. No discos, and of cource all other pages are set.
  2. Humpix

    GSX not behaving with Airbus

    As a workaround I made my own config. Cargodoor left removed, belt loader manually adjusted. But I can't get the door detection to work, so I set all doors to "door without detection". Now it's working. Does anyone have a working config with door detection?
  3. Hi, I did my first flight, starting at LOWI, and I discovered a strange behavior. Starting at RNW08, BRENO2J SID (OEJ -> steep right turn -> INN -> steep left turn -> BRENO) RWY 08_020318.pdf Until the waypoint OEJ there is a speed restriction (165kn). After that there is only the altitude restriction 250kn until 10000ft and a very steep turn to the right. AT OEJ I was already at 10000ft (ok so far) and the plane accelerated extremely inside the turn to the VOR "INN". So it overshoots the turn (I think normal so far too). But. the next turn after INN to BRENO he doesn't get any more and the bus just flies straight on in the wrong direction, instead turning left after INN. I just flew over the waypoint INN, so I think the FMC should have registered that point and sould try to get back to the next waypoint BRENO... Either way, I got there extremely quickly to INN and I shoot the point not at the perfect path, but a little from the left side. So is this an normal behavior or an error? BR, Mathias
  4. I can't live without breakfans either. Because I need those to swing left and right in the air. Similar to a bow thruster. Great for hitting the runway right in the middle. Definitely a dealbreaker :-)
  5. Humpix

    EZDOk Profiles

    Jop, I got one! I think it is fine... Take me a lot of time for fine tuneing Have fun! Mathias