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  1. Any chance to do the full lot and release a Balearic evolution "type" pack, Canary Islands Evolution. It would be nice.

    Sorry for all of this, My request on the other forum can be deleted if its a problem.

    Sorry, I thought that maybe somebody else would be interested in doing them if you were not available.

    I will leave you some links with photos. Would be great if you could try doing a few. EC-MLE EC-MNZ EC-MOG Thanks.
  5. Repaint request

    New Vueling liveries. Any expert in the building? EC-MLE EC-MNZ EC-MOG
  6. Well I supose I had the wrong info, anyways it was just a suggestion, no need to get crazy about it. :))
  7. What they have told me is that if you turn the PA system on the audio panel you hear your announcement on the headphones. At least on the a320 I am not 100% sure how it works on the a330.
  8. Request the new livery for Brussels Airlines A320, that will be used to take the global jurney people to tomorrowland.,tomorrowland/Recent
  9. It would be cool to add a PA system where you could speak to your microphone and hear your PA announcement on your headphones with some added filters simulating the PA system.
  10. The Aerosoft A330X Paint Wishlist

    Air Europa´s new livery.
  11. Please check your following topic if the livery is already on the list of requested repaints. Where is the list of requested liveries? Enviado desde mi D2303 mediante Tapatalk
  12. Vueling EC-YAB PEPSI MAX

    genialll, intenta hacer el linking europe porfa