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  1. Rafail Giavrimis

    January Monthly Photo Competition

    Best photo will be used for the club cover. There is no theme! Feel free to post whatever you want (with the CRJ in it).
  2. Feel free to post another image
  3. Someone else can take my turn
  4. Rafail Giavrimis

    Britannia Airways A318?

    Brittania actually has used some A320s. http://www.airliners.net/photo/Britannia-Airways/Airbus-A320-231/473836
  5. Rafail Giavrimis

    CRJ fanclub

    I created a fanclub for the CRJ. Feel free to join! http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/clubs/4-crj-fanclub/
  6. Rafail Giavrimis

    What's your favourite CRJ livery?

    What's your favourite CRJ livery?
  7. Rafail Giavrimis

    Repaint requests

    Aegean Airlines (Fictional)
  8. Rafail Giavrimis

    GSX files

    I didn't have that problem when i was testing it. Cant test it now because I am abroad.
  9. Rafail Giavrimis

    GSX files

    Thank you very much!
  10. Rafail Giavrimis

    GSX files

    Is it good? Will I get the A330?
  11. Rafail Giavrimis

    GSX files

    Sorry i did a mistake you have to create the folder in Virtuali\Airplanes and not Virtuali\GSX\Airplanes. Then you put the two folders from the file above inside that folder and then you can start up the sim.
  12. Rafail Giavrimis

    GSX files

    You have to create it