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  1. touche Otto, Every DM has to be looked at if going to V4, after all the money spent on V3,
  2. Tom, Do you know if this will this be a free update? Thanks
  3. Good Evening, Using 3rd party apps like ProATC & AivlaSoft EFB that require a data refresh every time a scenery has changed, how does that work with "scenery config sets"? What are suggestions on how to handle this, without having to run there scenery/runway updates every time? Hope I explained that clearly. Brad
  4. This is a new install, I am having the same issue as the OP. I do not have a backup, that is why I am asking.
  5. I am having the same issue, I know this is an old thread and Thomas is not around for a bit. Can somebody send me a new repaired database. Thanks
  6. Good Morning, If I mark "anim_cars.BGL" to "" will this remove ALL animated vehicles, or is there another way? Thanks Brad
  7. I am also having this issue with EDDM and P3D v2.5. Has anybody found a solution? Thanks in Advance Everyone
  8. Programs running: PFPX and AS2012 Create flight plan within PFPX, normal procedure, add ICAO's select Aircraft, payload entries fuel etc... no issues prior, process flight plan and click on "Performance" either take off or landing and PFPX just hangs. Also hangs if i try to edit the TopCat performance module inside of the aircraft database. If I "send" the data to TopCat for loading into FSX it works fine. TopCat Version 2.73 - works fine if started outside of PFPX Thanks EDIT Yes right click admin start
  9. EDIT - Figured it out. Had to re-create aircraft in PFPX then delete one that I had been using. Good Afternoon, Basic Info: FSX, Win7 64bit QWings 757 latest version Have been using PFPX latest and greatest and purchased and installed Topcat v2.73. Topcat starts okay when selected by itself. QWings 757 setup in TopCat. When I select in PFPX: 1: Aircraft Database - edit 752 - edit (Topcat Performance Module) to add the correct profile PFPX hangs........ I have uninstalled and installed and no difference, PFPX just hangs, any suggestions? Thanks Brad
  10. Wait, the Wilco CRJ can actually fly... lol I know bad poster, spank hand
  11. I also would like both a tutorial on how to make your own profiles and the Carenado B1900D aircraft file Thanks in Advance