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  1. Running P3d V3 Found a closed topic about taxi speed and one response was "With V4 you need a lot of power, the other sims have working tweaks. IRL you see a lot of CRJ's using one or two reversers while taxing to reduce the taxispeed and not riding the brakes. After an while ATC even got used to it." I am looking for the "the other sims have working tweaks", after searching could not find them for v3 Thanks Brad
  2. alyzar

    P3D V3.35 - Not loading

    Resolved: Can not explain why this fixed it, but it did. Came across and old P3d v2.5 forum post with the same issue. I replaced "false" with "true" in a DLL entry as below (Carenados weather radar), FYI Have no idea why it would only happen if I did not change the scenery.cfg. <Launch.Addon><Name>CMeteoXml</Name><Disabled>true</Disabled><ManualLoad>True</ManualLoad> <Path>.\CMeteoXml.dll</Path></Launch.Addon>
  3. alyzar

    P3D V3.35 - Not loading

    Did some more testing. Reset scenery to "all active" and ran P3D by itself. No issues. Shut down P3D and tried to another flight, and same thing happens. So its not related to SS NG, I believe.
  4. alyzar

    P3D V3.35 - Not loading

    Tom, Same thing
  5. alyzar

    P3D V3.35 - Not loading

    I did scan through to see if this new issue for me has happened before, but my "searches" came up null. Latest version of SS NG and P3d v3.35. After loading and completing a flight using a selective scenery config setup, example (USA only) I shut down and come back later to begin another flight. Still using my "USA only" scenery config setup as before, the only change would be the departure airport. P3D splash screen appears then a very very quick "Generating Scenery File Index" flashes and the splash screen disappears. P3D is running according to task manger but nothing else appears. If I restart SS NG and choose to load my full scenery config file P3D loads fine. The same issue will happen if i start another flight with the "full scenery config" after that flight. This is a new issue as I have never had this problem before. Thanks Brad
  6. alyzar

    Will SIMstarter NG work with P3D v4 ?

    touche Otto, Every DM has to be looked at if going to V4, after all the money spent on V3,
  7. alyzar

    Will SIMstarter NG work with P3D v4 ?

    Tom, Do you know if this will this be a free update? Thanks
  8. Good Evening, Using 3rd party apps like ProATC & AivlaSoft EFB that require a data refresh every time a scenery has changed, how does that work with "scenery config sets"? What are suggestions on how to handle this, without having to run there scenery/runway updates every time? Hope I explained that clearly. Brad
  9. This is a new install, I am having the same issue as the OP. I do not have a backup, that is why I am asking.
  10. I am having the same issue, I know this is an old thread and Thomas is not around for a bit. Can somebody send me a new repaired database. Thanks
  11. alyzar

    LIMC Animated Vehicles

    Good Morning, If I mark "anim_cars.BGL" to "" will this remove ALL animated vehicles, or is there another way? Thanks Brad
  12. I also would like both a tutorial on how to make your own profiles and the Carenado B1900D aircraft file Thanks in Advance