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  1. Ustio

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    so is this coming out on X-plane 11? pretty please
  2. Ustio

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    any chance you will release this on X-plane? and perhaps steam ? Regards
  3. out of curiosity why wouldn't you make an A330 with GE and PW? i understand that the real reference aircraft that you are using is a -300 RR and getting the right performance of each engine will take some times to get it right. but personally i wouldn't mind seeing an EPR on a GE ones, or an N3 on an PW aircraft. heck i think you will make more selling point where most to be able to use their favorite aircraft with the correct engines, . because casual simmers( IMO though) only care to fly from point A to B. you said to yourself that you wouldn't make a full fidelity a330 sim so why bother those. Regards
  4. Ustio

    Douglas DC-8 preview (released)

    are you going to make an option where you can choose between full INS simulation or simplified regarding the position error? for example the CIVA INS from captain sim has an option to keep the PI index value 1 so you dont have to make a DME update to update your position.
  5. Ustio

    aerosoft atr72

    hello. sorry to bring this up, but do you plan to release this on steam? for convenience purpose regardss
  6. well the problem is i have and old I3-4170. its enough for P3d but im struggling to play recent games with it. especially DCS. and both CPU are the only one i can afford
  7. i wonder if i should get a i5-7500 CPU than the coffe lake I5-8400. Since the 7500 have a higher base clock speed
  8. have you guys start working on the RR trent sound yet? any chance we gonna see/hear some previews of it? if you dont mind telling how do you record the engine sounds? do you jusk go to side of runway and set your equipmet?
  9. If you dont mind telling. May i ask what software do you use to model and rendered the aircraft?
  10. Yes please. The Trent 700 Howl is the make or break for the RR A330
  11. so its a Virgin. and the cockpit looks like one too
  12. may i ask which Trent 700 thrust rating/Variant are you guys using ?