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  1. swadeep

    Online Weather

    Yes, this method seems to have solved the problem! Thanks for you help! Cheers Swadeep
  2. swadeep

    Online Weather

    Thanks very much for your help. I am away till thursday now so will try this when I am back at home and revert back. Cheers Swadeep
  3. swadeep

    Online Weather

    Hi. It keeps showing WX: Updating and doesn't change to online. Tracks do however show Online Just checked. Still not working. It's been over 2 mins and still showing updating. I have subscription yes. Still 144 days before expiry. Thanks Swadeep
  4. Hi there, When i click Online Weather in PFPX, it says WX Updating and keeps remaining that way for ages. Is there something wrong with the server? Thanks Swadeep
  5. swadeep

    Repaint request

    DRUKAIR please so we can fly the beauty into PARO! thanks swadeep
  6. swadeep

    RJGG - Nagoya Chubu

    Hey!! I got it to work now!! Just a rookie mistake! Apparently in AES help Nagoya was showing OFF instead of FS9. It's so weird because when i assigned credits i clicked for it to go to OFF and then again to show FS9 but this time something must have gone wrong. Anyway thank you so much to both of you for assistance!!\ Thanks a million!! Best Wishes Swadeep
  7. swadeep

    RJGG - Nagoya Chubu

    Damn i dont know whats wrong AES works on all other airports though :S
  8. swadeep

    RJGG - Nagoya Chubu

    Yes i saw the jetways. Tried Ctrl+SHift+W but nothing happens. I also tried minimized FS and launch AES help and it says cannot connect to flight sim..please place aircraft at aes airports..
  9. Hi. I already assigned credits to RJGG Nagoya Chubu and it's activated (FS9) but when i parked at a gate, AES doesn't show up. No man saying block set position, no gates moving etc. I tried with other airports and it works but not here. Already installed Japanes Vol 7 update also. I would really appreciate help. Thank You. Best Wishes Swadeep
  10. swadeep

    Dear Opabst

    by the way got reply from support about detact activation error: Dear Customer, Have you checked the dedicated AES Support Forum to see if this issue has been resolved before. If not you may wish to post there as the developer will help you out. With kind regards, Shaun Fletcher please advise. thanks.
  11. swadeep

    Dear Opabst

    yes i have done and awaiting reply. Thanks for understanding and thank you for a great product.
  12. swadeep

    Dear Opabst

    Hi. There was no need for that. I understand your concern but please understand my point. I was asking you because sometimes i have loads of problems with FS hence having to uninstall and reinstall it. That's why i was asking. If you think i am asking you because i could do it and reassign airports i wanna use so that i dun have to buy credits then you are wrong. I purchased credits and i am not that desperate to be uninstalling and installing FS everytime so that i can reassign credits ti airport i want. I have way too many add ons and it's not worth it plus i have paid for credits. I can keep paying. I have respect for that. So please dont get me wrong. Hope you understand.
  13. Hi. I see that when you uninstall both AES and Flight SImulator and reinstall them again. the aes still remember how many credits were left and what airports had been assigned credits already. Is there anyway of cleaning this registry? like start assigning from scratch again?
  14. Hi. I was on final at OMDB at then got the following: AES DETACT ACTIVATION ERROR. RUN AES HELP I THEN RAN AES HELP and it said erro number -4711. Please dont start fs before. PLEASE HELP