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  1. Not all spoilers are deployed. Maybe because the blue hydraulic system did not work?
  2. It's important for pressurization on high airports, if I googled right
  3. I don't understand you, if you see something like the biggest vessel in the world, NOBODY would say: "Oh, it's just like the shipyard designed it".
  4. They said that the Lufthansa A330 will have this drome.
  5. If somebody doesn't like your post, he can down-vote it - whatever the reason is.
  6. Im happy, that the release will be in 2017, thank you Aerosoft!
  7. Yeah, but first the release of the CRJ was planned on 28. September!
  8. Sorry Tom, that I didn't write any details. Here are a few examples: -working F/O sidestick -what about wing and engine condensation? (Would be a nice detail!) -and what about rain effects on the windows? I don't know how hard it is to program these effects, so don't blame me if it's hard to program. It would not be bad, if you wouldn't add these "little" details. But it would not be bad as well, if you would add the details. (The first point is my favourite ) -cheers
  9. Will the new Airbusses have more realism than the old ones?
  10. OK Tom, you just presuaded me! But still, the waiting sucks. (But thats my problem )
  11. Come on Aerosoft! I have very bad performance in FSX with the Aerosoft A320 and addon sceneries. It's much better in P3D V4 and now I have to wait till September or October?
  12. __Max__

    Madeira X Evolution and Airbus X Extended

    OK! Thanks! Hopefully next week!