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  1. There is a third-party software available for that and it will give u exactly what u want.
  2. Malcomx

    Repaint request

    Hi All, I would love to fly these Liveries on your A320s
  3. this was going to be my question for today thanks Tom.
  4. soo cooool , since you are giving a space for a little immersion now. it will be nice if u can add Snow over the wipers during Snowing, I would love to see that
  5. it is only A330-300 RR Engines for the initial release
  6. this is better than being in a real cockpit...nice job
  7. this is an interesting point I didnt know you are flying.
  8. this is unbelievable!!! you guyz are taking the sim to a whole new level cant wait to grab it
  9. Hi Mathijs, I see you talking a lot about the P3Dv4 and the 64bit future so I wanted to ask regarding the new Busses will there be a big difference between the 32bit and the 64bit? talking about the VC, for example, will I really feel a big difference in the 64bit VC? and how strongly do u recommend to move from FSX to P3Dv4? Thnks.
  10. I Will be MUCH MUCH MUCH happier if I grabbed the A330
  11. changing the exterior will again add to the work loud which means we have to wait more time and most of the people here are very eager to grab the new Buses. and I for one gonna snatch it (A330) the first second it gets it head outta the Hanger
  12. I gotta agree with what Blackbird971 said. My hometown doesn't operate any A330s (In fact we don't have airline at all ) wierd ha !! but my first A330 flight was Philippine Airlines A330-300RR (they have both RR & GE) and I was amazed by the look, shape and the paint of that bird. I remember my seat was 46k which has the full view of the Right Engine (What a view!!!) and for 10 hours I didn't stare away from that engine (I didn't even wanna blink). and the most thing that attracts me to the RR engines is the Reverse and the way it operates reminds me of the sunflower, except the red color inside. so for me, I'm 100000000000% happy with the initial release and I ain't gonna complain a bit. Photo By Me.
  13. Maaaaaaaaaaaan u literally saved my life
  14. Great News Indeed. just out of curiosity, are these files for the A318-A321 or the A330 is included? a lil hint here for the thirsty downvoters, delaying the A330 for next year is a big shock (at least for me) so hearing such news will cheer me up indeed