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  1. Even though i am terribly late for this, I still want to compliment the developer(s) behind the Aerosoft Diamond Katana. I never got to buy it when it came out and since then I've moved on to P3Dv4. But the curiosity had always remained. Coincidentally it was on sale last week so I bought me a reason to reinstall FSX. So much attention to detail, this aircraft feels like a labour of love. An absolute pleasure. There should be more aircraft like this one. Alex
  2. The cargo haulers that, for some weird reason, prefer to fly boxes in the back would be very pleased with a freight version I'm just going to leave that here. Who knows.
  3. I believe Aerosoft is aware of the new features coming with V4.3 and they are ready for it but the release version of P3D's update to 4.3 may still be different from the pre-release version that P3D has shared with Aerosoft so they will refrain from releasing the Airbus until they've had the chance to test it and adjust it for the release version of the V4.3 update. That way the Bus will be ready for the latest in P3D advancements. And as Mathijs has said 5 posts above yours, it's expected to be a delay measured in days, not weeks. So you don't have to fear having to wait again a lot of time. Cheers,
  4. That's odd. Once I put up my desk, where my monitor and keyboard sit, I immediately found the perfect space to put my rudder pedals - under the desk. Unless you're not using a desktop, of course. My problem initially was too much empty space in my wallet, but that's another problem.
  5. Mathijs cosplaying as a FA? I second that.
  6. Off topic: I now disagree that the "other" developer's take on the 747 wingflex was overdone. I thought so too but checking videos of a fully loaded 747 in slow, high angle of attack flight proved me otherwise. They got it right.
  7. I think that Aaron was just suggesting that the wings be designed with a (fixed) angle in relation to the fuselage that is similar to the average wing angle in flight (instead of a more dropped angle when on the ground). But being such short wings, I don't know if there is a very noticieable difference. But if there is, then: One could argue that designing the wing to look less "droopy" in the air would make it look weird when on the ground - which is when most of the people will actually look at the wings (assuming the majority doesn't leave the cockpit during flight like I don't). I remember a funny (payware!) model years back, of the 787, that showed the model with the same extreme wing curvature the aircraft had in one of the first pictures, whether it was flying or on the ground. When on the ground the aircraft reminded me of a ballet dancer with the arms bent upward. .
  8. Kihew

    Douglas DC-8 preview (released)

    I just came here to support this project - I've included it on my wish list. What a great suprise. Probably this is not the place but I didn't expect Aerosoft to be paying attention to these old time jets. Old time props, yes (I know Mathijs Kok likes them). But jets? Mathijs, perhaps you could consider the venerable 707 sometime in the future? An INS with FS flightplan capability is a great idea. Let the "copilot" do all that tedious waypoint insertion work. Looking forward to this! Edit: also great to know about the performance charts! I hate so much to have to guess those numbers or search the net for some available info...
  9. Oh but so many developers are offering a free update or charging a small fee for it. You have to try the feeling of having a really complex airport scenery in max complexity, like KSFOHD, loaded in HD, with a very complex addon like PMDG747, full AI depiction and still reasonable FPS and not be the least risk of an OOM. I can't wait to start flying the 64bit aerosoft busses around in my country's flagship airliner.
  10. Hi! I couldn't find info on how to, or if there is a way to, upgrade my Antarctica scenery to the latest version compatible with P3d V4. Is this possible? I own the DVD but I bought it at a physical shop here in portugal (soft tires). Regards, Rui
  11. Kihew

    Unable To Cut Engines

    Canada is a whole different planet.
  12. Oh my gawd this is an historical moment Gawdspeed!
  13. Kihew

    Madeira Mesh Mega Topic

    I can now confirm that simmarket has the updated 1.05a installer and that it has worked for me, right out of the box, as it was meant to. Thank you! Madeira looks great. I keep my suggestion of adding the version to the zip file.
  14. Kihew

    Madeira Mesh Mega Topic

    Unfortunately the zip file has no version info on it's name. Perhaps that would be a good thing to add as a rule? I don't know if simmarket has updated already or its still the same. It's a 1.25 gig download