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  1. I cannot read for my life, can somebody please confirm the section in the OP that says about compatibility? So it's compatible with FSX:SE along WITH p3d v4? It'll be advertised as a P3D V4 product, but if I only have FSX:SE and buy the product (330 most likely), it SHOULD still be compatible with it?
  2. When the 330 gets released I know it'll probably be the most popular a330 out on the market since there's not too many "good" 330 add-ons.
  3. "DefaultFeature" "Feature transfer error"

    Hey Aerosoft, thanks for BANNING me on the support page just because I wanted a refund and didn't accept your exchange method! You guys have AWESOME support and your members are very patient and helpful! Yeah in all honesty the hell is wrong with you guys. You ban me because I disagree with your way of exchanging product and I even requested a refund? I'm about to file a complaint to get my money back. You people literally just SCAMMED me 50$ CAD.. How? Because when I asked you for a refund because the product doesn't work, you BAN my account on support. Thanks a lot I'll take note of this.
  4. "DefaultFeature" "Feature transfer error"

    Aye! They allow exchanges! I'll most likely get the A320/A321, and that is very fine with me because I've heard multiple lovely reviews on it! Hmm, I was going to ask them for a refund though, but that was for if the Aerosoft A330 comes out but I'll bite the bullet
  5. "DefaultFeature" "Feature transfer error"

    They keep telling me to do the exact same things I already did from this thread. Nothing seems to work. I highly doubt they'll exchange me aircraft :/
  6. "DefaultFeature" "Feature transfer error"

    Could I trade aircraft?! That would be absolutely amazing! I would definitely try out the A320/A321 Airbus X! I'll just send them a link to this forums thread, and see if they can trade aircrafts! EDIT: Alright, I asked support to see if they can trade aircraft. I think it is highly unlikely, as you said, but I am putting my hope on this as I really want a aircraft that I can enjoy flying!
  7. "DefaultFeature" "Feature transfer error"
  8. "DefaultFeature" "Feature transfer error"

    Neither. I use FSX:SE. I have tried everything you said in your last post even with the full reinstall, although I redownloaded it from steam. Still the same problem. Just an FYI, the error has something to do with the SimObjects folder apparently as it says if you look at the screenshot in the original post.
  9. "DefaultFeature" "Feature transfer error"

    I have done everything you said in your post, full re-install, etc, and still the problem occurs. Even I was surprised I thought the reinstall should have fixed it.. Hmm any other ways I could fix this?
  10. "DefaultFeature" "Feature transfer error"

    I will definitely try this out tomorrow! Thank you! I will see how it goes. P.S: I ONLY have FSX:SE, I do not own FSX CD edition/original fsx. I used to, but then I lost it. I am not sure how to perform a full backup on my load flights, flight plans, saves, etc.
  11. "DefaultFeature" "Feature transfer error"

    After an hour and around 20 minutes, I re-installed fsx. Same problem :/ Pls help.
  12. "DefaultFeature" "Feature transfer error"

    Thank you for your reply. When the screenshot I have posted above happened, I clicked Okay and to my surprise there were the flight plan converter, keymap editor, and everything, but just no aircraft in the SimObjects, gauges folder, etc. Confirm you have looked at my screenshot it does say it has something to do with the SimObjects folder? Please help me fix this problem it would be great for me and other people who may have this problem in the future Also, does it effect anything if I have the Steam version of FSX? Because I have FSX:SE not sure if that might be the problem, it seems everything should have been installed in there though because I saw the directory where it should have been downloaded, it was all correct.
  13. "DefaultFeature" "Feature transfer error"

    Thank you for trying to help and re-assuring me I have already downloaded it, the problem begins when I launch the .exe (mind you, I did start it in Admin mode) and when I finally "Install" and as the gauges are loading, the panels, etc, around 10% on the way there it stops and gives me this I will definitely contact aerosoft support and see if they can help me. Thank you again for replying and trying to help!
  14. Hello, I just purchased the Simcheck A300. Upon installation, this happened I am extremely upset and I would feel very scammed, a waste of 50 CAD.. Please tell me if I can fix it for not, if not, can aerosoft please issue me a refund I beg you.