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  1. Hi, im currently working on a new repaint for the CRJ700 but I´ve encountered a problem: I can´t find the location to paint the 3rd nose gear flap I´d be very thankful if anyone could tell me, where and in which psd the texture is.
  2. It switches trough the frequencies in 5er steps as you would switch throug the frequencies in the current bus. The FSL A320 has the 5er setps feature.
  3. swaor

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    That looks awesome
  4. swaor

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    From what I've seen so far, it looks incredible. Even better than FlyTampa's addons. Definitely a day-one buy for me!
  5. swaor

    EDHI Ground textures blurry

    As long as it runs in FSX, it also runs in P3D v3 (At least from what I experienced yet )
  6. swaor

    EDHI Ground textures blurry

    Thanks, that works. It probably was the texture resolution Looks like it also works in v3 but anyways thank you very much for your help
  7. swaor

    EDHI Ground textures blurry

    I also have JustSim EDDH installed but not activated when using EDHI due to framerate issues, which I would then get. EDHI´s priority is set to 1 if thats why you ask
  8. swaor

    EDHI Ground textures blurry

    I already tried a fresh install before posting and I can confirm that I have installed v1.01 Wasnt there a similar problem with the AS Prague airport?
  9. I just bought the Hamburg-Finkenwerder scenery and noticed that the ground textures appear to be very blurry for me. I dont know if it is intended to be like that but on the screenshots in the shop page it looks way sharper...
  10. Only the -300 with RR engines for release
  11. That could be a reason. Sorry didnt knew that. But sometimes it works without switching the nav source.
  12. Alright. Ill do and report later
  13. 1. Ok i found it: 1010 2. Im using Navigraph
  14. Sorry, I dont know where to find the Version of the CRJ, I used the CRJ900 Scenery: FSDG Graz Runway: 35C Frequency: 110.900; Course: 349° Navdata: 1711
  15. Hi, my CRJ is (most of the time) flying circles as soon as I activate the APPR mode. I have checked the ILS Frequencies and CRS1 & 2. (Using ILS approaches) Sometimes it works just fine as it would with every other aircraft but sometimes it starts flying right-turns when I activate APPR... I also checked that the Localizer and the Glideslope was there. Explaining that to IVAO atc and in the end flying the approach by hand isnt that much fun I hope someone can help me out