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  1. Keyboard Input

    I tried it twice after you told me to check if im in the right mode. In both cases the keyboard input send the input to the FMC but in the same time it triggered the P3D shortcuts. So if I´d enter "S", it puts "S" in the FMC but also switch my view and end the keyboard input.
  2. Keyboard Input

    Its not that big of a problem. But its still a bit annoying to have to type the route manually into the FMC. Especially if it is a long route.
  3. The local time in EKCH is UTC +2.
  4. Oh yes and it was Local time in EKCH if i´m not completely mistaking.
  5. I tested Hans´ fix yesterday after we flew from EKCH to EDDM and it works for me. I dont know if it works for Lennart but the problem is gone for me. (That fix):
  6. Keyboard Input

    I have the same problem with the A320 series so I think it has something to do with my simulator...
  7. Keyboard Input

    I was in keyboard mode. The blue brackets went yellow. I had the same problem a day before...
  8. Hello everyone, I have a problem with my FMC keyboard input. If I press CTRL + Shift + 1 the keyboard input is available as it should be but if I type a letter into the FMC, which is also assigned to a specific action in P3D, for example "s" for the view change, it changes my view instead of writing "s" into the FMC. Is there any way to disable those keys when the keyboard input is active? Thanks in advance.
  9. Yes, I think I will do some other repaints in the future. That was great fun
  10. Version 1.0.1


    A livery of the D-ACKD aircraft (Lufthansa Cityline). Included are the yellow yoke checklists of LH Cityline and the "CATII only" sticker, which is also in the real aircraft. This is my first livery which I uploaded, so if you notice any mistakes I made, leave a comment. The fltsim entry is: [fltsim.x] title=CRJ900ER Lufthansa Regional D-ACKD sim=CRJ900_AMM model= panel= sound= texture=DACKD kb_checklists=BombardierCRJ900_check kb_reference=BombardierCRJ900_ref atc_id=D-ACKD atc_airline=Lufthansa atc_parking_types=GATE,RAMP ui_manufacturer="Bombardier" ui_type="CRJ900ER" ui_variation="Lufthansa Regional" ui_typerole="Regional Jet" ui_createdby="Aerosoft/Digital Aviation" description="" category=airplane If you have any questions, leave a comment. Have fun! Edit: I´ve put a thumbnail in the file, corrected the spelling mistake in the Readme.txt and added the Aircraft name "Wittlich" to the livery
  11. CRJ and EZDok

    I have the exact same problem. I just ran the config tool and it works now, thank you very much
  12. First: I do NOT want to take part at the contest and do not want to win because I won a contest before. But anyways I´ve got screenshots of a C172 KLM Aeroclub laying around on my disk and where is a better place to share it than here Oh yea, the flight was from Den Helder airport to Lelystad. Oh yea IDK if that counts as a tail but here are my buddies chilling with me in the C172 tail, Hehe: But anyways good luck to everyone
  13. Thats exactly my thoughts
  14. Is that really such a big problem? Also, you can adjust the Pax in the EFB...
  15. Lights issue

    Umm... looks normal to me... At least it looks like that in my sim as well...