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  1. Nice to see the teams working all day, the busses are terrible! Is Stefan on the 330? He does a heck of a job. About acars: Will the 330 come with that? How will it work and will t be for offline, online only or both usages? My question is: For example will you see all busses and -8s on a page like radar24? I was bored at school this morning and so I drew something. I think that you guy deserve it .I did it quickly(<10min with my memory)and wanted to post it during the break(aka here). Good luck guys and hopefully LM releases 4.3 in less than a week.
  2. As you folks may know, all kinds of pc parts are shoooting up in value, resulting in a tie for us, budget simmers with low money. I know that flight simming is a niche, but still: I think that at least a third of us started with fsx on a crappy laptop at minimum settings. These days it's not only the CPU that does the job. I started simming under 10fps(lol). Now I moved to P4D, earnt some experience and know what I want. But still, knowledge doesn't do the trick. This is why I created this topic: to help people together, one helping another one with its knowledge In my case: If you have any tips about a proper config on a <500€/550$, please feel free to write it below. Looking for a 720p/1080p mid-range graphics with at least 20fps @ heathrow(quite playeable) on an NGX for instance.
  3. I have to say, from my own experience, that updating didn't change much in terms of overall looking, lighting, and performance, I even lost some frames when updating from 4.1 to 4.2. I'm not the one in command, but maybe releasing for 4.2 first and then a later SP with compatibility/fixes for v4.3 could be a good idea, because v4.3 didn't release yet. And remember, that when you did the move from 4.1 to 4.2, you got a showstopper on the VC lighting.Also, what about VC phone to call the galley? could be a really good idea for later SP as I think it's part of those "everyday" ops features. BTW, when will the bundle release? (26,3 or later day?) I know the dates for the "individual" packs but not for the whole products.
  4. It may seem silly but will we be able in later SP to use the phone in the flight deck(for coffee maybe and even for the"arm/disarm door advert)? Cuz I presume it's an "everyday" feature.
  5. Just bought the QW 787. It's awesome and behaves like a king. @ airports that are very GPU-demanding like EPWA I tend to get more than 30fps IN VC , which is awesome for such a potato-crappy PC. I get the fact that the 32x pro is GPU demanding but still I hope the optimisation is good enough so it runs a bit like the NGX. On another forum I saw thta the QW 787ran a bit like aerosoft. BTW i'm stilll earning for: 1)the 32x/33x pro family 2) a better PC(but hey, as Matijs says, ***t happens)
  6. ST elmo? Didn't know that. Might be useful for when flying dat 320 in the carribean in june, the 26th more precisely...(coulfn't resist for the gif lol) Now I didn't understand if the sun shades were modeled or not. Maybe Stefan or Mathijs knows
  7. Furthermore, I had flown 738 only 5 hours when I started with the 320. It cost me less to know how things work since it is way better organised and sleek(about 2 hours to know +/- how to operate the a/c properly), whereas it took me 10 hours for the MD-80 lol. And you also have the config checklist in the ECAM, which helps(even though after 20+ flights in the FSL i still don't know how to "test T.O config" maybe someone knows?) And I think that if you already flew the old one I don't see why you would need to start from scratch and re-learn everything. That reminds me when I switched from PMDG 77L to 744, where only minor things change(older MCP, direct law control and different overhead panel). And your copilot will be there too, from sharing a coffee on a morning departure to telling which button needs to be turened on and switching on anti-ice, even asking for pushback ;-) I started simming seriously around october 2017 so i'm not a pro but still I know a lot of things thanks to P3D. BTW, does the announcement for the pushback coordinates with GSX announcements? That'd be awesome for sure as they would cooperate. Is there a german accent for the copilot? (practical for LH flights (3/4 of mine are done with their glorious old livery so interesting even though I'm french and not german).
  8. me too! always means -13 in VC and i'm not talking about complex scenario(may even get under 9 fps)
  9. Is it like on the maddog X like when you turn things on in a precise order the voice talks even though you can't control it like RAAS? Cuz it's awesome! Really wish to get meals on the tables with SP1(why not chicken or pasta question as well lol) Trueglass seems to work fine with my system(not very complex but yet very good looking)as i only loose 1-2fps with wipers on on the maddog X. However, reallight is a killer, with almost 15 fps under the normals(not cool when you have 15 normally)so I'll just go for the "legacy" lighting. (maybe this confirms what you said about my system having a strong gpu but weak cpu).
  10. BTW if the old one shares the same model I don't see why it wouldn't come with them oneh the new version. I think the only thing they changed is the nacelle for CFM56 variant.
  11. God it's looking good! Will fit perfectly in my collection with the 787. Actually do you know what carriers use the 333 RR? Think there's LH, ASIA XL nd hawaian but you guys know more than me
  12. Actually 40fps is really good. I could buy your card @ launch MSRP LOL. My core 2 quad suffers pain every time I fly to London or any Mega airport with a pmdg craft.(I get less than 15fps in VC @ EGLL bruh) BTW i really hope to see the perfect butter of speedbird 1 @ london city even if I want the 321 first. Just a silly question: if I have some knowledge on the old bus will I struggle ?
  13. Sadly it's hard to cooperate sometimes these days. And it isn't limited to FS: I mod OMSI and even the MAIN developers that release the game argue about the same project, instead of working together for a better product. Hopefully we can still work with some people. I think it's also linked to money and the fact that the more you perform, the more you'll earn, even if you need to crush your best friend to get better. It's a sad reality, but we can't change it. At least we have great devs
  14. Dhose CRTs... You flying this in M-East? Don't you feel rare compared to all those 380's in that area? Still nice to fly an nighttime Was terrified on my first flight (landing on non-ils for the first landing at nighttime lol) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) BTW, what's the MEch button for? Tested on FSL but does nothing. Any way to get the crew alert for the two parts at the same time like 738?(asking to irl pilots) Any chance to get seak peek about 320-321? Last time we only saw the 321. Hey there AS Team, keep workin' hard and you'll be successsful all I can wish you. Quality(not wings (couldn't resist lol)) and success
  15. Calm down. I didn't argue about the product. I get what you say. I see that it hapens 1 out of 10000000000000000flights. I was just saying that some other a/c sold by aerosoft come with this feature(crj for instance) I respect pilots and know how serrious that is as my bro wants to be one and is doing some exams for that. It says May 08