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    Problem with Airbus X Extended

    Hi again, Ive enhabced the speed now and hsve managed to get 3.00 Ghz on the cpu. However the aeroplane still isnt happy. Any suggestions? Kind regards, Toby
  2. Good Morning, I dont very often post on forums and have never posted on an Aerosoft forum before, so I'm not sure if I've posted in the right place. Im having a few issues with my Airbus 318/319/320/321. I recently upgraded my PC and FSX is running better than ever before, including other addons. However, the Airbus is refusing to work properly no matter what I try. It makes my system lag to the point where it is unusable. No other addon does this. Please see below my system specs; Dell Vostro i5 8GB RAM 300gb HDD & 2TB Windows 10 Pro WIFI AMD Radeon HD 5450 Windows 10 Pro 8GB RAM 300GB HDD (OS) 2000GB HDD (Data Drive I also have troed to turn down graphics settings in FSX with no luck. I hope someone can help or point me in the right direction. Kind regards, Toby Smith