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  1. Nope, it has been stated that there won't be a cabin at all to save on performance. That's also why you can see a texture on the windows instead of the inner cabin. Cheers
  2. Fokes, please. Let people who have made up their own beliefs keep them. Don't waste time trying to explain what was already made clear by plenty of the staff members. Let's all happily wait for Stefan to deliver us some of those tasty easter egg images
  3. Well three companies already have asked about an option to join this (or rather to be able to license the technology). The times of one simmer flying an airliner will soon be behind us and it can't happen fast enough. If PMDG is one of them, I'll have to kiss the feet of every single person at Aerosoft even slightly involved with this
  4. He hasn't been disrespectful, it's true what Geddy_2112 said, flight sim addons cannot be produced over night, planes take a year at least to make (at a push). Six in the case of the CRJ. And also a year since they have been announced, surely before the previews we get to see the plane would have been in developement for a long time
  5. I'm pretty sure that was a joke, referring to how most people believe controllers are the people standing on the ramp guiding the airplanes in to the gate. Oh god stupid tapatalk didn't let me see that he quoted the previous message, sorry folkes missed the joke don't hate me pliz Inviato dal mio SM-G920F utilizzando Tapatalk
  6. Will it also include the Air Traffic Controlers with their glowing sticks? You know, the people who guide the plane from the runway to the gate? In what world do ATC Controllers also do the job of Marshallers, and even then, when do they guide the plane from the runway to the gate [emoji1] Last time I checked they used a follow me car to do that. And yet no, I believe it won't be in the a330 because that wouldn't really make any sense and would be a) difficoult to script in an airplane and b ) redundant since gsx already does that and aes as well if I recall correctly. Have a lovely day
  7. cloadmcally

    Newcastle X

    Also, we (KLM) doesn't go to EGNT with fokkers anymore, it's now only B-737-700s and E-190s and it would make Newcastle dated even before it's released.. Just sayin'
  8. cloadmcally

    Newcastle X

    Very nice indeed! Did you say the release is scheduled tomorrow?
  9. I just love how people need to have this plane as soon as possible otherwise they'll die. We've all been waiting for it and will be for a while still, I for example can't wait to go back to TNCM with KLM but I patiently wait for the release The jokes about Xmas are hilarious but more hilarious is the fact that after beeing stated a milion times people still believe that it's written somewhere in the bible that the A330 has to be relased for Christmas.. Just buy yourself a new set of posh and smelly candles and maybe the A330 will be included with these usel.. ehm fabulos paraphernalia (a posh word for junk)