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  1. You don't need to be a real pilot to recognize this. If you have flown the A320 as a passenger before with a window seat you can see how smooth the aircraft behaves at turning points. Something I experienced several times and found out that the current 32bit A320 really hasn't the same soft and calm behavior at those situations like the real world A320.
  2. I think it still looks funny the other way around (with sharklets). Maybe because it doesn't look like something original from Airbus (it looks a bit copied from the competitor the Boeing 737 winglets). And this is coming from an Airbus fanboy. The old design A320 without sharklets just looks more special.
  3. Does anybody else miss the classic blue Airbus cockpit colors in the new Aerosoft A320 family or is it just me? Nice moddeling though.
  4. Yes thats true but what I mean with new cabin lights is a more modern colour. It would be nice if the new busses will have white cabin lights instead of the yellow cabin light
  5. Will the upcoming busses have new cabin lights?
  6. This. Is. Awesome. Thank you very much!!
  7. Hello Aerosoft, as it is no question anymore with P3DV4 and dynamic lighting that the new A320 family and the A330 will have beacon light illumination on the wing will this feature also be integrated to the FSX version?
  8. Thanks Stefan for the update!
  9. Aerosoft A318/A319/A320/A321/A330 Professional Preview

    I also run my sim on full screen mode. Despite all the disadvantages like having to minimize the sim all the time to work with other programs too at the same time I still like the full screen mode way more than the windowed mode. Especially when I fly with the PMDG 777 the ability to easily place the 2D panels of the PFD, ND.. on my second black screen makes the full screen mode very enjoyable.
  10. Aerosoft A318/A319/A320/A321/A330 Professional Preview

    I agree too. I have two monitors for FSX which wasn't very expensive and with that it is so practical two have 2D pop out screens of the cockpit displays. For example when I like to enjoy the aircraft from outside I like to keep an eye on the cockpit displays and with 2D pop out screens I can easily place them on the second screen without having to create a completely new window which has bad impact on fps. They may be old fashioned but they are still fulfilling a good job and are important to us simmers. Did you never use products from PMDG?? All PMDG products I know have the 2D pop out screen feature and there is no significant impact on perfomance if not at all!
  11. Aerosoft A318/A319/A320/A321/A330 Professional Preview

    Why is that all displays in the CRJ are also available as 2D panels but the A330 wont have 2D panels?