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  1. Here is all what Mathijs mainly said about this: As you already noticed on April 18, 2016 he said "We start with the A333 with RR engines but we might expand, nothing decided yet though, a full coverage of all possible models is not our goal". After this he said that: (@FrankDoctor I consider this as a "good signal" regarding a possible A330 expansion. Its just a saying. Nothing to be taken seriously And then that:
  2. THANK YOU. But why couldnt this just already be written within the edited post? This confused me a lot. I do apoligize for making this preview about me but I was just seeking answers especially after Mathijs just wrote "This topic is closed". Again Im sorry.
  3. What topic? The topic about the lights on the nose gear and the landing lights? Yes Its closed and Im not discussing this further now here in this thread but I just would like to know if someone edited my post (which I posted 19 hours ago) and why. Did I violate something? PS by MOD: One link to a picture was enough here, all those links clutter up the forum and were 7 or more years old and do not reflect the new Airbusses that are delivered now or reflect the AS Airbus Professional. This is the preview forum for said aircraft and not the older V1.31 You are one post away from moderation if you keep trying to make this preview about you so please stop that.
  4. Did someone edit my post? I provided a total of 4 links but now Im seeing only one
  5. How can I 'just accept that' if the high resolution pictures are in fact not 3rd party. The pictures were published by Airbus itself with no information visible that someone else made these pictures. How is that 3rd party? Feel free to tell me that via PM because Im really curious.
  6. CheapCharlie was spreading misinformation and I was just telling him with several high resolution pictures from Airbus itself that its not true what he told. Thats it.
  7. The colours in the YT video I linked can be trusted as there are several high resolution photos from Airbus itself which show the exact same colours. All factory new:
  8. Ah of course. Thanks!
  9. And where do we activate the sound file in the Airbus?
  10. If those are halogen lamps why can they be turned on instantly like LEDs? Halogen lamps dont have that characteristic because they are incandescent lamps with a tungsten filament. A "warm-up" is needed for the lamp to show its full light potential. Actually you can see the yellowish light already from the beginning. And seems like that the airline in the following video doesnt has a problem with that like several other airlines seen in other videos. A factory new A320:
  11. Doesnt the old Aerosoft Airbus A320 already has LED lights? I mean if you turn them on they are instantly on, the colour of the light on the taxiway or runway is completely white (not even a litte bit of a yellow colour), the taxi light texture contains blue colours when it is turned on etc. The only difference I can see now in the photos of the Airbus Professional is that more blue colours are added.
  12. Wait, does that mean that we will be able to choose between older lights and LED lights regarding the landing lights, taxi lights, RWY turn off lights? Because LED lights do not "fade". They are instantly on or off. Trevor is talking about a feature which you can only see with older lights.