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  1. So why did you ask if you saw it yourself? You dont need to check every page. There is a search function.
  2. Ok thanks
  3. Hi all, is it possible to have the Airbus X fuel planner on my tablet pc? So I dont have to minimize FSX every time just to get the new load data? Best regards, Patrick
  4. Gets beaten by who? The community? Yeah sadly. Some people just cant be patient and dont know how difficult it can be to get the code done. Then let him know that we can be so happy to have him and we appreciate his work. But I also appreciate you work for being a good interface between the developers and the community
  5. Thanks Mathijs for your awesome work!!
  6. TAM A330-200 PT-MVH (old livery - "ORGULHO DE SER BRASILEIRA") with General Electric CF6 engines TAM A330-200 PT-MVP (new livery - Brazilian football team 2012 livery) with Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines TAM A330-200 PT-MVA (new livery) with Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines
  7. I just like to enjoy the aircraft addon from different perspectives Thats all. Might no be realistic but its also not realistic to view the aircraft from outside while airborne but many people do it. But I understand you Mathijs and I like your position that the focus lays on the job of the pilot. I just see this virtual cabin thing as a nice extra.
  8. Oh sh**t.. Ok Im convinced...I have no questions anymore
  9. Sure! For example in the Wilco A320, CLS A340-500/600 or in the classic PMDG 747. It just gives you a sense that the product is more "complete" and you can enjoy the aircraft from different perspectives. Sorry for bringing up the virtual cabin discussion again but some time ago a young guy asked me why there is no virtual cabin when can you model 3 rows or so and copy them for the rest of the cabin with some exceptions of course. How would be your answer to this question Mathijs because I couldnt quite find one regarding the copy thing.
  10. Ohh if we could have a virtual in the video you enter the aircraft and on the right side there is the beautiful Airbus cabin and on the left side the cockpit
  11. Can we have an option in the right MCDU to secure the open doors with this "security tape" when there are no stairs at the door? Would be a nice little new feature
  12. I could not agree more
  13. LOL
  14. Exactly.
  15. But nice there will be a preview forum for the A320 2017 version too