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  1. FSC9

    Bonjour, j'aimerais acheter Flightsim commander 9 pour préparer mes plans de vols. Malheureusement, je ne le trouve ni sur Aerosoft ni ailleurs. N'est-il plus en vente? Merci de me renseigner. Bonne journée Papouns
  2. African Airstrip Adventures Questions

    OK, thank you very much. My favorite plane is in AAA. I don't know if it's an error with my changement of aircraft.cfg (certainly!...) or if it's the patch. All is right now. Again thank you very much Philippe
  3. African Airstrip Adventures Questions

    The aircraft.cfg files are attached. Thank you
  4. African Airstrip Adventures Questions

    Hello, thanks for your answer. I write African Safari Charter - 5Y-ASC -UNUSED in the aircraft.cfg of C208 of FSX. I copy one [flightsimX] of aircraft.cfg of Carenado C208 under the others and I give it the following number. I change the Title with African Safari Charter - 5Y-ASC. Must I copy the ASC texture in the folder of Caranado C208 and write ASC in the texture or not? I think that I have follow the explications of the topic but I have a black screen after. I try with DirectX10 et DirectX9 Thanks to read me Best regards
  5. African Airstrip Adventures Questions

    Hello, sorry for my English... I had buy AAA in 2009 et I reinstall it on a new PC. I has buy an add-on C 208 of Carenado. Is it possible to fly with it in AAA? I have read your topic for the changement of planes. I try some changements in aircraft config, but I has not find. I have a dark screen where I can see weakly the cockpit. Is there a solution? Best regards Philippe
  6. African Airstrip

    Bonjour, je viens de réinstaller l'excellent Afraican Airstrip. J'ai acquis l'add-on Carenado C208 Caravan. Après plusieurs essais selon les conseils pour changer les avions de mission, c'est l'échec. Est-il possible d'utiliser cet avion? Si oui, comment? Merci d'avance Bonne journée Philippe
  7. Fatal error african airstrip

    Hello, I can open the missions (ex: AAA- Borana) but I don't have the popup to have communication with HQ. How is it possible to connect me with HQ in mission? The order with brakes has no effect. Thanks Best regards
  8. Fatal error african airstrip

    Thanks for your reply I try that this WE Best regards
  9. Fatal error african airstrip

    I have change my graphics settings but its the same. I think that it's not a problem of settings. But why the message the message: "error with edit fs categories.xml. The mission is not aviable." at the end of the installation. Perhaps exists a conflict with an other file? I have load a free fly, its OK. All the planes are also ready. Thank you for your reply. I had fly with AAA and it's was very nice. I wish to do these missions again. Best regards
  10. Fatal error african airstrip

    Hello, the message with FScategories.xml appear before the end of the installation. I had verified and this file contain only one caractère (a little square). Thanks for your response. Best regards Philippe
  11. Fatal error african airstrip

    Thanks for your answer. I have no time for FSX now, I try that at the end of the week. Best regards
  12. Hello, sorry for my english! I have reinstalled African airstrip adventures. At the end of this installation, the message "error with edit fs categories.xml. The mission is not aviable." appear. And when I try to open the mission, FSX stop. To you have a solution? Thank you very much Best regards Philippe
  13. Problem with aircraft.cfg

    Hello, thank you for your answer. I tried to paste the lines that you missed but nothing. All the other lines under are not here ( [CameraDefinition.0] and other) . I think that I must réinstall my FSX Thanks for constant rapid replies.
  14. Problem with aircraft.cfg

    Hello, thanks for your rapid answer. The aircraft.cfg of C2108B, Maule, dash8 and robinson are not complete. I don't now why et since when. It the origin fsx textures have been effaced. I try to restore fsx but no result. If you have these complete files, I am very interrested. Thank you very much. Best regards